Appendix I: Index of Examples

Example 2.2.3‑1 Examples Convention
Example‑1 The "Pull" Model - SIF_Status/SIF_Code of 0
Example‑2 The "Pull" Model - SIF_Status/SIF_Code of 9
Example‑1 SIF HTTPS Request
Example‑1 SIF HTTPS Response
Example‑1 SIF client requesting compression of response
Example‑2 SIF server returning compressed SIF_Ack
Example‑3 SIF client sending compressed SIF_Message
Example‑4 SIF client sending compressed SIF_Message and requesting compression of response
Example‑1 SIF_Protocol with Accept-Encoding indicating acceptance of gzip (and identity)
Example‑2 SIF_Protocol with Accept-Encoding indicating no acceptance of encodings other than gzip or identity, gzip preferred over identity
Example 5.1.1‑1 SIF_Message
Example 5.1.2‑1 SIF_Header
Example 5.1.2‑2 SIF_Header
Example‑3 SIF_ConditionGroup querying into an object
Example 5.1.11‑1 Selecting all StudentPersonal objects
Example 5.1.11‑2 Selecting all attributes and immediate child elements of StudentPersonal as columns from all StudentPersonal objects
Example 5.1.11‑3 Selecting specific attributes and elements from all StudentPersonal objects
Example 5.1.11‑4 Selecting StudentPersonal objects along with each student's EntryDate from StudentSchoolEnrollment for a specific school, school year and other StudentSchoolEnrollment values, sorted by student's last name
Example 5.1.11‑5 Selecting a specific StudentPersonal's StudentSchoolEnrollment objects, along with the corresponding school name for each enrollment
Example‑1 Input SIF_Query
Example‑2 Corresponding SIF_ExtendedQuery
Example 5.1.12‑1 SIF_ExtendedQueryResults
Example 5.2.1‑1 SIF_Ack Status Message
Example 5.2.1‑2 SIF_Ack Error Message
Example 5.2.2‑1 SIF_Event Message with StudentPersonal changes
Example 5.2.3‑1 SIF_Provide
Example 5.2.4‑1 SIF_Provision Example
Example 5.2.5‑1 SIF_Register
Example 5.2.6‑1 SIF_Request
Example 5.2.7‑1 Sample single-packet SIF_Response to a SIF_Request for the Name element from a StudentPersonal object
Example 5.2.7‑2 SIF_Response (first packet)
Example 5.2.7‑3 SIF_Response (second packet)
Example 5.2.7‑4 SIF_Response with no matching objects
Example 5.2.8‑1 SIF_Subscribe
Example 5.2.9‑1 SIF_SystemControl
Example 5.2.10‑1 SIF_Ping
Example 5.2.10‑2 SIF_SystemControl—SIF_Ping ("Okay" status)
Example 5.2.10‑3 SIF_SystemControl—SIF_Ping ("Receiver is sleeping" status)
Example 5.2.10‑4 SIF_SystemControl—SIF_Ping (Transport error returned)
Example 5.2.11‑1 SIF_Sleep
Example 5.2.11‑2 SIF_Ack with "Okay" status in response to SIF_Sleep
Example 5.2.12‑1 SIF_Wakeup
Example 5.2.12‑2 SIF_Ack with an "Okay" status in response to SIF_Wakeup
Example 5.2.13‑1 SIF_GetMessage
Example 5.2.13‑2 SIF_Ack in response to SIF_GetMessage
Example 5.2.13‑3 SIF_Ack in response to SIF_GetMessage (no message in queue)
Example 5.2.14‑1 SIF_GetZoneStatus
Example 5.2.14‑2 SIF_Ack containing SIF_ZoneStatus
Example 5.2.16‑1 SIF_CancelRequests
Example 5.2.17‑1 SIF_Unprovide
Example 5.2.18‑1 SIF_Unregister
Example 5.2.19‑1 SIF_Unsubscribe
Example 5.3.1‑1 SIF_AgentACL
Example 5.3.2‑1 SIF_LogEntry when an agent encounters a system failure
Example 5.3.2‑2 SIF_LogEntry when an agent fails to delete a student
Example 5.3.2‑3 SIF_LogEntry when an agent starts synchronizing data
Example 5.3.2‑4 SIF_LogEntry when a ZIS fails to deliver a message due to buffer size limitations
Example 5.3.3‑1 SIF_ZoneStatus
Example‑1 EmailList
Example‑1 Indicating a new value for the Primary e-mail address and deleting the Alternate1 address
Example‑1 Indicating an updated list of country citizenships
Example 6.2.1‑1 Address
Example 6.2.2‑1 AddressList
Example 6.2.3‑1 AttendanceCode
Example 6.2.4‑1 BirthDate
Example 6.2.5‑1 ContactInfo
Example 6.2.6‑1 Country
Example 6.2.7‑1 Demographics Example
Example 6.2.8‑1 EducationalLevel
Example 6.2.9‑1 ElectronicId
Example 6.2.10‑1 ElectronicIdList
Example 6.2.11‑1 Email
Example 6.2.12‑1 EmailList
Example 6.2.13‑1 EnglishProficiency
Example 6.2.14‑1 GraduationDate
Example 6.2.15‑1 GridLocation
Example 6.2.16‑1 HomeroomNumber
Example 6.2.17‑1 LanguageList
Example 6.2.18‑1 LifeCycle
Example 6.2.19‑1 LocalId
Example 6.2.20‑1 Location
Example 6.2.21‑1 Name
Example 6.2.22‑1 OnTimeGraduationYear
Example 6.2.23‑1 OperationalStatus
Example 6.2.24‑1 OtherCodeList
Example 6.2.25‑1 OtherNames
Example 6.2.26‑1 PersonInfo
Example 6.2.27‑1 PhoneNumber
Example 6.2.28‑1 PhoneNumberList
Example 6.2.29‑1 PrincipalInfo
Example 6.2.30‑1 ProjectedGraduationYear
Example 6.2.31‑1 PublishInDirectory
Example 6.2.32‑1 Relationship
Example 6.2.33‑1 SchoolContactList
Example 6.2.34‑1 SchoolURL
Example 6.2.35‑1 SchoolYear
Example 6.2.36‑1 SIF_ExtendedElements
Example 6.2.38‑1 StateProvince
Example 6.2.39‑1 StateProvinceId
Example 6.2.40‑1 SubjectArea
Example 6.2.41‑1 SubjectAreaList
Example 6.2.42‑1 TimeElement
Example 6.2.43‑1 YearLevel
Example 6.2.44‑1 YearLevels
Example 6.3.1‑1 CalendarDate
Example 6.3.2‑1 CalendarSummary
Example 6.3.3‑1 Identity published by an Access Federation Shibboleth Provider
Example 6.3.3‑2 Identity published by Microsoft Active Directory
Example 6.3.4‑1 LEAInfo
Example 6.3.5‑1 PersonPicture
Example 6.3.6‑1 ReportAuthorityInfo
Example 6.3.7‑1 ReportManifest
Example 6.3.8‑1 RoomInfo
Example 6.3.9‑1 SchoolCourseInfo
Example 6.3.10‑1 SchoolInfo
Example 6.3.11‑1 SchoolPrograms
Example 6.3.12‑1 SessionInfo
Example 6.3.13‑1 SIF_ReportObject
Example 6.3.14‑1 StaffAssignment
Example 6.3.15‑1 StaffPersonal
Example 6.3.16‑1 StudentActivityInfo
Example 6.3.17‑1 StudentActivityParticipation
Example 6.3.18‑1 StudentAttendanceSummary
Example 6.3.19‑1 StudentContactPersonal
Example 6.3.20‑1 StudentContactRelationship
Example 6.3.21‑1 StudentDailyAttendance
Example 6.3.22‑1 StudentParticipation
Example 6.3.23‑1 StudentPeriodAttendance
Example 6.3.24‑1 StudentPersonal
Example 6.3.25‑1 StudentSchoolEnrollment
Example 6.3.26‑1 StudentSDTN
Example 6.3.27‑1 StudentSnapshot
Example 6.3.28‑1 SummaryEnrollmentInfo
Example 6.3.29‑1 TeachingGroup
Example 6.3.30‑1 TermInfo
Example 6.3.31‑1 TimeTable
Example 6.3.32‑1 TimeTableCell
Example 6.3.33‑1 TimeTableSubject
Example A.2‑1 BaseNameType
Example D.7‑1 SIF_Message Namespace
Example D.7‑2 SIF_Message Namespace
Example E.1‑1 StudentPersonal from SIF Implementation Specification 1.1
Example E.1‑2 StudentPersonal from SIF Implementation Specification 1.5r1
Example F.1‑1 "Immediate" SIF_Ack
Example F.1‑2 "Intermediate" SIF_Ack
Example F.1‑3 "Final" SIF_Ack

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