Appendix F: Index of Examples

Example 2.2.3‑1 Examples Convention
Example‑1 EmailList
Example‑1 Indicating an updated list of country citizenships
Example 3.2.1‑1 Activity - Example 1
Example 3.2.1‑2 Activity - Example 2
Example 3.2.2‑1 SchoolPrograms
Example 3.2.3‑1 StudentActivityInfo
Example 3.2.4‑1 StudentActivityParticipation
Example 3.2.5‑1 StudentParticipation
Example 3.3.1‑1 AggregateCharacteristicInfo
Example 3.3.2‑1 AggregateStatisticFact
Example 3.3.3‑1 AggregateStatisticInfo
Example 3.4.1‑1 CalendarDate
Example 3.4.2‑1 CalendarSummary
Example 3.4.3‑1 SessionInfo Example
Example 3.4.4‑1 StudentAttendanceSummary
Example 3.4.5‑1 StudentAttendanceTimeList Example
Example 3.4.5‑2 StudentAttendanceTimeList Example 2
Example 3.4.6‑1 StudentDailyAttendance
Example 3.4.7‑1 StudentPeriodAttendance Example
Example 3.6.1‑1 GradingAssignment
Example 3.6.2‑1 GradingAssignmentScore
Example 3.6.3‑1 MarkValueInfo
Example 3.6.4‑1 StudentGrade
Example 3.6.5‑1 StudentScoreJudgementAgainstStandard Example 1 - Objects Published previously
Example 3.6.5‑2 StudentScoreJudgementAgainstStandard Example 2 - No previous SIF Objects Published
Example 3.6.6‑1 TermInfo
Example 3.7.1‑1 ChargedLocation
Example 3.7.2‑1 Debtor
Example 3.7.3‑1 FinancialAccount
Example 3.7.4‑1 Invoice
Example 3.7.5‑1 Journal
Example 3.7.6‑1 PaymentReceipt
Example 3.7.7‑1 PurchaseOrder
Example 3.7.8‑1 VendorInfo
Example 3.8.1‑1 LearningResource
Example 3.8.2‑1 LearningResourcePackage
Example 3.8.3‑1 LearningStandardDocument
Example 3.8.4‑1 LearningStandardItem
Example 3.9.1‑1 NAPCodeFrame....example 1
Example 3.9.2‑1 NAPEventStudentLink
Example 3.9.3‑1 NAPStudentResponseSet
Example 3.9.4‑1 NAPTest
Example 3.9.5‑1 NAPTestItem
Example 3.9.6‑1 NAPTestlet
Example 3.9.7‑1 NAPTestScoreSummary
Example 3.10.1‑1 Identity published by an Access Federation Shibboleth Provider
Example 3.10.1‑2 Identity published by Microsoft Active Directory
Example 3.10.1‑3 Identity published by an OpenID provider
Example 3.10.2‑1 LEAInfo
Example 3.10.3‑1 PersonPicture
Example 3.10.4‑1 SchoolInfo
Example 3.10.5‑1 StaffAssignment
Example 3.10.6‑1 StaffPersonal
Example 3.10.7‑1 StudentContactPersonal Example
Example 3.10.8‑1 StudentContactRelationship
Example 3.10.9‑1 StudentPersonal
Example 3.10.10‑1 StudentSchoolEnrollment
Example 3.11.1‑1 EquipmentInfo Example
Example 3.11.2‑1 ResourceBooking Example
Example 3.11.3‑1 RoomInfo Example
Example 3.11.4‑1 ScheduledActivity Example
Example 3.11.5‑1 SchoolCourseInfo Example
Example 3.11.6‑1 SectionInfo - Example 1
Example 3.11.7‑1 StudentSectionEnrollment
Example 3.11.8‑1 TeachingGroup
Example 3.11.9‑1 TimeTable
Example 3.11.10‑1 TimeTableCell
Example 3.11.12‑1 TimeTableSubject
Example 3.12.1‑1 PersonalisedPlan
Example 3.12.2‑1 WellbeingAlert
Example 3.12.3‑1 WellbeingAppeal
Example 3.12.4‑1 WellbeingCharacteristic
Example 3.12.5‑1 WellbeingEvent
Example 3.12.5‑2 WellbeingEvent2
Example 3.12.5‑3 WellbeingEvent3
Example 3.12.6‑1 WellbeingPersonLink
Example 3.12.6‑2 WellbeingPersonLink2
Example 3.12.6‑3 WellbeingPersonLink3
Example 3.12.6‑4 WellbeingPersonLink4
Example 3.12.7‑1 WellbeingResponse
Example 3.13.1‑1 ResourceUsage
Example 3.13.2‑1 SystemRole
Example A.5‑1 ACStrandSubjectAreaType
Example A.7‑1 AddressList Example
Example A.9‑1 Address Example
Example A.22‑1 Attendance Code Example
Example A.29‑1 Legal Name
Example A.30‑1 BirthDateType
Example A.41‑1 ContactInfoType
Example A.48‑1 CountryType
Example A.52‑1 Demographics Example
Example A.58‑1 EducationalLevelType
Example A.59‑1 EducationFilter Example
Example A.60‑1 ElectronicIdListType
Example A.61‑1 ElectronicIdType
Example A.62‑1 EmailListType
Example A.63‑1 EmailType
Example A.64‑1 EnglishProficiencyType
Example A.65‑1 EntityContactInfoType
Example A.80‑1 GraduationDateType
Example A.81‑1 GridLocationType
Example A.83‑1 HomeroomNumberType
Example A.92‑1 LanguageListType
Example A.102‑1 LifeCycleType
Example A.104‑1 LocalCodeType
Example A.105‑1 LocalId Example
Example A.107‑1 Location Example
Example A.120‑1 NameType
Example A.139‑1 OnTimeGraduationYearType
Example A.140‑1 OperationalStatusType
Example A.142‑1 OtherCodeListType
Example A.145‑1 OtherNamesType
Example A.154‑1 PersonInfo Example
Example A.157‑1 PhoneNumberListType
Example A.158‑1 PhoneNumberType
Example A.164‑1 PrincipalInfoType
Example A.168‑1 ProgramStatusType
Example A.169‑1 ProjectedGraduationYearType
Example A.171‑1 PublishInDirectoryType
Example A.173‑1 PublishingPermission
Example A.181‑1 RelationshipType
Example A.191‑1 SchoolContactListType
Example A.198‑1 SchoolURLType
Example A.199‑1 SchoolYearType
Example A.206‑1 SIF_ExtendedElementsType
Example A.221‑1 StateProvinceId Example
Example A.222‑1 StateProvinceType
Example A.241‑1 SubjectAreaListType
Example A.242‑1 SubjectAreaType
Example A.259‑1 TimeElementType
Example A.287‑1 YearLevelsType
Example A.288‑1 YearLevel Example

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