Appendix B: Code Sets

Select shared and named code sets defined in SIF are included here for reference.


Status Code

0 Success (ZIS ONLY). SIF_Status/SIF_Data may contain additional data.
1 Immediate SIF_Ack (AGENT ONLY). Message is persisted or processing is complete. Discard the referenced message.
2 Intermediate SIF_Ack (AGENT ONLY). Only valid in response to SIF_Event delivery. Invokes Selective Message Blocking. The event referenced must still be persisted, and no other events must be delivered, until the agent sends a "Final" SIF_Ack at a later time.
3 Final SIF_Ack (AGENT ONLY). Sent (a SIF_Ack with this value is never returned by an agent in response to a delivered message) by an agent to the ZIS to end Selective Message Blocking. Discard the referenced event and allow for delivery of other events.
7 Already have a message with this SIF_MsgId from you.
8 Receiver is sleeping.
9 No messages available. This is returned when an agent is trying to pull messages from a ZIS and there are no messages available.

Error Category

The following table describes the functional areas where an error may occur in SIF. When a SIF_Error element is returned within a SIF_Ack message, the SIF_Error/SIF_Category element MUST contain one of the values from the table.

The next tables present the error codes that must be used when constructing a SIF_Error element. The value of SIF_Error/SIF_Code must come from these lists unless the functional category is System where error codes not defined in these tables can be included.

0 Unknown (This should NEVER be used if possible)
1 XML Validation
2 Encryption
3 Authentication
4 Access and Permissions
5 Registration
6 Provision
7 Subscription
8 Request and Response
9 Event Reporting and Processing
10 Transport
11 System (OS, Database, Vendor localized, etc.)
12 Generic Message Handling
13 SMB Handling

XML Validation Error

1 Generic error
2 Message is not well-formed
3 Generic validation error
4 Invalid value for element/attribute
6 Missing mandatory element/attribute

Encryption Error

1 Generic error

Authentication Error

1 Generic error
2 Generic authentication error (with signature)
3 Missing sender's certificate
4 Invalid certificate
5 Sender's certificate is not trusted
6 Expired certificate
7 Invalid signature
8 Invalid encryption algorithm (only accepts MD4)
9 Missing public key of the receiver (when decrypting message)
10 Missing receiver's private key (when decrypting message)

Access and Permission Error

1 Generic error
2 No permission to register
3 No permission to provide this object
4 No permission to subscribe to this SIF_Event
5 No permission to request this object
6 No permission to respond to this object request
7 No permission to publish SIF_Event
8 No permission to administer policies
9 SIF_SourceId is not registered
10 No permission to publish SIF_Event Add
11 No permission to publish SIF_Event Change
12 No permission to publish SIF_Event Delete

Registration Error

1 Generic error
2 The SIF_SourceId is invalid
3 Requested transport protocol is unsupported
4 Requested SIF_Version(s) not supported.
6 Requested SIF_MaxBufferSize is too small
7 ZIS requires a secure transport
9 Agent is registered for push mode (returned when a push-mode agent sends a SIF_GetMessage).
10 ZIS does not support the requested Accept-Encoding value.

Provision Error

1 Generic error
3 Invalid object
4 Object already has a provider (SIF_Provide message)

Subscription Error

1 Generic error
3 Invalid object

Request and Response Error

1 Generic error
3 Invalid object
4 No provider
7 Responder does not support requested SIF_Version
8 Responder does not support requested SIF_MaxBufferSize
9 Unsupported query in request
10 Invalid SIF_RequestMsgId specified in SIF_Response
11 SIF_Response is larger than requested SIF_MaxBufferSize
12 SIF_PacketNumber is invalid in SIF_Response
13 SIF_Response does not match any SIF_Version from SIF_Request
14 SIF_DestinationId does not match SIF_SourceId from SIF_Request
15 No support for SIF_ExtendedQuery
16 SIF_RequestMsgId deleted from cache due to timeout
17 SIF_RequestMsgId deleted from cache by administrator
18 SIF_Request cancelled by requesting agent

Event Reporting and Processing Error

1 Generic error
3 Invalid event

Transport Error

1 Generic error
2 Requested protocol is not supported
3 Secure channel requested and no secure path exists
4 Unable to establish connection

System Error

1 Generic error

Generic Message Handling Error

1 Generic error
2 Message not supported
3 Version not supported
4 Context not supported
5 Protocol error
6 No such message (as identified by SIF_OriginalMsgId)
7 Multiple contexts not supported

SMB Error

1 Generic error
2 SMB can only be invoked during a SIF_Event acknowledgement
3 Final SIF_Ack expected from Push-Mode Agent
4 Incorrect SIF_MsgId in final SIF_Ack

Office of National Statistics [ONS]

Parish Council Name

00BL001 Blackrod
00BL002 Horwich
00BL003 Westhoughton
00BN001 Ringway
00BP001 Saddleworth
00BP002 Shaw and Crompton
00BS001 Offerton Estate
00BT001 Mossley
00BU001 Carrington
00BU002 Dunham Massey
00BU003 Partington
00BU004 Warburton
00BW001 Haigh
00BW002 Shevington
00BW003 Worthington
00BX001 Cronton
00BX002 Halewood
00BX003 Knowsley
00BX004 Prescot
00BX006 Tarbock
00BX007 Whiston
00BZ001 Billinge Chapel End
00BZ002 Bold
00BZ003 Eccleston
00BZ004 Rainford
00BZ005 Rainhill
00BZ006 Seneley Green
00BZ007 Windle
00CA001 Aintree Village
00CA002 Ince Blundell
00CA003 Little Altcar
00CA004 Lydiate
00CA005 Maghull
00CA006 Melling
00CA007 Sefton
00CA008 Thornton
00CA009 Hightown
00CA010 Formby
00CC001 Billingley
00CC002 Brierley
00CC003 Cawthorne
00CC004 Dunford
00CC005 Great Houghton
00CC006 Gunthwaite and Ingbirchworth
00CC007 High Hoyland
00CC008 Hunshelf
00CC009 Langsett
00CC010 Little Houghton
00CC011 Oxspring
00CC012 Penistone
00CC013 Shafton
00CC014 Silkstone
00CC015 Stainborough
00CC016 Tankersley
00CC017 Thurgoland
00CC018 Wortley
00CE001 Adwick upon Dearne
00CE002 Armthorpe
00CE003 Askern
00CE004 Auckley
00CE005 Austerfield
00CE006 Barnburgh
00CE007 Barnby Dun with Kirk Sandall
00CE008 Bawtry
00CE009 Blaxton
00CE010 Braithwell
00CE011 Brodsworth
00CE012 Burghwallis
00CE013 Cadeby
00CE014 Cantley
00CE015 Clayton with Frickley
00CE016 Conisbrough Parks
00CE017 Denaby
00CE018 Edenthorpe
00CE019 Edlington
00CE020 Fenwick
00CE021 Finningley
00CE022 Fishlake
00CE023 Hampole
00CE024 Hatfield
00CE025 Hickleton
00CE026 High Melton
00CE027 Hooton Pagnell
00CE028 Kirk Bramwith
00CE029 Loversall
00CE030 Marr
00CE031 Moss
00CE032 Norton
00CE033 Owston
00CE034 Rossington
00CE035 Sprotbrough and Cusworth
00CE036 Stainforth
00CE037 Stainton
00CE038 Sykehouse
00CE039 Thorne
00CE040 Thorpe in Balne
00CE041 Tickhill
00CE042 Wadworth
00CE043 Warmsworth
00CF001 Aston cum Aughton
00CF002 Bramley
00CF003 Brampton Bierlow
00CF004 Brinsworth
00CF005 Catcliffe
00CF006 Dalton
00CF007 Dinnington St. John's
00CF008 Firbeck
00CF009 Gildingwells
00CF010 Harthill with Woodall
00CF011 Hooton Levitt
00CF012 Hooton Roberts
00CF013 Letwell
00CF014 North and South Anston
00CF015 Orgreave
00CF016 Ravenfield
00CF017 Thorpe Salvin
00CF018 Thrybergh
00CF019 Thurcroft
00CF020 Todwick
00CF021 Treeton
00CF022 Ulley
00CF023 Wales
00CF024 Wentworth
00CF025 Whiston
00CF026 Wickersley
00CF027 Woodsetts
00CF028 Laughton-en-le-Morthen
00CF029 Maltby
00CG001 Bradfield
00CG002 Ecclesfield
00CG003 Stocksbridge
00CH001 Birtley
00CH002 Lamesley
00CJ001 Brunswick
00CJ002 Dinnington
00CJ003 Hazlerigg
00CJ004 North Gosforth
00CJ005 Woolsington
00CJ006 Blakelaw and North Fenham
00CM001 Burdon
00CM002 Hetton
00CM003 Warden Law
00CN001 New Frankley in Birmingham
00CQ001 Allesley
00CQ002 Keresley
00CT001 Balsall
00CT002 Barston
00CT003 Berkswell
00CT004 Bickenhill
00CT005 Castle Bromwich
00CT006 Chelmsley Wood
00CT007 Fordbridge
00CT008 Hampton in Arden
00CT009 Hockley Heath
00CT010 Kingshurst
00CT011 Meriden
00CT012 Smith's Wood
00CX001 Addingham
00CX002 Cullingworth
00CX003 Denholme
00CX004 Ilkley
00CX005 Oxenhope
00CX006 Silsden
00CX007 Steeton with Eastburn
00CX008 Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury
00CX009 Keighley
00CX010 Clayton
00CX011 Sandy Lane
00CX012 Wilsden
00CX013 Wrose
00CY001 Blackshaw
00CY002 Erringden
00CY003 Hebden Royd
00CY004 Heptonstall
00CY005 Ripponden
00CY006 Todmorden
00CY007 Wadsworth
00CZ001 Denby Dale
00CZ002 Holme Valley
00CZ003 Kirkburton
00CZ004 Meltham
00CZ005 Mirfield
00DA001 Aberford
00DA002 Arthington
00DA003 Austhorpe
00DA004 Bardsey cum Rigton
00DA005 Barwick in Elmet and Scholes
00DA006 Boston Spa
00DA007 Bramham cum Oglethorpe
00DA008 Bramhope
00DA009 Carlton
00DA010 Clifford
00DA011 Collingham
00DA012 East Keswick
00DA013 Great and Little Preston
00DA014 Harewood
00DA015 Ledsham
00DA016 Ledston
00DA017 Lotherton cum Aberford
00DA018 Micklefield
00DA019 Otley
00DA020 Parlington
00DA021 Pool
00DA022 Scarcroft
00DA023 Sturton Grange
00DA024 Swillington
00DA025 Thorner
00DA026 Thorp Arch
00DA027 Walton
00DA028 Wetherby
00DA029 Wothersome
00DA030 Morley
00DA031 Allerton Bywater
00DA032 Horsforth
00DA033 Shadwell
00DA034 Kippax
00DA035 Drighlington
00DA036 Gildersome
00DB001 Ackworth
00DB002 Badsworth
00DB003 Chevet
00DB004 Crigglestone
00DB005 Crofton
00DB006 Darrington
00DB007 East Hardwick
00DB008 Featherstone
00DB009 Havercroft with Cold Hiendley
00DB010 Hemsworth
00DB011 Hessle and Hill Top
00DB012 Huntwick with Foulby and Nostell
00DB013 Newland with Woodhouse Moor
00DB014 Normanton
00DB015 North Elmsall
00DB016 Notton
00DB017 Ryhill
00DB018 Sharlston
00DB019 Sitlington
00DB020 South Elmsall
00DB021 South Hiendley
00DB022 South Kirkby and Moorthorpe
00DB023 Thorpe Audlin
00DB024 Upton
00DB025 Walton
00DB026 Warmfield cum Heath
00DB027 West Bretton
00DB028 West Hardwick
00DB029 Wintersett
00DB030 Woolley
00EB001 Brierton
00EB002 Claxton
00EB003 Dalton Piercy
00EB004 Elwick
00EB005 Greatham
00EB006 Hart
00EB007 Newton Bewley
00EB008 Headland
00EC001 Nunthorpe
00EC002 Stainton and Thornton
00EE001 Guisborough
00EE002 Lockwood
00EE003 Loftus
00EE004 Saltburn, Marske and New Marske
00EE005 Skelton and Brotton
00EF001 Aislaby
00EF002 Carlton
00EF003 Castlelevington
00EF004 Egglescliffe
00EF005 Elton
00EF006 Grindon
00EF007 Hilton
00EF008 Ingleby Barwick
00EF009 Kirklevington
00EF010 Longnewton
00EF011 Maltby
00EF012 Newsham
00EF013 Preston-on-Tees
00EF014 Redmarshall
00EF015 Stillington and Whitton
00EF016 Thornaby
00EF017 Wolviston
00EF018 Yarm
00EH001 Archdeacon Newton
00EH002 Barmpton
00EH003 Bishopton
00EH004 Brafferton
00EH005 Coatham Mundeville
00EH006 Denton
00EH007 East and West Newbiggin
00EH008 Great Burdon
00EH009 Great Stainton
00EH010 Heighington
00EH011 High Coniscliffe
00EH012 Houghton le Side
00EH013 Hurworth
00EH014 Killerby
00EH015 Little Stainton
00EH016 Low Coniscliffe and Merrybent
00EH017 Low Dinsdale
00EH018 Middleton St. George
00EH019 Morton Palms
00EH020 Neasham
00EH021 Piercebridge
00EH022 Sadberge
00EH023 Sockburn
00EH024 Summerhouse
00EH025 Walworth
00EH026 Whessoe
00ET001 Daresbury
00ET002 Hale
00ET003 Moore
00ET004 Preston Brook
00EU001 Appleton
00EU002 Birchwood
00EU003 Burtonwood and Westbrook
00EU004 Croft
00EU005 Cuerdley
00EU006 Culcheth and Glazebury
00EU007 Grappenhall and Thelwall
00EU008 Great Sankey
00EU009 Hatton
00EU010 Lymm
00EU011 Penketh
00EU012 Poulton-with-Fearnhead
00EU013 Rixton-with-Glazebrook
00EU014 Stockton Heath
00EU015 Stretton
00EU016 Walton
00EU017 Winwick
00EU018 Woolston
00EX001 Eccleshill
00EX002 Livesey
00EX003 North Turton
00EX004 Pleasington
00EX005 Tockholes
00EX006 Yate and Pickup Bank
00FB001 Airmyn
00FB002 Aldbrough
00FB003 Allerthorpe
00FB004 Asselby
00FB005 Atwick
00FB006 Bainton
00FB007 Barmby Moor
00FB008 Barmby on the Marsh
00FB009 Barmston
00FB010 Beeford
00FB011 Bielby
00FB012 Bempton
00FB013 Beswick
00FB014 Bewholme
00FB015 Bilton
00FB016 Bishop Burton
00FB017 Bishop Wilton
00FB018 Blacktoft
00FB019 Boynton
00FB020 Brandesburton
00FB021 Brantingham
00FB022 Broomfleet
00FB023 Bubwith
00FB024 Bugthorpe
00FB025 Burstwick
00FB026 Burton Agnes
00FB027 Burton Constable
00FB028 Burton Fleming
00FB029 Burton Pidsea
00FB030 Carnaby
00FB031 Catton
00FB032 Catwick
00FB033 Cherry Burton
00FB034 Coniston
00FB035 Cottam
00FB036 Cottingwith
00FB037 Dalton Holme
00FB038 Driffield
00FB039 Easington
00FB040 East Garton
00FB041 Eastrington
00FB042 Ellerby
00FB043 Ellerker
00FB044 Ellerton
00FB045 Elloughton-cum-Brough
00FB046 Elstronwick
00FB047 Etton
00FB048 Everingham
00FB049 Fangfoss
00FB050 Fimber
00FB051 Flamborough
00FB052 Foggathorpe
00FB053 Foston
00FB054 Fridaythorpe
00FB055 Full Sutton
00FB056 Garton
00FB057 Gilberdyke
00FB058 Goodmanham
00FB059 Goole
00FB060 Goole Fields
00FB061 Gowdall
00FB062 Grindale
00FB063 Halsham
00FB064 Harpham
00FB065 Hatfield
00FB066 Hayton
00FB067 Hedon
00FB068 Hessle
00FB069 Hollym
00FB070 Holme upon Spalding Moor
00FB071 Holmpton
00FB072 Hook
00FB073 Hornsea
00FB074 Hotham
00FB075 Howden
00FB076 Huggate
00FB077 Humbleton
00FB078 Hutton Cranswick
00FB079 Kelk
00FB080 Keyingham
00FB081 Kilham
00FB082 Kilpin
00FB083 Kirby Underdale
00FB084 Kirkburn
00FB085 Langtoft
00FB086 Laxton
00FB087 Leconfield
00FB088 Leven
00FB089 Lockington
00FB090 Londesborough
00FB091 Lund
00FB092 Mappleton
00FB093 Market Weighton
00FB094 Melbourne
00FB095 Middleton
00FB096 Millington
00FB097 Molescroft
00FB098 Nafferton
00FB099 Newbald
00FB100 Newport
00FB101 Newton on Derwent
00FB102 North Cave
00FB103 North Dalton
00FB104 North Ferriby
00FB105 North Frodingham
00FB106 Nunburnholme
00FB107 Ottringham
00FB108 Patrington
00FB109 Paull
00FB110 Pocklington
00FB111 Pollington
00FB112 Preston
00FB113 Rawcliffe
00FB114 Reedness
00FB115 Rimswell
00FB116 Rise
00FB117 Riston
00FB118 Roos
00FB119 Routh
00FB120 Rowley
00FB121 Rudston
00FB122 Sancton
00FB123 Seaton
00FB124 Seaton Ross
00FB125 Shipton Thorpe
00FB126 Sigglesthorne
00FB127 Skeffling
00FB128 Skerne and Wansford
00FB129 Skidby
00FB130 Skipsea
00FB131 Skirlaugh
00FB132 Skirpenbeck
00FB133 Sledmere
00FB134 Snaith and Cowick
00FB135 South Cave
00FB136 South Cliffe
00FB137 Spaldington
00FB138 Sproatley
00FB139 Stamford Bridge
00FB140 Sunk Island
00FB141 Sutton upon Derwent
00FB142 Swanland
00FB143 Swine
00FB144 Swinefleet
00FB145 Thorngumbald
00FB146 Thornton
00FB147 Thwing
00FB148 Tibthorpe
00FB149 Tickton
00FB150 Twin Rivers
00FB151 Ulrome
00FB152 Walkington
00FB153 Warter
00FB154 Watton
00FB155 Wawne
00FB156 Welton
00FB157 Welwick
00FB158 Wetwang
00FB159 Wilberfoss
00FB160 Withernsea
00FB161 Withernwick
00FB162 Wold Newton
00FB163 Woodmansey
00FB164 Wressle
00FB165 Yapham
00FB166 Beverley
00FB167 Cottingham
00FB168 Anlaby with Anlaby Common
00FB169 Bridlington
00FB170 Kirk Ella
00FB171 Willerby
00FC001 Ashby cum Fenby
00FC002 Aylesby
00FC003 Barnoldby le Beck
00FC004 Beelsby
00FC005 Bradley
00FC006 Brigsley
00FC007 East Ravendale
00FC008 Habrough
00FC009 Hatcliffe
00FC010 Hawerby cum Beesby
00FC011 Healing
00FC012 Humberston
00FC013 Immingham
00FC014 Irby
00FC015 Laceby
00FC016 New Waltham
00FC017 Stallingborough
00FC018 Waltham
00FC019 West Ravendale
00FC020 Wold Newton
00FC021 Great Coates
00FD001 Alkborough
00FD002 Amcotts
00FD003 Appleby
00FD004 Barnetby le Wold
00FD005 Barrow upon Humber
00FD006 Barton-upon-Humber
00FD007 Belton
00FD008 Bonby
00FD009 Bottesford
00FD010 Brigg
00FD011 Broughton
00FD012 Burringham
00FD013 Burton upon Stather
00FD014 Cadney
00FD015 Crowle
00FD016 Croxton
00FD017 East Butterwick
00FD018 East Halton
00FD019 Eastoft
00FD020 Elsham
00FD021 Epworth
00FD022 Flixborough
00FD023 Garthorpe and Fockerby
00FD024 Goxhill
00FD025 Gunness
00FD027 Haxey
00FD028 Hibaldstow
00FD029 Holme
00FD030 Horkstow
00FD031 Keadby with Althorpe
00FD032 Kirmington
00FD033 Kirton in Lindsey
00FD034 Luddington and Haldenby
00FD035 Manton
00FD036 Melton Ross
00FD037 Messingham
00FD038 New Holland
00FD039 North Killingholme
00FD040 Owston Ferry
00FD041 Redbourne
00FD042 Roxby cum Risby
00FD043 Saxby All Saints
00FD044 Scawby
00FD045 South Ferriby
00FD046 South Killingholme
00FD047 Thornton Curtis
00FD048 Ulceby
00FD049 West Butterwick
00FD050 West Halton
00FD051 Whitton
00FD052 Winteringham
00FD053 Winterton
00FD054 Wootton
00FD055 Worlaby
00FD056 Wrawby
00FD057 Wroot
00FD058 Ashby Parkland
00FF001 Acaster Malbis
00FF002 Askham Bryan
00FF003 Askham Richard
00FF004 Bishopthorpe
00FF005 Clifton Without
00FF006 Copmanthorpe
00FF007 Deighton
00FF008 Dunnington
00FF009 Earswick
00FF010 Elvington
00FF011 Fulford
00FF012 Haxby
00FF013 Heslington
00FF014 Hessay
00FF015 Heworth Without
00FF016 Holtby
00FF017 Huntington
00FF018 Kexby
00FF019 Murton
00FF020 Naburn
00FF021 Nether Poppleton
00FF022 New Earswick
00FF023 Osbaldwick
00FF024 Rawcliffe
00FF025 Rufforth
00FF026 Skelton
00FF027 Stockton-on-the-Forest
00FF028 Strensall
00FF029 Towthorpe
00FF030 Upper Poppleton
00FF031 Wheldrake
00FF032 Wigginton
00FP001 Ashwell
00FP002 Ayston
00FP003 Barleythorpe
00FP004 Barrow
00FP005 Barrowden
00FP006 Beaumont Chase
00FP007 Belton-in-Rutland
00FP008 Bisbrooke
00FP009 Braunston-in-Rutland
00FP010 Brooke
00FP011 Burley
00FP012 Caldecott
00FP013 Clipsham
00FP014 Cottesmore
00FP015 Edith Weston
00FP016 Egleton
00FP017 Empingham
00FP018 Essendine
00FP019 Exton
00FP020 Glaston
00FP021 Great Casterton
00FP022 Greetham
00FP023 Gunthorpe
00FP024 Hambleton
00FP025 Horn
00FP026 Ketton
00FP027 Langham
00FP028 Leighfield
00FP029 Little Casterton
00FP030 Lyddington
00FP031 Lyndon
00FP032 Manton
00FP033 Market Overton
00FP034 Martinsthorpe
00FP035 Morcott
00FP036 Normanton
00FP037 North Luffenham
00FP038 Oakham
00FP039 Pickworth
00FP040 Pilton
00FP041 Preston
00FP042 Ridlington
00FP043 Ryhall
00FP044 Seaton
00FP045 South Luffenham
00FP046 Stoke Dry
00FP047 Stretton
00FP048 Teigh
00FP049 Thistleton
00FP050 Thorpe by Water
00FP051 Tickencote
00FP052 Tinwell
00FP053 Tixover
00FP054 Uppingham
00FP055 Wardley
00FP056 Whissendine
00FP057 Whitwell
00FP058 Wing
00GA001 Abbey Dore
00GA002 Aconbury
00GA003 Acton Beauchamp
00GA004 Adforton
00GA005 Allensmore
00GA006 Almeley
00GA007 Ashperton
00GA008 Aston Ingham
00GA009 Avenbury
00GA010 Aylton
00GA011 Aymestrey
00GA012 Bacton
00GA013 Ballingham
00GA014 Bartestree
00GA015 Birley with Upper Hill
00GA016 Bishop's Frome
00GA017 Bishopstone
00GA018 Blakemere
00GA019 Bodenham
00GA020 Bolstone
00GA021 Bosbury
00GA022 Brampton Abbotts
00GA023 Brampton Bryan
00GA024 Bredenbury
00GA025 Bredwardine
00GA026 Breinton
00GA027 Bridge Sollers
00GA028 Bridstow
00GA029 Brilley
00GA030 Brimfield
00GA031 Brinsop and Wormsley
00GA032 Brobury with Monnington on Wye
00GA033 Brockhampton (Old Gore)
00GA034 Brockhampton (Bringsty)
00GA035 Bromyard and Winslow
00GA036 Buckton and Coxall
00GA037 Burghill
00GA038 Burrington
00GA039 Byford
00GA040 Byton
00GA041 Callow
00GA042 Canon Frome
00GA043 Canon Pyon
00GA044 Castle Frome
00GA045 Clehonger
00GA046 Clifford
00GA047 Coddington
00GA048 Collington
00GA049 Colwall
00GA050 Combe
00GA051 Cradley
00GA052 Craswall
00GA053 Credenhill
00GA054 Croft and Yarpole
00GA055 Cusop
00GA056 Dewsall
00GA057 Dilwyn
00GA058 Dinedor
00GA059 Dinmore
00GA060 Docklow and Hampton Wafer
00GA061 Donnington
00GA062 Dormington
00GA063 Dorstone
00GA064 Downton
00GA065 Dulas
00GA066 Eardisland
00GA067 Eardisley
00GA068 Eastnor
00GA069 Eaton Bishop
00GA070 Edvin Loach and Saltmarshe
00GA071 Edwyn Ralph
00GA072 Eggleton
00GA073 Elton
00GA074 Evesbatch
00GA075 Ewyas Harold
00GA076 Eye, Moreton and Ashton
00GA077 Eyton
00GA078 Felton
00GA079 Ford and Stoke Prior
00GA080 Fownhope
00GA081 Foy
00GA082 Ganarew
00GA083 Garway
00GA084 Goodrich
00GA085 Grafton
00GA086 Grendon Bishop
00GA087 Hampton Bishop
00GA088 Hampton Charles
00GA089 Harewood
00GA090 Hatfield and Newhampton
00GA091 Haywood
00GA092 Hentland
00GA093 Holme Lacy
00GA094 Holmer and Shelwick
00GA095 Hope Mansell
00GA096 Hope under Dinmore
00GA097 How Caple
00GA098 Humber
00GA099 Huntington
00GA100 Kenchester
00GA101 Kenderchurch
00GA102 Kentchurch
00GA103 Kilpeck
00GA104 Kimbolton
00GA105 King's Pyon
00GA106 Kings Caple
00GA107 Kingsland
00GA108 Kingstone
00GA109 Kington
00GA110 Kington Rural
00GA111 Kinnersley
00GA112 Kinsham
00GA113 Knill
00GA114 Laysters
00GA115 Lea
00GA116 Ledbury
00GA117 Leinthall Starkes
00GA118 Leintwardine
00GA119 Leominster
00GA120 Letton
00GA121 Lingen
00GA122 Linton (Bringsty)
00GA123 Linton (Penyard)
00GA124 Little Birch
00GA125 Little Cowarne
00GA126 Little Dewchurch
00GA127 Little Hereford
00GA128 Little Marcle
00GA129 Llancillo
00GA130 Llandinabo
00GA131 Llangarron
00GA132 Llanrothal
00GA133 Llanveynoe
00GA134 Llanwarne
00GA135 Longtown
00GA136 Lower Bullingham
00GA137 Lower Harpton
00GA138 Lucton
00GA139 Lugwardine
00GA140 Luston
00GA141 Lyonshall
00GA142 Madley
00GA143 Mansell Gamage
00GA144 Mansell Lacy
00GA145 Marden
00GA146 Marstow
00GA147 Mathon
00GA148 Michaelchurch Escley
00GA149 Middleton on the Hill
00GA150 Moccas
00GA151 Monkland and Stretford
00GA152 Mordiford
00GA153 Moreton Jeffries
00GA154 Moreton on Lugg
00GA155 Much Birch
00GA156 Much Cowarne
00GA157 Much Dewchurch
00GA158 Much Marcle
00GA159 Munsley
00GA160 Newton (Hampton Court)
00GA161 Newton (Golden Valley South)
00GA162 Norton
00GA163 Norton Canon
00GA164 Ocle Pychard
00GA165 Orcop
00GA166 Orleton
00GA167 Pembridge
00GA168 Pencombe with Grendon Warren
00GA169 Pencoyd
00GA170 Peterchurch
00GA171 Peterstow
00GA172 Pipe and Lyde
00GA173 Pipe Aston
00GA174 Pixley
00GA175 Preston on Wye
00GA176 Preston Wynne
00GA177 Pudlestone
00GA178 Putley
00GA179 Richards Castle (Hereford)
00GA180 Rodd, Nash and Little Brampton
00GA181 Ross-on-Wye
00GA182 Ross Rural
00GA183 Rowlstone
00GA184 St. Devereux
00GA185 St. Margarets
00GA186 St. Weonards
00GA187 Sarnesfield
00GA188 Sellack
00GA189 Shobdon
00GA190 Sollers Hope
00GA191 Stanford Bishop
00GA192 Stapleton
00GA193 Staunton on Arrow
00GA194 Staunton on Wye
00GA195 Stoke Edith
00GA196 Stoke Lacy
00GA197 Stretton Grandison
00GA198 Stretton Sugwas
00GA199 Sutton
00GA200 Tarrington
00GA201 Tedstone Delamere
00GA202 Tedstone Wafer
00GA203 Thornbury
00GA204 Thruxton
00GA205 Titley
00GA206 Tretire with Michaelchurch
00GA207 Treville
00GA208 Turnastone
00GA209 Tyberton
00GA210 Ullingswick
00GA211 Upper Sapey
00GA212 Upton Bishop
00GA213 Vowchurch
00GA214 Wacton
00GA215 Walford
00GA216 Walford, Letton and Newton
00GA217 Walterstone
00GA218 Wellington
00GA219 Wellington Heath
00GA220 Welsh Bicknor
00GA221 Welsh Newton
00GA222 Weobley
00GA223 Westhide
00GA224 Weston Beggard
00GA225 Weston under Penyard
00GA226 Whitbourne
00GA227 Whitchurch
00GA228 Whitney-on-Wye
00GA229 Wigmore
00GA230 Willersley and Winforton
00GA231 Willey
00GA232 Withington
00GA233 Wolferlow
00GA234 Woolhope
00GA235 Wormbridge
00GA236 Yarkhill
00GA237 Yatton
00GA238 Yazor
00GA239 Belmont Rural
00GA240 Hereford
00GF001 Chetwynd
00GF002 Chetwynd Aston and Woodcote
00GF003 Church Aston
00GF004 Dawley Hamlets
00GF005 Edgmond
00GF006 Ercall Magna
00GF007 Eyton Upon The Weald Moors
00GF008 Great Dawley
00GF009 Hadley and Leegomery
00GF010 Hollinswood and Randlay
00GF011 Ketley
00GF012 Kynnersley
00GF013 Lawley and Overdale
00GF014 Lilleshall and Donnington
00GF015 Little Wenlock
00GF016 Madeley
00GF017 Newport
00GF018 Oakengates
00GF019 Preston Upon The Weald Moors
00GF020 Rodington
00GF021 St Georges and Priorslee
00GF022 Stirchley and Brookside
00GF023 The Gorge
00GF024 Tibberton and Cherrington
00GF025 Waters Upton
00GF026 Wellington
00GF027 Wrockwardine
00GF028 Wrockwardine Wood and Trench
00HA001 Bathampton
00HA002 Batheaston
00HA003 Bathford
00HA004 Cameley
00HA005 Camerton
00HA006 Charlcombe
00HA007 Chelwood
00HA008 Chew Magna
00HA009 Chew Stoke
00HA010 Claverton
00HA011 Clutton
00HA012 Combe Hay
00HA013 Compton Dando
00HA014 Compton Martin
00HA015 Corston
00HA016 Dunkerton
00HA017 East Harptree
00HA018 Englishcombe
00HA019 Farmborough
00HA020 Farrington Gurney
00HA021 Freshford
00HA022 High Littleton
00HA023 Hinton Blewett
00HA024 Hinton Charterhouse
00HA025 Kelston
00HA026 Keynsham
00HA027 Marksbury
00HA028 Monkton Combe
00HA029 Nempnett Thrubwell
00HA030 Newton St. Loe
00HA031 North Stoke
00HA032 Norton Malreward
00HA033 Norton-Radstock
00HA034 Paulton
00HA035 Peasedown St. John
00HA036 Priston
00HA037 Publow
00HA038 St. Catherine
00HA039 Saltford
00HA040 Shoscombe
00HA041 Southstoke
00HA042 Stanton Drew
00HA043 Stowey-Sutton
00HA044 Swainswick
00HA045 Timsbury
00HA046 Ubley
00HA047 Wellow
00HA048 West Harptree
00HA049 Whitchurch
00HC001 Abbots Leigh
00HC002 Backwell
00HC003 Banwell
00HC004 Barrow Gurney
00HC005 Blagdon
00HC006 Bleadon
00HC007 Brockley
00HC008 Burrington
00HC009 Butcombe
00HC010 Churchill
00HC011 Clapton-in-Gordano
00HC012 Cleeve
00HC013 Clevedon
00HC014 Congresbury
00HC015 Dundry
00HC016 Easton-in-Gordano
00HC017 Flax Bourton
00HC018 Hutton
00HC019 Kenn
00HC020 Kewstoke
00HC021 Kingston Seymour
00HC022 Locking
00HC023 Long Ashton
00HC024 Loxton
00HC025 Nailsea
00HC026 Portbury
00HC027 Portishead and North Weston
00HC028 Puxton
00HC029 Tickenham
00HC030 Walton-in-Gordano
00HC031 Weston-in-Gordano
00HC032 Wick St. Lawrence
00HC033 Winford
00HC034 Winscombe and Sandford
00HC035 Wraxall and Failand
00HC036 Wrington
00HC037 Yatton
00HC038 Weston-super-Mare
00HC039 St. Georges
00HD001 Acton Turville
00HD002 Almondsbury
00HD003 Alveston
00HD004 Aust
00HD005 Badminton
00HD006 Bitton
00HD007 Bradley Stoke
00HD008 Charfield
00HD009 Cold Ashton
00HD010 Cromhall
00HD011 Dodington
00HD012 Doynton
00HD013 Dyrham and Hinton
00HD014 Falfield
00HD015 Filton
00HD016 Frampton Cotterell
00HD017 Hanham Abbots
00HD018 Hawkesbury
00HD019 Hill
00HD020 Horton
00HD021 Iron Acton
00HD022 Little Sodbury
00HD023 Mangotsfield Rural
00HD024 Marshfield
00HD025 Oldbury-upon-Severn
00HD026 Oldland
00HD027 Olveston
00HD028 Patchway
00HD029 Pilning and Severn Beach
00HD030 Pucklechurch
00HD031 Rangeworthy
00HD032 Rockhampton
00HD033 Siston
00HD034 Sodbury
00HD035 Stoke Gifford
00HD036 Thornbury
00HD037 Tormarton
00HD038 Tortworth
00HD039 Tytherington
00HD040 Westerleigh
00HD041 Wick and Abson
00HD042 Wickwar
00HD043 Winterbourne
00HD044 Yate
00HD045 Downend and Bromley Heath
00HD046 Hanham
00HX001 Bishopstone
00HX002 Blunsdon St Andrew
00HX003 Castle Eaton
00HX004 Chiseldon
00HX005 Covingham
00HX006 Hannington
00HX007 Haydon Wick
00HX008 Highworth
00HX009 Inglesham
00HX010 Liddington
00HX011 South Marston
00HX012 Stanton Fitzwarren
00HX013 Stratton St Margaret
00HX014 Wanborough
00HX015 Wroughton
00JA001 Ailsworth
00JA002 Bainton
00JA003 Barnack
00JA004 Borough Fen
00JA005 Bretton
00JA006 Castor
00JA007 Deeping Gate
00JA008 Etton
00JA009 Eye
00JA010 Glinton
00JA011 Helpston
00JA012 Marholm
00JA013 Maxey
00JA014 Newborough
00JA015 Northborough
00JA016 Orton Longueville
00JA017 Orton Waterville
00JA018 Peakirk
00JA019 St. Martin's Without
00JA020 Southorpe
00JA022 Sutton
00JA023 Thorney
00JA024 Thornhaugh
00JA025 Ufford
00JA026 Upton
00JA027 Wansford
00JA028 Wittering
00JA029 Wothorpe
00KF001 Leigh-on-Sea
00LC001 Allhallows
00LC002 Cliffe and Cliffe Woods
00LC003 Cooling
00LC004 Cuxton
00LC005 Frindsbury Extra
00LC006 Halling
00LC007 High Halstow
00LC008 Hoo St. Werburgh
00LC009 Isle of Grain
00LC010 St. Mary Hoo
00LC011 Stoke
00MA001 Binfield
00MA002 Bracknell
00MA003 Crowthorne
00MA004 Sandhurst
00MA005 Warfield
00MA006 Winkfield
00MB001 Aldermaston
00MB002 Aldworth
00MB003 Ashampstead
00MB004 Basildon
00MB005 Beech Hill
00MB006 Beedon
00MB007 Beenham
00MB008 Boxford
00MB009 Bradfield
00MB010 Brightwalton
00MB011 Brimpton
00MB012 Bucklebury
00MB013 Burghfield
00MB014 Catmore
00MB015 Chaddleworth
00MB016 Chieveley
00MB017 Cold Ash
00MB018 Combe
00MB019 Compton
00MB020 East Garston
00MB021 East Ilsley
00MB022 Enborne
00MB023 Englefield
00MB024 Farnborough
00MB025 Fawley
00MB026 Frilsham
00MB027 Great Shefford
00MB028 Greenham
00MB029 Hampstead Norreys
00MB030 Hampstead Marshall
00MB031 Hermitage
00MB032 Hungerford
00MB033 Inkpen
00MB034 Kintbury
00MB035 Lambourn
00MB036 Leckhampstead
00MB037 Midgham
00MB038 Padworth
00MB039 Pangbourne
00MB040 Peasemore
00MB041 Purley on Thames
00MB042 Shaw cum Donnington
00MB043 Speen
00MB044 Stanford Dingley
00MB045 Stratfield Mortimer
00MB046 Streatley
00MB047 Sulham
00MB048 Sulhamstead
00MB049 Thatcham
00MB050 Theale
00MB051 Tidmarsh
00MB052 Tilehurst
00MB053 Ufton Nervet
00MB054 Wasing
00MB055 Welford
00MB056 West Ilsley
00MB057 West Woodhay
00MB058 Winterbourne
00MB059 Wokefield
00MB060 Woolhampton
00MB061 Yattendon
00MB062 Newbury
00MB063 Holybrook
00MD001 Britwell
00MD002 Colnbrook with Poyle
00MD003 Wexham Court
00ME001 Bisham
00ME002 Bray
00ME003 Cookham
00ME004 Cox Green
00ME005 Datchet
00ME006 Eton
00ME007 Horton
00ME008 Hurley
00ME009 Old Windsor
00ME010 Shottesbrooke
00ME011 Sunningdale
00ME012 Sunninghill
00ME013 Waltham St. Lawrence
00ME014 White Waltham
00ME015 Wraysbury
00MF001 Arborfield and Newland
00MF002 Barkham
00MF003 Charvil
00MF004 Earley
00MF005 Finchampstead
00MF006 Remenham
00MF007 Ruscombe
00MF008 St. Nicholas, Hurst
00MF009 Shinfield
00MF010 Sonning
00MF011 Swallowfield
00MF012 Twyford
00MF013 Wargrave
00MF014 Winnersh
00MF015 Wokingham
00MF016 Wokingham Without
00MF017 Woodley
00MG001 Astwood
00MG002 Bow Brickhill
00MG003 Bradwell
00MG004 Bradwell Abbey
00MG005 Broughton
00MG006 Castlethorpe
00MG007 Chicheley
00MG008 Clifton Reynes
00MG009 Cold Brayfield
00MG010 Emberton
00MG011 Gayhurst
00MG012 Great Linford
00MG013 Hanslope
00MG014 Hardmead
00MG015 Haversham-cum-Little Linford
00MG016 Lathbury
00MG017 Lavendon
00MG018 Little Brickhill
00MG019 Loughton
00MG020 Milton Keynes
00MG021 Moulsoe
00MG022 Newport Pagnell
00MG023 Newton Blossomville
00MG024 North Crawley
00MG025 Olney
00MG026 Ravenstone
00MG027 Shenley Brook End
00MG028 Shenley Church End
00MG029 Sherington
00MG030 Stantonbury
00MG031 Stoke Goldington
00MG032 Walton
00MG033 Warrington
00MG034 Wavendon
00MG035 Weston Underwood
00MG036 Woburn Sands
00MG037 Campbell Park
00MG038 Woughton on the Green
00MG039 Bletchley and Fenny Stratford
00MG040 Calverton
00MG041 Central Milton Keynes
00MG042 Kents Hill, Monkston and Brinklow
00MG043 New Bradwell
00MG044 Simpson
00MG045 Stony Stratford
00MG046 Tyringham and Filgrave
00MG047 West Bletchley
00MG048 Wolverton and Greenleys
00ML001 Rottingdean
00MR001 Southsea
00MW001 Arreton
00MW002 Bembridge
00MW003 Brading
00MW004 Brighstone
00MW005 Calbourne
00MW006 Chale
00MW007 Cowes
00MW008 Freshwater
00MW009 Gatcombe
00MW010 Godshill
00MW011 Gurnard
00MW012 Lake
00MW013 Nettlestone and Seaview
00MW014 Newchurch
00MW015 Niton and Whitwell
00MW016 Rookley
00MW017 St Helens
00MW018 Sandown
00MW019 Shalfleet
00MW020 Shanklin
00MW021 Shorwell
00MW022 Totland
00MW023 Ventnor
00MW024 Wootton Bridge
00MW025 Wroxall
00MW026 Yarmouth
00MW027 East Cowes
00NA001 Aberffraw
00NA002 Amlwch
00NA003 Beaumaris
00NA004 Bodedern
00NA005 Bodffordd
00NA006 Bodorgan
00NA007 Bryngwran
00NA008 Cwm Cadnant
00NA009 Cylch-y-Garn
00NA010 Holyhead
00NA011 Llanbadrig
00NA012 Llanddaniel Fab
00NA013 Llanddona
00NA014 Llanddyfnan
00NA015 Llaneilian
00NA016 Llaneugrad
00NA017 Llanfachraeth
00NA018 Llanfaelog
00NA019 Llanfaethlu
00NA020 Llanfair-Mathafarn-Eithaf
00NA021 Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll
00NA022 Llanfair-yn-Neubwll
00NA023 Llanfihangel Ysgeifiog
00NA024 Llangefni
00NA025 Llangoed
00NA026 Llangristiolus
00NA027 Llanidan
00NA028 Llannerch-y-medd
00NA029 Mechell
00NA030 Menai Bridge
00NA031 Moelfre
00NA032 Penmynydd
00NA033 Pentraeth
00NA034 Rhoscolyn
00NA035 Rhosybol
00NA036 Rhosyr
00NA037 Trearddur
00NA038 Tref Alaw
00NA039 Trewalchmai
00NA040 Valley
00NC001 Aber
00NC002 Aberdaron
00NC003 Aberdovey
00NC004 Arthog
00NC005 Bala
00NC006 Bangor
00NC007 Barmouth
00NC008 Beddgelert
00NC009 Bethesda
00NC010 Betws Garmon
00NC011 Bontnewydd
00NC012 Botwnnog
00NC013 Brithdir and Llanfachreth
00NC014 Bryn-crug
00NC015 Buan
00NC016 Caernarfon
00NC017 Clynnog
00NC018 Corris
00NC019 Criccieth
00NC020 Dolbenmaen
00NC021 Dolgellau
00NC022 Dyffryn Ardudwy
00NC023 Ffestiniog
00NC024 Ganllwyd
00NC025 Harlech
00NC026 Llanaelhaearn
00NC027 Llanbedr
00NC028 Llanbedrog
00NC029 Llanberis
00NC030 Llanddeiniolen
00NC031 Llandderfel
00NC032 Llandwrog
00NC033 Llandygai
00NC034 Llanegryn
00NC035 Llanelltyd
00NC036 Llanengan
00NC037 Llanfair
00NC038 Llanfihangel-y-Pennant
00NC039 Llanfrothen
00NC040 Llangelynin
00NC041 Llangywer
00NC042 Llanllechid
00NC043 Llanllyfni
00NC044 Llannor
00NC045 Llanuwchllyn
00NC046 Llanrug
00NC047 Llanwnda
00NC048 Llanycil
00NC049 Llanystumdwy
00NC050 Maentwrog
00NC051 Mawddwy
00NC052 Nefyn
00NC053 Pennal
00NC054 Penrhyndeudraeth
00NC055 Pentir
00NC056 Pistyll
00NC057 Porthmadog
00NC058 Pwllheli
00NC059 Talsarnau
00NC060 Trawsfynydd
00NC061 Tudweiliog
00NC062 Tywyn
00NC063 Waunfawr
00NC064 Y Felinheli
00NE001 Abergele
00NE002 Betws-y-Coed
00NE003 Betws yn Rhos
00NE004 Bro Garmon
00NE005 Bro Machno
00NE006 Caerhun
00NE007 Capel Curig
00NE008 Cerrigydrudion
00NE009 Colwyn Bay
00NE010 Conwy
00NE011 Dolgarrog
00NE012 Dolwyddelan
00NE013 Eglwysbach
00NE014 Henryd
00NE015 Kinmel Bay and Towyn
00NE016 Llanddoged and Maenan
00NE017 Llanddulas and Rhyd-y-Foel
00NE018 Llandudno
00NE019 Llanfairfechan
00NE020 Llanfair Talhaiarn
00NE021 Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr
00NE022 Llangernyw
00NE023 Llangwm
00NE024 Llannefydd
00NE025 Llanrwst
00NE026 Llansanffraid Glan Conwy
00NE027 Llansannan
00NE028 Llysfaen
00NE029 Mochdre
00NE030 Old Colwyn
00NE031 Penmaenmawr
00NE032 Pentrefoelas
00NE033 Rhos-on-Sea
00NE034 Trefriw
00NE035 Ysbyty Ifan
00NG001 Aberwheeler
00NG002 Betws Gwerfil Goch
00NG003 Bodelwyddan
00NG004 Bodfari
00NG005 Bryneglwys
00NG006 Cefnmeiriadog
00NG007 Clocaenog
00NG008 Corwen
00NG009 Cwm
00NG010 Cyffylliog
00NG011 Cynwyd
00NG012 Denbigh
00NG013 Derwen
00NG014 Dyserth
00NG015 Efenechtyd
00NG016 Gwyddelwern
00NG017 Henllan
00NG018 Llanarmon-yn-Ial
00NG019 Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd
00NG020 Llandegla
00NG021 Llandrillo
00NG022 Llandyrnog
00NG023 Llanelidan
00NG024 Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd
00NG025 Llanferres
00NG026 Llangollen
00NG028 Llangynhafal
00NG029 Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch
00NG030 Llantysilio
00NG031 Llanynys
00NG032 Nantglyn
00NG033 Prestatyn
00NG034 Rhuddlan
00NG035 Rhyl
00NG036 Ruthin
00NG037 St. Asaph
00NG038 Trefnant
00NG039 Tremeirchion
00NG040 Waen
00NJ001 Bagillt
00NJ002 Broughton and Bretton
00NJ003 Brynford
00NJ004 Buckley
00NJ005 Caerwys
00NJ006 Cilcain
00NJ007 Connah's Quay
00NJ008 Flint
00NJ009 Gwernaffield
00NJ010 Gwernymynydd
00NJ011 Halkyn
00NJ012 Hawarden
00NJ013 Higher Kinnerton
00NJ014 Holywell
00NJ015 Hope
00NJ016 Leeswood
00NJ017 Llanasa
00NJ018 Llanfynydd
00NJ019 Mold
00NJ020 Mostyn
00NJ021 Argoed
00NJ022 Nannerch
00NJ023 Nercwys
00NJ024 Northop
00NJ025 Northop Hall
00NJ026 Penyffordd
00NJ027 Queensferry
00NJ028 Saltney
00NJ029 Sealand
00NJ030 Shotton
00NJ031 Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor
00NJ032 Treuddyn
00NJ033 Whitford
00NJ034 Ysceifiog
00NL001 Abenbury
00NL002 Acton
00NL003 Bangor Is-y-coed
00NL004 Bronington
00NL005 Broughton
00NL006 Brymbo
00NL007 Caia Park
00NL008 Cefn
00NL009 Ceiriog Ucha
00NL010 Chirk
00NL011 Coedpoeth
00NL012 Erbistock
00NL013 Esclusham
00NL014 Glyntraian
00NL015 Gresford
00NL016 Gwersyllt
00NL017 Hanmer
00NL018 Holt
00NL019 Isycoed
00NL020 Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog
00NL021 Llay
00NL022 Maelor South
00NL023 Marchwiel
00NL024 Minera
00NL025 Offa
00NL026 Overton
00NL027 Penycae
00NL028 Rhosddu
00NL029 Rhosllanerchrugog
00NL030 Rossett
00NL031 Ruabon
00NL032 Sesswick
00NL033 Willington Worthenbury
00NL034 Llangollen Rural
00NN001 Abbey Cwmhir
00NN002 Aberedw
00NN003 Aberhafesp
00NN004 Banwy
00NN005 Bausley with Criggion
00NN006 Beguildy
00NN007 Berriew
00NN008 Bettws
00NN009 Brecon
00NN010 Bronllys
00NN011 Builth
00NN012 Cadfarch
00NN013 Caersws
00NN014 Carno
00NN015 Carreghofa
00NN016 Castle Caereinion
00NN017 Churchstoke
00NN018 Cilmery
00NN019 Clyro
00NN020 Cray
00NN021 Crickhowell
00NN022 Disserth and Trecoed
00NN023 Duhonw
00NN024 Dwyriw
00NN025 Erwood
00NN026 Felin-fach
00NN027 Forden with Leighton and Trelystan
00NN028 Gladestry
00NN029 Glantwymyn
00NN030 Glasbury
00NN031 Glascwm
00NN032 Glyn Tarell
00NN033 Guilsfield
00NN034 Gwernyfed
00NN035 Hay
00NN036 Honddu Isaf
00NN037 Kerry
00NN038 Knighton
00NN039 Llanafanfawr
00NN040 Llanbadarn Fawr
00NN041 Llanbadarn Fynydd
00NN042 Llanbister
00NN043 Llanbrynmair
00NN044 Llanddew
00NN045 Llanddewi Ystradenny
00NN046 Llandinam
00NN047 Llandrindod Wells
00NN048 Llandrinio
00NN049 Llandysilio
00NN050 Llandyssil
00NN051 Llanelwedd
00NN052 Llanerfyl
00NN053 Llanfair Caereinion
00NN054 Llanfechain
00NN055 Llanfihangel
00NN056 Llanfihangel Cwmdu with Bwlch and Cathedine
00NN057 Llanfihangel Rhydithon
00NN058 Llanfrynach
00NN059 Llanfyllin
00NN060 Llangamarch
00NN061 Llangattock
00NN062 Llangedwyn
00NN063 Llangors
00NN064 Llangunllo
00NN065 Llangurig
00NN066 Llangynidr
00NN067 Llangyniew
00NN068 Llangynog
00NN069 Llanidloes
00NN070 Llanidloes Without
00NN071 Llanigon
00NN072 Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant
00NN073 Llansantffraid
00NN074 Llansilin
00NN075 Llanwddyn
00NN076 Llanwrthwl
00NN077 Llanwrtyd Wells
00NN078 Llanyre
00NN079 Llywel
00NN080 Machynlleth
00NN081 Maescar
00NN082 Manafon
00NN083 Meifod
00NN084 Merthyr Cynog
00NN085 Mochdre
00NN086 Montgomery
00NN087 Nantmel
00NN088 New Radnor
00NN089 Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn
00NN090 Old Radnor
00NN091 Painscastle
00NN092 Penybont
00NN093 Pen-y-Bont-Fawr
00NN094 Presteigne
00NN095 Rhayader
00NN096 St. Harmon
00NN097 Talgarth
00NN098 Talybont-on-Usk
00NN099 Tawe-Uchaf
00NN100 The Vale of Grwyney
00NN101 Trallong
00NN102 Trefeglwys
00NN103 Treflys
00NN104 Tregynon
00NN105 Trewern
00NN106 Welshpool
00NN107 Whitton
00NN108 Yscir
00NN109 Ystradfellte
00NN110 Ystradgynlais
00NQ001 Aberaeron
00NQ002 Aberporth
00NQ003 Aberystwyth
00NQ004 Beulah
00NQ005 Blaenrheidol
00NQ006 Borth
00NQ007 Cardigan
00NQ008 Ceulanamaesmawr
00NQ009 Ciliau Aeron
00NQ010 Dyffryn Arth
00NQ011 Faenor
00NQ012 Geneu'r Glyn
00NQ013 Henfynyw
00NQ014 Lampeter
00NQ015 Llanarth
00NQ016 Llanbadarn Fawr
00NQ017 Llanddewi Brefi
00NQ018 Llandyfriog
00NQ019 Llandysiliogogo
00NQ020 Llandysul
00NQ021 Llanfair Clydogau
00NQ022 Llanfarian
00NQ023 Llanfihangel Ystrad
00NQ024 Llangeitho
00NQ025 Llangoedmor
00NQ026 Llangrannog
00NQ027 Llangwyryfon
00NQ028 Llangybi
00NQ029 Llangynfelyn
00NQ030 Llanilar
00NQ031 Llanllwchaiarn
00NQ032 Llanrhystyd
00NQ033 Llansantffraed
00NQ034 Llanwenog
00NQ035 Llanwnnen
00NQ036 Lledrod
00NQ037 Melindwr
00NQ038 Nantcwnlle
00NQ039 New Quay
00NQ040 Penbryn
00NQ041 Pontarfynach
00NQ042 Tirymynach
00NQ043 Trawsgoed
00NQ044 Trefeurig
00NQ045 Tregaron
00NQ046 Troedyraur
00NQ047 Y Ferwig
00NQ048 Ysbyty Ystwyth
00NQ049 Ysgubor-y-coed
00NQ050 Ystrad Fflur
00NQ051 Ystrad Meurig
00NS001 Ambleston
00NS002 Amroth
00NS003 Angle
00NS004 Boncath
00NS005 Brawdy
00NS006 Burton
00NS007 Caldey Island and St. Margaret's Island
00NS008 Camrose
00NS009 Carew
00NS010 Castlemartin
00NS011 Cilgerran
00NS012 Clydau
00NS013 Cosheston
00NS014 Crymych
00NS015 Cwm Gwaun
00NS016 Dale
00NS017 Dinas Cross
00NS018 East Williamston
00NS019 Eglwyswrw
00NS020 Fishguard and Goodwick
00NS021 Freystrop
00NS022 Haverfordwest
00NS023 Hayscastle
00NS024 Herbrandston
00NS025 Hundleton
00NS026 Jeffreyston
00NS027 Johnston
00NS028 Kilgetty/Begelly
00NS029 Lampeter Velfrey
00NS030 Lamphey
00NS031 Letterston
00NS032 Llanddewi Velfrey
00NS033 Llandissilio West
00NS035 Llanrhian
00NS036 Llanstadwell
00NS037 Llawhaden
00NS038 Maenclochog
00NS039 Manorbier
00NS040 Manordeifi
00NS041 Marloes and St. Brides
00NS042 Martletwy
00NS043 Mathry
00NS044 Merlin's Bridge
00NS045 Milford Haven
00NS046 Mynachlog-Ddu
00NS047 Narberth
00NS048 Nevern
00NS049 New Moat
00NS050 Newport
00NS051 Neyland
00NS052 Nolton and Roch
00NS053 Pembroke
00NS054 Pembroke Dock
00NS055 Penally
00NS056 Pencaer
00NS057 Puncheston
00NS058 Rosemarket
00NS059 Rudbaxton
00NS060 St. David's and the Cathedral Close
00NS061 St. Dogmaels
00NS062 St. Florence
00NS063 St. Ishmael's
00NS064 St. Mary Out Liberty
00NS065 Saundersfoot
00NS066 Scleddau
00NS067 Slebech
00NS068 Solva
00NS069 Spittal
00NS070 Stackpole
00NS071 Templeton
00NS072 Tenby
00NS073 The Havens
00NS074 Tiers Cross
00NS075 Trecwn
00NS076 Uzmaston and Boulston
00NS077 Walwyn's Castle
00NS078 Wiston
00NS079 Wolfscastle
00NS081 Llangwm
00NS082 Hook
00NS083 Clynderwen
00NU001 Abergwili
00NU002 Abernant
00NU003 Ammanford
00NU004 Betws
00NU005 Bronwydd
00NU006 Carmarthen
00NU007 Pembrey and Burry Port Town
00NU008 Cenarth
00NU009 Cilycwm
00NU010 Cilymaenllwyd
00NU012 Cwmamman
00NU013 Cynwyl Elfed
00NU014 Cynwyl Gaeo
00NU015 Eglwyscummin
00NU016 Cyngor Bro Dyffryn Cennen
00NU017 Gorslas
00NU018 Henllanfallteg
00NU019 Kidwelly
00NU020 Laugharne Township
00NU021 Llanarthney
00NU022 Llanboidy
00NU023 Llanddarog
00NU024 Llanddeusant
00NU025 Llanddowror
00NU026 Llandeilo
00NU027 Llandovery
00NU028 Llandybie
00NU029 Llandyfaelog
00NU030 Llanedi
00NU031 Llanegwad
00NU032 Llanelli
00NU033 Llanelli Rural
00NU034 Llanfair-ar-y-bryn
00NU035 Llanfihangel Aberbythych
00NU036 Llanfihangel-ar-Arth
00NU037 Llanfihangel Rhos-y-Corn
00NU038 Llanfynydd
00NU039 Llangadog
00NU040 Llangain
00NU041 Llangathen
00NU042 Llangeler
00NU043 Llangennech
00NU044 Llangunnor
00NU045 Llangyndeyrn
00NU046 Llangynin
00NU047 Llangynog
00NU048 Llanllawddog
00NU049 Llanllwni
00NU050 Llannon
00NU051 Llanpumsaint
00NU052 Llansadwrn
00NU053 Llansawel
00NU054 Llansteffan
00NU055 Llanwinio
00NU056 Llanwrda
00NU057 Llanybydder
00NU058 Llanycrwys
00NU059 Manordeilo and Salem
00NU060 Meidrim
00NU061 Myddfai
00NU062 Newcastle Emlyn
00NU063 Newchurch and Merthyr
00NU064 Pencarreg
00NU065 Pendine
00NU066 Pontyberem
00NU067 Quarter Bach
00NU068 St. Clears
00NU069 St. Ishmael
00NU070 Talley
00NU071 Trelech
00NU072 Trimsaran
00NU073 Whitland
00NX001 Birchgrove
00NX002 Bishopston
00NX003 Bonymaen
00NX004 Castle
00NX005 Clydach
00NX006 Cockett
00NX007 Cwmbwrla
00NX008 Dunvant
00NX009 Gorseinon
00NX010 Gowerton
00NX011 Grovesend
00NX012 Ilston
00NX013 Killay
00NX014 Landore
00NX015 Llangennith, Llanmadoc and Cheriton
00NX016 Llangyfelach
00NX017 Llanrhidian Higher
00NX018 Llanrhidian Lower
00NX019 Llansamlet
00NX020 Llwchwr
00NX021 Mawr
00NX022 Morriston
00NX023 Mumbles
00NX024 Mynyddbach
00NX025 Penderry
00NX026 Penllergaer
00NX027 Pennard
00NX028 Penrice
00NX029 Pont-Lliw
00NX030 Pontardulais
00NX031 Port Eynon
00NX032 Reynoldston
00NX033 Rhossili
00NX034 St. Thomas
00NX035 Sketty
00NX036 Townhill
00NX037 Uplands
00NX038 Upper Killay
00NZ001 Aberavon
00NZ002 Baglan
00NZ003 Baglan Bay
00NZ004 Blaengwrach
00NZ005 Blaenhonddan
00NZ006 Briton Ferry
00NZ007 Bryn
00NZ008 Cilybebyll
00NZ009 Clyne and Melincourt
00NZ010 Coedffranc
00NZ011 Crynant
00NZ012 Cwmavon
00NZ013 Cwmllynfell
00NZ014 Dyffryn Clydach
00NZ015 Glyncorrwg
00NZ016 Glynneath
00NZ017 Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen
00NZ018 Margam
00NZ019 Margam Moors
00NZ020 Neath
00NZ021 Onllwyn
00NZ022 Pelenna
00NZ023 Pontardawe
00NZ024 Port Talbot
00NZ025 Resolven
00NZ026 Sandfields East
00NZ027 Sandfields West
00NZ028 Seven Sisters
00NZ029 Taibach
00NZ030 Tonna
00NZ031 Ystalyfera
00PB001 Brackla
00PB002 Bridgend
00PB003 Cefn Cribwr
00PB004 Coity Higher
00PB005 Coychurch Higher
00PB006 Coychurch Lower
00PB008 Garw Valley
00PB009 Laleston
00PB010 Llangynwyd Lower
00PB011 Llangynwyd Middle
00PB012 Maesteg
00PB013 Merthyr Mawr
00PB014 Newcastle Higher
00PB015 Ogmore Valley
00PB016 Pencoed
00PB017 Porthcawl
00PB018 St. Bride's Minor
00PB019 Ynysawdre
00PB020 Cornelly
00PB021 Pyle
00PD001 Barry
00PD002 Colwinston
00PD003 Cowbridge with Llanblethian
00PD004 Dinas Powys
00PD005 Ewenny
00PD006 Llancarfan
00PD007 Llandough
00PD008 Llandow
00PD009 Llanfair
00PD010 Llangan
00PD011 Llan-maes
00PD012 Llantwit Major
00PD013 Michaelston
00PD014 Penarth
00PD015 Pendoylan
00PD016 Penllyn
00PD017 Peterston-super-Ely
00PD018 Rhoose
00PD019 St. Athan
00PD020 St. Bride's Major
00PD021 St. Donats
00PD022 St. Georges-super-Ely
00PD023 St. Nicholas and Bonvilston
00PD024 Sully
00PD025 Welsh St. Donats
00PD026 Wenvoe
00PD027 Wick
00PF001 Aberaman
00PF002 Abercynon
00PF003 Aberdare
00PF004 Cwmbach
00PF005 Cwm Clydach
00PF006 Cymmer
00PF007 Ferndale
00PF008 Gilfach Goch
00PF009 Hirwaun
00PF010 Llanharan
00PF011 Llanharry
00PF012 Llantrisant
00PF013 Llantwit Fardre
00PF014 Llwydcoed
00PF015 Llwyn-y-pia
00PF016 Maerdy
00PF017 Mountain Ash
00PF018 Penrhiwceiber
00PF019 Pentre
00PF020 Pen-y-graig
00PF021 Pen-y-waun
00PF022 Pont-y-clun
00PF023 Pontypridd
00PF024 Porth
00PF025 Rhigos
00PF026 Taffs Well
00PF027 Tonypandy
00PF028 Tonyrefail
00PF029 Trehafod
00PF030 Treherbert
00PF031 Trealaw
00PF032 Treorchy
00PF033 Tylorstown
00PF034 Ynyshir
00PF035 Ynysybwl and Coed-y-cwm
00PF036 Ystrad
00PH001 Bedlinog
00PH002 Cyfarthfa
00PH003 Dowlais
00PH004 Gurnos
00PH005 Merthyr Vale
00PH006 Pant
00PH007 Park
00PH008 Penydarren
00PH009 Town
00PH010 Treharris
00PH011 Troed-y-rhiw
00PH012 Vaynor
00PK001 Abercarn
00PK002 Aber Valley
00PK003 Argoed
00PK004 Bargoed
00PK005 Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen
00PK006 Blackwood
00PK007 Caerphilly
00PK008 Cefn Fforest
00PK009 Crosskeys
00PK010 Crumlin
00PK011 Darran Valley
00PK012 Gelligaer
00PK013 Llanbradach and Pwllypant
00PK014 Maesycwmmer
00PK015 Nelson
00PK016 Newbridge
00PK017 New Tredegar
00PK018 Pengam
00PK019 Penmaen
00PK020 Penyrheol, Trecenydd and Energlyn
00PK021 Pontllanfraith
00PK022 Rhymney
00PK023 Risca
00PK024 Rudry
00PK025 Van
00PK026 Ynysddu
00PL001 Abertillery
00PL002 Beaufort
00PL003 Brynmawr
00PL004 Cwm
00PL005 Ebbw Vale
00PL006 Llanhilleth
00PL007 Nantyglo and Blaina
00PL008 Tredegar
00PM001 Abersychan
00PM002 Blaenavon
00PM003 Croesyceiliog
00PM004 Cwmbran Central
00PM005 Fairwater
00PM006 Henllys
00PM007 Llantarnam
00PM008 Llanyrafon
00PM009 New Inn
00PM010 Panteg
00PM011 Pen Tranch
00PM012 Ponthir
00PM013 Pontnewydd
00PM014 Pontymoile
00PM015 Trevethin
00PM016 Upper Cwmbran
00PP001 Abergavenny
00PP002 Caerwent
00PP003 Caldicot
00PP004 Chepstow
00PP005 Crucorney
00PP006 Devauden
00PP007 Goetre Fawr
00PP008 Grosmont
00PP009 Gwehelog Fawr
00PP010 Llanarth
00PP011 Llanbadoc
00PP012 Llanelly
00PP013 Llanfoist Fawr
00PP014 Llangattock-Vibon-Avel
00PP015 Llangwm
00PP016 Llangybi
00PP017 Llanhennock
00PP018 Llanover
00PP019 Llantilio Crossenny
00PP020 Llantilio Pertholey
00PP021 Llantrisant Fawr
00PP022 Magor with Undy
00PP023 Mathern
00PP024 Mitchel Troy
00PP025 Monmouth
00PP026 Portskewett
00PP027 Raglan
00PP028 Rogiet
00PP029 St. Arvans
00PP030 Shirenewton
00PP031 Tintern
00PP032 Trellech United
00PP033 Usk
00PR001 Allt-yr-yn
00PR002 Alway
00PR003 Beechwood
00PR004 Bettws
00PR005 Bishton
00PR006 Caerleon
00PR007 Coedkernew
00PR008 Gaer
00PR009 Goldcliff
00PR010 Graig
00PR011 Langstone
00PR012 Liswerry
00PR013 Llanvaches
00PR014 Llanwern
00PR015 Malpas
00PR016 Marshfield
00PR017 Michaelstone-y-Fedw
00PR018 Nash
00PR019 Penhow
00PR020 Pillgwenlly
00PR021 Redwick
00PR022 Ringland
00PR023 Rogerstone
00PR024 St. Julians
00PR025 Shaftesbury
00PR026 Stow Hill
00PR027 Tredegar Park
00PR028 Victoria
00PR029 Wentlooge
00PT001 Adamsdown
00PT002 Butetown
00PT003 Caerau
00PT004 Canton
00PT005 Castle
00PT006 Cathays
00PT007 Cyncoed
00PT008 Ely
00PT009 Fairwater
00PT010 Gabalfa
00PT011 Grangetown
00PT012 Heath
00PT013 Lisvane
00PT014 Llandaff
00PT015 Llandaff North
00PT016 Llanishen
00PT017 Llanrumney
00PT018 Pentwyn
00PT019 Pentyrch
00PT020 Plasnewydd
00PT021 Radyr and Morganstown
00PT022 Rhiwbina
00PT023 Riverside
00PT024 Roath
00PT025 Rumney
00PT026 St. Fagans
00PT028 Splott
00PT029 Tongwynlais
00PT030 Trowbridge
00PT031 Whitchurch
00PT032 Old St. Mellons
00PT033 Pontprennau
09UC001 Ampthill
09UC002 Arlesey
09UC003 Aspley Guise
09UC004 Aspley Heath
09UC005 Astwick
09UC006 Battlesden
09UC007 Biggleswade
09UC008 Blunham
09UC009 Brogborough
09UC010 Campton and Chicksands
09UC011 Clifton
09UC012 Clophill
09UC013 Cranfield
09UC014 Dunton
09UC015 Edworth
09UC016 Eversholt
09UC017 Everton
09UC018 Eyeworth
09UC019 Flitton and Greenfield
09UC020 Flitwick
09UC021 Gravenhurst
09UC022 Harlington
09UC023 Haynes
09UC024 Henlow
09UC025 Houghton Conquest
09UC026 Hulcote and Salford
09UC027 Husborne Crawley
09UC028 Langford
09UC029 Lidlington
09UC030 Marston Moretaine
09UC031 Maulden
09UC032 Meppershall
09UC033 Millbrook
09UC034 Milton Bryan
09UC035 Mogerhanger
09UC036 Northill
09UC037 Old Warden
09UC038 Potsgrove
09UC039 Potton
09UC040 Pulloxhill
09UC041 Ridgmont
09UC042 Sandy
09UC043 Shefford
09UC044 Shillington
09UC045 Silsoe
09UC046 Southill
09UC047 Steppingley
09UC048 Stondon
09UC049 Stotfold
09UC050 Sutton
09UC051 Tempsford
09UC052 Tingrith
09UC053 Westoning
09UC054 Woburn
09UC055 Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley
09UD001 Biddenham
09UD002 Bletsoe
09UD003 Bolnhurst and Keysoe
09UD004 Bromham
09UD005 Cardington
09UD006 Carlton and Chellington
09UD007 Clapham
09UD008 Colmworth
09UD009 Cople
09UD010 Dean and Shelton
09UD011 Eastcotts
09UD012 Elstow
09UD013 Felmersham
09UD014 Great Barford
09UD015 Harrold
09UD016 Kempston
09UD017 Kempston Rural
09UD018 Knotting and Souldrop
09UD019 Little Barford
09UD020 Little Staughton
09UD021 Melchbourne and Yielden
09UD022 Milton Ernest
09UD023 Oakley
09UD024 Odell
09UD025 Pavenham
09UD026 Pertenhall
09UD027 Podington
09UD028 Ravensden
09UD029 Renhold
09UD030 Riseley
09UD031 Roxton
09UD032 Sharnbrook
09UD033 Stagsden
09UD034 Staploe
09UD035 Stevington
09UD036 Stewartby
09UD037 Swineshead
09UD038 Thurleigh
09UD039 Turvey
09UD040 Wilden
09UD041 Willington
09UD042 Wilshamstead
09UD043 Wootton
09UD044 Wymington
09UD045 Brickhill
09UE001 Barton-le-Clay
09UE002 Great Billington
09UE003 Caddington
09UE004 Chalgrave
09UE005 Dunstable
09UE006 Eaton Bray
09UE007 Eggington
09UE008 Heath and Reach
09UE009 Hockliffe
09UE010 Houghton Regis
09UE011 Hyde
09UE012 Kensworth
09UE013 Leighton-Linslade
09UE014 Stanbridge
09UE015 Streatley
09UE016 Studham
09UE017 Sundon
09UE018 Tilsworth
09UE019 Toddington
09UE020 Totternhoe
09UE021 Whipsnade
09UE022 Chalton
09UE023 Slip End
11UB001 Addington
11UB002 Adstock
11UB003 Akeley
11UB004 Ashendon
11UB005 Aston Abbotts
11UB006 Aston Clinton
11UB007 Aston Sandford
11UB008 Barton Hartshorn
11UB009 Beachampton
11UB010 Biddlesden
11UB011 Bierton with Broughton
11UB012 Boarstall
11UB013 Brill
11UB014 Buckingham
11UB015 Buckland
11UB016 Charndon
11UB017 Chearsley
11UB018 Cheddington
11UB019 Chetwode
11UB020 Chilton
11UB021 Creslow
11UB022 Cublington
11UB023 Cuddington
11UB024 Dinton-with-Ford and Upton
11UB025 Dorton
11UB026 Drayton Beauchamp
11UB027 Drayton Parslow
11UB028 Dunton
11UB029 East Claydon
11UB030 Edgcott
11UB031 Edlesborough
11UB032 Fleet Marston
11UB033 Foscott
11UB034 Gawcott with Lenborough
11UB035 Granborough
11UB036 Great Brickhill
11UB037 Great Horwood
11UB038 Grendon Underwood
11UB039 Haddenham
11UB040 Halton
11UB041 Hardwick
11UB042 Hillesden
11UB043 Hoggeston
11UB044 Hogshaw
11UB045 Hulcott
11UB046 Ickford
11UB047 Ivinghoe
11UB048 Kingsey
11UB049 Kingswood
11UB050 Leckhampstead
11UB051 Lillingstone Dayrell with Luffield Abbey
11UB052 Lillingstone Lovell
11UB053 Little Horwood
11UB054 Long Crendon
11UB055 Lower Winchendon
11UB056 Ludgershall
11UB058 Maids Moreton
11UB059 Marsh Gibbon
11UB060 Marsworth
11UB061 Mentmore
11UB062 Middle Claydon
11UB063 Mursley
11UB064 Nash
11UB065 Newton Longville
11UB066 North Marston
11UB067 Oakley
11UB068 Oving
11UB069 Padbury
11UB070 Pitchcott
11UB071 Pitstone
11UB072 Poundon
11UB073 Preston Bissett
11UB074 Quainton
11UB075 Quarrendon
11UB076 Radclive-cum-Chackmore
11UB077 Shabbington
11UB078 Shalstone
11UB079 Slapton
11UB080 Soulbury
11UB081 Steeple Claydon
11UB082 Stewkley
11UB083 Stoke Hammond
11UB084 Stoke Mandeville
11UB085 Stone with Bishopstone and Hartwell
11UB086 Stowe
11UB087 Swanbourne
11UB088 Thornborough
11UB089 Thornton
11UB090 Tingewick
11UB091 Turweston
11UB092 Twyford
11UB093 Upper Winchendon
11UB094 Waddesdon
11UB095 Water Stratford
11UB096 Weedon
11UB097 Wendover
11UB098 Westbury
11UB099 Westcott
11UB100 Weston Turville
11UB101 Whaddon
11UB102 Whitchurch
11UB103 Wing
11UB104 Wingrave with Rowsham
11UB105 Winslow
11UB106 Woodham
11UB107 Worminghall
11UB108 Wotton Underwood
11UB109 Aylesbury
11UB110 Coldharbour
11UB111 Watermead
11UC001 Amersham
11UC002 Ashley Green
11UC003 Chalfont St. Giles
11UC004 Chalfont St. Peter
11UC005 Chartridge
11UC006 Chenies
11UC007 Chesham
11UC008 Chesham Bois
11UC009 Cholesbury-cum-St Leonards
11UC010 Coleshill
11UC011 Great Missenden
11UC012 Latimer
11UC013 Little Missenden
11UC014 Penn
11UC015 Seer Green
11UC016 The Lee
11UE001 Beaconsfield
11UE002 Burnham
11UE003 Denham
11UE004 Dorney
11UE005 Farnham Royal
11UE006 Fulmer
11UE007 Gerrards Cross
11UE008 Hedgerley
11UE009 Iver
11UE010 Stoke Poges
11UE011 Taplow
11UE012 Wexham
11UF001 Bledlow-cum-Saunderton
11UF002 Bradenham
11UF003 Chepping Wycombe
11UF004 Downley
11UF005 Ellesborough
11UF006 Fawley
11UF007 Great and Little Hampden
11UF008 Great and Little Kimble
11UF009 Great Marlow
11UF010 Hambleden
11UF011 Hazlemere
11UF012 Hedsor
11UF013 Hughenden
11UF014 Ibstone
11UF015 Lacey Green
11UF016 Lane End
11UF017 Little Marlow
11UF018 Longwick-cum-Ilmer
11UF019 Marlow
11UF020 Medmenham
11UF021 Piddington and Wheeler End
11UF022 Princes Risborough
11UF023 Radnage
11UF024 Stokenchurch
11UF025 Turville
11UF026 West Wycombe
11UF027 Wooburn
12UC001 Ashley
12UC002 Bottisham
12UC003 Brinkley
12UC004 Burrough Green
12UC005 Burwell
12UC006 Cheveley
12UC007 Chippenham
12UC008 Coveney
12UC009 Downham
12UC010 Dullingham
12UC011 Ely
12UC012 Fordham
12UC013 Haddenham
12UC014 Isleham
12UC015 Kennett
12UC016 Kirtling
12UC017 Littleport
12UC018 Lode
12UC019 Mepal
12UC020 Reach
12UC021 Snailwell
12UC022 Soham
12UC023 Stetchworth
12UC024 Stretham
12UC025 Sutton
12UC026 Swaffham Bulbeck
12UC027 Swaffham Prior
12UC028 Thetford
12UC029 Wentworth
12UC030 Westley Waterless
12UC031 Wicken
12UC032 Wilburton
12UC033 Witcham
12UC034 Witchford
12UC035 Woodditton
12UD001 Benwick
12UD002 Chatteris
12UD003 Doddington
12UD004 Elm
12UD005 Leverington
12UD006 Manea
12UD007 March
12UD008 Newton
12UD009 Parson Drove
12UD010 Tydd St. Giles
12UD011 Christchurch
12UD012 Whittlesey
12UD013 Wimblington
12UD014 Wisbech
12UD015 Wisbech St. Mary
12UD016 Gorefield
12UE001 Abbotsley
12UE002 Abbots Ripton
12UE003 Alconbury
12UE004 Alconbury Weston
12UE005 Alwalton
12UE006 Barham and Woolley
12UE007 Bluntisham
12UE008 Brampton
12UE009 Brington and Molesworth
12UE010 Broughton
12UE011 Buckden
12UE012 Buckworth
12UE013 Bury
12UE014 Bythorn and Keyston
12UE015 Catworth
12UE016 Chesterton
12UE017 Colne
12UE018 Conington
12UE019 Covington
12UE020 Denton and Caldecote
12UE021 Diddington
12UE022 Earith
12UE023 Easton
12UE024 Ellington
12UE025 Elton
12UE026 Eynesbury Hardwicke
12UE027 Farcet
12UE028 Fenstanton
12UE029 Folksworth and Washingley
12UE030 Glatton
12UE031 Godmanchester
12UE032 Grafham
12UE033 Great Gidding
12UE034 Great Gransden
12UE035 Great Paxton
12UE036 Great Staughton
12UE037 Haddon
12UE038 Hail Weston
12UE039 Hamerton
12UE040 Hemingford Abbots
12UE041 Hemingford Grey
12UE042 Hilton
12UE043 Holme
12UE044 Holywell-cum-Needingworth
12UE045 Houghton and Wyton
12UE046 Huntingdon
12UE047 Kimbolton
12UE048 Kings Ripton
12UE049 Leighton
12UE050 Little Gidding
12UE051 Little Paxton
12UE052 Morborne
12UE053 Offord Cluny
12UE054 Offord Darcy
12UE055 Old Hurst
12UE056 Old Weston
12UE057 Perry
12UE058 Pidley cum Fenton
12UE059 Ramsey
12UE060 Saint Ives
12UE061 St. Neots
12UE062 St. Neots Rural
12UE063 Sawtry
12UE064 Sibson-cum-Stibbington
12UE065 Somersham
12UE066 Southoe and Midloe
12UE067 Spaldwick
12UE068 Steeple Gidding
12UE069 Stilton
12UE070 Stow Longa
12UE071 Tetworth
12UE072 The Stukeleys
12UE073 Tilbrook
12UE074 Toseland
12UE075 Upton and Coppingford
12UE076 Upwood and the Raveleys
12UE077 Warboys
12UE078 Waresley
12UE079 Water Newton
12UE080 Winwick
12UE081 Wistow
12UE082 Woodhurst
12UE083 Wood Walton
12UE084 Yaxley
12UE085 Yelling
12UG001 Abington Pigotts
12UG002 Arrington
12UG003 Babraham
12UG004 Balsham
12UG005 Bar Hill
12UG006 Barrington
12UG007 Bartlow
12UG008 Barton
12UG009 Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth
12UG010 Bourn
12UG011 Boxworth
12UG012 Caldecote
12UG013 Carlton
12UG014 Castle Camps
12UG015 Caxton
12UG016 Childerley
12UG017 Comberton
12UG018 Conington
12UG019 Coton
12UG020 Cottenham
12UG021 Croxton
12UG022 Croydon
12UG023 Dry Drayton
12UG024 Duxford
12UG025 Elsworth
12UG026 Eltisley
12UG027 Fen Ditton
12UG028 Fen Drayton
12UG029 Fowlmere
12UG030 Foxton
12UG031 Fulbourn
12UG032 Gamlingay
12UG033 Girton
12UG034 Grantchester
12UG035 Graveley
12UG036 Great Abington
12UG037 Great and Little Chishill
12UG038 Great Eversden
12UG039 Great Shelford
12UG040 Great Wilbraham
12UG041 Guilden Morden
12UG042 Hardwick
12UG043 Harlton
12UG044 Harston
12UG045 Haslingfield
12UG046 Hatley
12UG047 Hauxton
12UG048 Heydon
12UG049 Hildersham
12UG050 Hinxton
12UG051 Histon
12UG052 Horningsea
12UG053 Horseheath
12UG054 Ickleton
12UG055 Impington
12UG056 Kingston
12UG057 Knapwell
12UG058 Landbeach
12UG059 Linton
12UG060 Litlington
12UG061 Little Abington
12UG062 Little Eversden
12UG063 Little Gransden
12UG064 Little Shelford
12UG065 Little Wilbraham
12UG066 Lolworth
12UG067 Longstanton
12UG068 Longstowe
12UG069 Madingley
12UG070 Melbourn
12UG071 Meldreth
12UG072 Milton
12UG073 Newton
12UG074 Oakington and Westwick
12UG075 Orwell
12UG076 Over
12UG077 Pampisford
12UG078 Papworth Everard
12UG079 Papworth St. Agnes
12UG080 Rampton
12UG081 Sawston
12UG082 Shepreth
12UG083 Shingay cum Wendy
12UG084 Shudy Camps
12UG085 Stapleford
12UG086 Steeple Morden
12UG087 Stow cum Quy
12UG088 Swavesey
12UG089 Tadlow
12UG090 Teversham
12UG091 Thriplow
12UG092 Toft
12UG093 Waterbeach
12UG094 Weston Colville
12UG095 West Wickham
12UG096 West Wratting
12UG097 Whaddon
12UG098 Whittlesford
12UG099 Willingham
12UG100 Wimpole
12UG101 Cambourne
13UB001 Agden
13UB002 Aldersey
13UB003 Aldford
13UB004 Ashton Hayes
13UB005 Bache
13UB006 Backford
13UB007 Barrow
13UB008 Barton
13UB009 Beeston
13UB010 Bickley
13UB011 Bradley
13UB012 Bridge Trafford
13UB013 Broxton
13UB014 Bruen Stapleford
13UB015 Buerton
13UB016 Burton
13UB017 Burwardsley
13UB018 Caldecott
13UB019 Capenhurst
13UB020 Carden
13UB021 Caughall
13UB022 Chester Castle
13UB023 Chidlow
13UB024 Chorlton
13UB025 Chorlton-by-Backford
13UB026 Chowley
13UB027 Christleton
13UB028 Church Shocklach
13UB029 Churton by Aldford
13UB030 Churton by Farndon
13UB031 Churton Heath
13UB032 Claverton
13UB033 Clotton Hoofield
13UB034 Clutton
13UB035 Coddington
13UB036 Cotton Abbotts
13UB037 Cotton Edmunds
13UB038 Crewe by Farndon
13UB039 Croughton
13UB040 Cuddington
13UB041 Dodleston
13UB042 Duckington
13UB043 Duddon
13UB044 Dunham-on-the-Hill
13UB045 Eaton
13UB046 Eccleston
13UB047 Edge
13UB048 Edgerley
13UB049 Elton
13UB050 Farndon
13UB051 Foulk Stapleford
13UB052 Golborne Bellow
13UB053 Golborne David
13UB054 Grafton
13UB055 Great Boughton
13UB056 Guilden Sutton
13UB057 Hampton
13UB058 Handley
13UB059 Hapsford
13UB060 Harthill
13UB061 Hatton
13UB062 Hockenhull
13UB063 Hoole Village
13UB064 Horton-by-Malpas
13UB065 Horton-cum-Peel
13UB066 Huntington
13UB067 Huxley
13UB068 Iddinshall
13UB069 Kelsall
13UB070 Kings Marsh
13UB071 Larkton
13UB072 Lea-by-Backford
13UB073 Lea Newbold
13UB074 Ledsham
13UB075 Little Stanney
13UB076 Littleton
13UB077 Lower Kinnerton
13UB078 Macefen
13UB079 Malpas
13UB080 Marlston-cum-Lache
13UB081 Mickle Trafford
13UB082 Mollington
13UB083 Moston
13UB084 Mouldsworth
13UB085 Newton by Malpas
13UB086 Newton-by-Tattenhall
13UB087 Oldcastle
13UB088 Overton
13UB089 Picton
13UB090 Poulton
13UB091 Prior's Heys
13UB092 Puddington
13UB093 Pulford
13UB094 Rowton
13UB095 Saighton
13UB096 Saughall
13UB097 Shocklach Oviatt
13UB098 Shotwick
13UB099 Shotwick Park
13UB100 Stockton
13UB101 Stoke
13UB102 Stretton
13UB103 Tarvin
13UB104 Tattenhall
13UB105 Threapwood
13UB106 Thornton-le-Moors
13UB107 Tilston
13UB108 Tilstone Fearnall
13UB109 Tiverton
13UB110 Tushingham cum Grindley
13UB111 Upton-by-Chester
13UB112 Waverton
13UB113 Wervin
13UB114 Wigland
13UB115 Willington
13UB116 Wimbolds Trafford
13UB117 Woodbank
13UB118 Wychough
13UC001 Alsager
13UC002 Arclid
13UC003 Betchton
13UC004 Bradwall
13UC005 Brereton
13UC006 Church Lawton
13UC007 Congleton
13UC008 Cranage
13UC009 Goostrey
13UC010 Hassall
13UC011 Holmes Chapel
13UC012 Hulme Walfield
13UC013 Middlewich
13UC014 Moreton cum Alcumlow
13UC015 Moston
13UC016 Newbold Astbury
13UC017 Odd Rode
13UC018 Sandbach
13UC019 Smallwood
13UC020 Somerford
13UC021 Somerford Booths
13UC022 Swettenham
13UC023 Twemlow
13UD001 Acton
13UD002 Alpraham
13UD003 Aston juxta Mondrum
13UD004 Audlem
13UD005 Austerson
13UD006 Baddiley
13UD007 Baddington
13UD008 Barthomley
13UD009 Basford
13UD010 Batherton
13UD011 Bickerton
13UD012 Blakenhall
13UD013 Bridgemere
13UD014 Brindley
13UD015 Broomhall
13UD016 Buerton
13UD017 Bulkeley
13UD018 Bunbury
13UD019 Burland
13UD020 Calveley
13UD021 Checkley cum Wrinehill
13UD022 Cholmondeley
13UD023 Cholmondeston
13UD024 Chorley
13UD025 Chorlton
13UD026 Church Minshull
13UD027 Coole Pilate
13UD028 Crewe Green
13UD029 Dodcott cum Wilkesley
13UD030 Doddington
13UD031 Edleston
13UD032 Egerton
13UD033 Faddiley
13UD034 Hankelow
13UD035 Haslington
13UD036 Hatherton
13UD037 Haughton
13UD038 Henhull
13UD039 Hough
13UD040 Hunsterson
13UD041 Hurleston
13UD042 Lea
13UD043 Leighton
13UD044 Marbury cum Quoisley
13UD045 Minshull Vernon
13UD046 Nantwich
13UD047 Newhall
13UD048 Norbury
13UD049 Peckforton
13UD050 Poole
13UD051 Ridley
13UD052 Rope
13UD053 Shavington cum Gresty
13UD054 Sound
13UD055 Spurstow
13UD056 Stapeley
13UD057 Stoke
13UD058 Walgherton
13UD059 Wardle
13UD060 Warmingham
13UD061 Weston
13UD062 Wettenhall
13UD063 Willaston
13UD064 Wirswall
13UD065 Wistaston
13UD066 Woolstanwood
13UD067 Worleston
13UD068 Wrenbury cum Frith
13UD069 Wybunbury
13UE001 Ince
13UG001 Adlington
13UG002 Agden
13UG003 Alderley Edge
13UG004 Ashley
13UG005 Aston by Budworth
13UG006 Bexton
13UG007 Bollington
13UG008 Bosley
13UG009 Chelford
13UG010 Chorley
13UG011 Disley
13UG012 Eaton
13UG013 Gawsworth
13UG014 Great Warford
13UG015 Henbury
13UG016 High Legh
13UG017 Higher Hurdsfield
13UG018 Kettleshulme
13UG019 Knutsford
13UG020 Little Bollington
13UG021 Little Warford
13UG022 Lower Withington
13UG023 Lyme Handley
13UG024 Macclesfield Forest and Wildboarclough
13UG025 Marthall
13UG026 Marton
13UG027 Mere
13UG028 Millington
13UG029 Mobberley
13UG030 Mottram St. Andrew
13UG031 Nether Alderley
13UG032 North Rode
13UG033 Ollerton
13UG034 Over Alderley
13UG035 Peover Inferior
13UG036 Peover Superior
13UG037 Pickmere
13UG038 Plumley
13UG039 Pott Shrigley
13UG040 Poynton-with-Worth
13UG041 Prestbury
13UG042 Rainow
13UG043 Rostherne
13UG044 Siddington
13UG045 Snelson
13UG046 Sutton
13UG047 Tabley Inferior
13UG048 Tabley Superior
13UG049 Tatton
13UG050 Toft
13UG051 Wincle
13UH001 Acton Bridge
13UH002 Allostock
13UH003 Alvanley
13UH004 Anderton with Marbury
13UH005 Antrobus
13UH006 Aston
13UH007 Barnton
13UH008 Bostock
13UH009 Byley
13UH010 Comberbach
13UH011 Crowton
13UH012 Cuddington
13UH013 Darnhall
13UH014 Davenham
13UH015 Delamere
13UH016 Dutton
13UH017 Frodsham
13UH018 Great Budworth
13UH019 Hartford
13UH020 Helsby
13UH021 Kingsley
13UH022 Lach Dennis
13UH023 Little Budworth
13UH024 Little Leigh
13UH025 Lostock Gralam
13UH026 Manley
13UH027 Marston
13UH028 Moulton
13UH029 Nether Peover
13UH030 Norley
13UH031 Northwich
13UH032 Oakmere
13UH033 Rudheath
13UH034 Rushton
13UH035 Sproston
13UH036 Stanthorne
13UH037 Sutton
13UH038 Tarporley
13UH039 Utkinton
13UH040 Weaverham
13UH041 Whitegate and Marton
13UH042 Whitley
13UH043 Wimboldsley
13UH044 Wincham
13UH045 Winsford
15UB001 Antony
15UB002 Boconnoc
15UB003 Botusfleming
15UB004 Broadoak
15UB005 Callington
15UB006 Calstock
15UB007 Dobwalls and Trewidland
15UB008 Duloe
15UB009 Landrake with St. Erney
15UB010 Landulph
15UB011 Lanreath
15UB012 Lansallos
15UB013 Lanteglos
15UB014 Linkinhorne
15UB015 Liskeard
15UB016 Looe
15UB017 Maker-with-Rame
15UB018 Menheniot
15UB019 Millbrook
15UB020 Morval
15UB021 Pelynt
15UB022 Pillaton
15UB023 Quethiock
15UB024 St. Cleer
15UB025 St. Dominick
15UB027 St. Ive
15UB028 St. John
15UB029 St. Keyne
15UB030 St. Martin-by-Looe
15UB031 St. Mellion
15UB032 St. Neot
15UB033 St. Pinnock
15UB034 St. Veep
15UB035 St. Winnow
15UB036 Saltash
15UB037 Sheviock
15UB038 South Hill
15UB039 Torpoint
15UB040 Warleggan
15UB041 St. Germans
15UB042 Deviock
15UC001 Chacewater
15UC002 Cubert
15UC003 Cuby
15UC004 Falmouth
15UC005 Feock
15UC006 Gerrans
15UC007 Gwennap
15UC008 Kea
15UC009 Kenwyn
15UC010 Ladock
15UC011 Mylor
15UC012 Penryn
15UC013 Perranarworthal
15UC014 Perranzabuloe
15UC015 Philleigh
15UC016 Probus
15UC017 Ruanlanihorne
15UC018 St. Agnes
15UC019 St. Allen
15UC020 St. Clement
15UC021 St. Erme
15UC022 St. Just-in-Roseland
15UC023 St. Michael Penkevil
15UC024 St. Newlyn East
15UC025 Tregoney
15UC026 Truro
15UC027 Veryan
15UD001 Breage
15UD002 Budock
15UD003 Camborne
15UD004 Carharrack
15UD005 Carn Brea
15UD006 Constantine
15UD007 Crowan
15UD008 Cury
15UD009 Germoe
15UD010 Grade-Ruan
15UD011 Gunwalloe
15UD012 Gweek
15UD013 Helston
15UD014 Illogan
15UD015 Landewednack
15UD016 Lanner
15UD017 Mabe
15UD018 Manaccan
15UD019 Mawgan-in-Meneage
15UD020 Mawnan
15UD021 Mullion
15UD022 Porthleven
15UD023 Portreath
15UD024 Redruth
15UD025 St. Anthony-in-Meneage
15UD026 St. Day
15UD027 St. Gluvias
15UD028 St. Keverne
15UD029 St. Martin-in-Meneage
15UD030 Sithney
15UD031 Stithians
15UD032 Wendron
15UE001 Advent
15UE002 Altarnun
15UE003 Blisland
15UE004 Bodmin
15UE005 Boyton
15UE006 Bude-Stratton
15UE007 Camelford
15UE008 Cardinham
15UE009 Davidstow
15UE010 Egloshayle
15UE011 Egloskerry
15UE012 Forrabury and Minster
15UE013 Helland
15UE014 Jacobstow
15UE015 Kilkhampton
15UE016 Laneast
15UE017 Lanhydrock
15UE018 Lanivet
15UE019 Launcells
15UE020 Launceston
15UE021 Lawhitton Rural
15UE022 Lesnewth
15UE023 Lewannick
15UE024 Lezant
15UE025 Marhamchurch
15UE026 Michaelstow
15UE027 Morwenstow
15UE028 North Hill
15UE029 North Petherwin
15UE030 North Tamerton
15UE031 Otterham
15UE032 Padstow
15UE033 Poundstock
15UE034 St. Breock
15UE035 St. Breward
15UE036 St. Clether
15UE037 St. Endellion
15UE038 St. Ervan
15UE039 St. Eval
15UE040 St. Gennys
15UE041 St. Issey
15UE042 St. Juliot
15UE043 St. Kew
15UE044 St. Mabyn
15UE045 St. Merryn
15UE046 St. Minver Highlands
15UE047 St. Minver Lowlands
15UE048 St. Stephens by Launceston Rural
15UE049 St. Teath
15UE050 St. Thomas the Apostle Rural
15UE051 St. Tudy
15UE052 South Petherwin
15UE053 Stokeclimsland
15UE054 Tintagel
15UE055 Tremaine
15UE056 Treneglos
15UE057 Tresmeer
15UE058 Trevalga
15UE059 Trewen
15UE060 Wadebridge
15UE061 Warbstow
15UE062 Week St. Mary
15UE063 Werrington
15UE064 Whitstone
15UE065 Withiel
15UF001 Gwinear-Gwithian
15UF002 Hayle
15UF003 Ludgvan
15UF004 Madron
15UF005 Marazion
15UF006 Morvah
15UF007 Paul
15UF008 Penzance
15UF009 Perranuthnoe
15UF010 St. Buryan
15UF011 St. Erth
15UF012 St. Hilary
15UF013 St. Ives
15UF014 St. Just
15UF015 St. Levan
15UF016 St. Michael's Mount
15UF017 Sancreed
15UF018 Sennen
15UF019 Towednack
15UF020 Zennor
15UG001 Colan
15UG002 Crantock
15UG003 Fowey
15UG004 Grampound with Creed
15UG005 Lanlivery
15UG006 Lostwithiel
15UG007 Luxulyan
15UG008 Mawgan-in-Pydar
15UG009 Mevagissey
15UG010 Newquay
15UG011 Roche
15UG012 St. Blaise
15UG013 St. Columb Major
15UG014 St. Dennis
15UG015 St. Enoder
15UG016 St. Ewe
15UG017 St. Goran
15UG018 St. Mewan
15UG019 St. Michael Caerhays
15UG020 St. Sampson
15UG021 St. Stephen-in-Brannel
15UG022 St. Wenn
15UG023 Treverbyn
15UG024 Tywardreath
15UH001 Bryher
15UH002 St. Agnes
15UH003 St. Martin's
15UH004 St. Mary's
15UH005 Tresco
16UB001 Above Derwent
16UB002 Aikton
16UB003 Allhallows
16UB004 Allonby
16UB005 Aspatria
16UB006 Bassenthwaite
16UB007 Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
16UB008 Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
16UB009 Blindbothel
16UB010 Blindcrake
16UB011 Boltons
16UB012 Borrowdale
16UB013 Bothel and Threapland
16UB014 Bowness
16UB015 Bridekirk
16UB016 Brigham
16UB017 Bromfield
16UB018 Broughton
16UB019 Broughton Moor
16UB020 Buttermere
16UB021 Caldbeck
16UB022 Camerton
16UB023 Cockermouth
16UB024 Crosscanonby
16UB025 Dean
16UB026 Dearham
16UB027 Dundraw
16UB028 Embleton
16UB029 Gilcrux
16UB030 Great Clifton
16UB031 Greysouthen
16UB032 Hayton and Mealo
16UB033 Holme Abbey
16UB034 Holme East Waver
16UB035 Holme Low
16UB036 Holme St Cuthbert
16UB037 Ireby and Uldale
16UB038 Keswick
16UB039 Kirkbampton
16UB040 Kirkbride
16UB041 Little Clifton
16UB042 Lorton
16UB043 Loweswater
16UB044 Maryport
16UB045 Oughterside and Allerby
16UB046 Papcastle
16UB047 Plumbland
16UB048 St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
16UB049 Seaton
16UB050 Sebergham
16UB051 Setmurthy
16UB052 Silloth-on-Solway
16UB053 Thursby
16UB054 Underskiddaw
16UB055 Waverton
16UB056 Westnewton
16UB057 Westward
16UB058 Wigton
16UB059 Winscales
16UB060 Woodside
16UB061 Workington
16UB062 Wythop
16UB063 Lands common to Holme Abbey, Holme Low and Holme St Cuthbert
16UC001 Askam and Ireleth
16UC002 Dalton Town with Newton
16UC003 Lindal and Marton
16UD001 Arthuret
16UD002 Askerton
16UD003 Beaumont
16UD004 Bewcastle
16UD005 Brampton
16UD006 Burgh by Sands
16UD007 Burtholme
16UD008 Carlatton
16UD009 Castle Carrock
16UD010 Cummersdale
16UD011 Cumrew
16UD012 Cumwhitton
16UD013 Dalston
16UD014 Farlam
16UD016 Hayton
16UD017 Hethersgill
16UD018 Irthington
16UD019 Kingmoor
16UD020 Kingwater
16UD021 Kirkandrews
16UD022 Kirklinton Middle
16UD023 Midgeholme
16UD024 Nether Denton
16UD025 Nicholforest
16UD026 Orton
16UD027 Rockcliffe
16UD028 St Cuthbert Without
16UD029 Scaleby
16UD030 Solport
16UD031 Stanwix Rural
16UD032 Stapleton
16UD033 Upper Denton
16UD034 Walton
16UD035 Waterhead
16UD036 Westlinton
16UD037 Wetheral
16UE001 Arlecdon and Frizington
16UE002 Bootle
16UE003 Cleator Moor
16UE004 Distington
16UE005 Drigg and Carleton
16UE006 Egremont
16UE007 Ennerdale and Kinniside
16UE008 Eskdale
16UE009 Gosforth
16UE010 Haile
16UE011 Irton with Santon
16UE012 Lamplugh
16UE013 Lowca
16UE014 Lowside Quarter
16UE015 Millom
16UE016 Millom Without
16UE017 Moresby
16UE018 Muncaster
16UE019 Wasdale
16UE020 Parton
16UE021 Ponsonby
16UE022 St. Bees
16UE023 St. Bridget Beckermet
16UE024 St. John Beckermet
16UE025 Seascale
16UE026 Ulpha
16UE027 Waberthwaite
16UE028 Weddicar
16UE029 Whicham
16UF001 Ainstable
16UF002 Alston Moor
16UF003 Appleby-in-Westmorland
16UF004 Asby
16UF005 Askham
16UF006 Bampton
16UF007 Barton
16UF008 Bolton
16UF009 Brough
16UF010 Brougham
16UF011 Brough Sowerby
16UF012 Castle Sowerby
16UF013 Catterlen
16UF014 Cliburn
16UF015 Clifton
16UF016 Colby
16UF017 Crackenthorpe
16UF018 Crosby Garrett
16UF019 Crosby Ravensworth
16UF020 Culgaith
16UF021 Dacre
16UF022 Dufton
16UF023 Glassonby
16UF024 Great Salkeld
16UF025 Great Strickland
16UF026 Greystoke
16UF027 Hartley
16UF028 Helbeck
16UF029 Hesket
16UF030 Hoff
16UF031 Hunsonby
16UF032 Hutton
16UF033 Kaber
16UF034 King's Meaburn
16UF035 Kirkby Stephen
16UF036 Kirkby Thore
16UF037 Kirkoswald
16UF038 Langwathby
16UF039 Lazonby
16UF040 Little Strickland
16UF041 Long Marton
16UF042 Lowther
16UF043 Mallerstang
16UF044 Martindale
16UF045 Matterdale
16UF046 Milburn
16UF047 Morland
16UF048 Mungrisdale
16UF049 Murton
16UF050 Musgrave
16UF051 Nateby
16UF052 Newbiggin
16UF053 Newby
16UF054 Ormside
16UF055 Orton
16UF056 Ousby
16UF057 Patterdale
16UF058 Ravenstonedale
16UF059 Shap
16UF060 Shap Rural
16UF061 Skelton
16UF062 Sleagill
16UF063 Sockbridge and Tirril
16UF064 Soulby
16UF065 Stainmore
16UF066 Tebay
16UF067 Temple Sowerby
16UF068 Threlkeld
16UF069 Thrimby
16UF070 Waitby
16UF071 Warcop
16UF072 Wharton
16UF073 Winton
16UF074 Yanwath and Eamont Bridge
16UG001 Aldingham
16UG002 Angerton
16UG003 Arnside
16UG004 Barbon
16UG005 Beetham
16UG006 Blawith and Subberthwaite
16UG007 Broughton East
16UG008 Broughton West
16UG009 Burton-in-Kendal
16UG010 Cartmel Fell
16UG011 Casterton
16UG012 Claife
16UG013 Colton
16UG014 Coniston
16UG015 Crook
16UG016 Crosthwaite and Lyth
16UG017 Dent
16UG018 Docker
16UG019 Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
16UG020 Egton with Newland
16UG021 Fawcett Forest
16UG022 Firbank
16UG023 Garsdale
16UG024 Grange-over-Sands
16UG025 Grayrigg
16UG026 Haverthwaite
16UG027 Hawkshead
16UG028 Helsington
16UG029 Heversham
16UG030 Hincaster
16UG031 Holme
16UG032 Hugill
16UG033 Hutton Roof
16UG034 Kendal
16UG035 Kentmere
16UG036 Killington
16UG037 Kirkby Ireleth
16UG038 Kirkby Lonsdale
16UG039 Lakes
16UG040 Lambrigg
16UG041 Levens
16UG042 Longsleddale
16UG043 Lower Allithwaite
16UG044 Lower Holker
16UG045 Lowick
16UG046 Lupton
16UG047 Mansergh
16UG048 Mansriggs
16UG049 Meathop and Ulpha
16UG050 Middleton
16UG051 Milnthorpe
16UG052 Natland
16UG053 Nether Staveley
16UG054 New Hutton
16UG055 Old Hutton and Holmescales
16UG056 Osmotherley
16UG057 Over Staveley
16UG058 Pennington
16UG059 Preston Patrick
16UG060 Preston Richard
16UG061 Satterthwaite
16UG062 Scalthwaiterigg
16UG063 Sedbergh
16UG064 Sedgwick
16UG065 Skelsmergh
16UG066 Skelwith
16UG067 Stainton
16UG068 Staveley-in-Cartmel
16UG069 Strickland Ketel
16UG070 Strickland Roger
16UG071 Torver
16UG072 Ulverston
16UG073 Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
16UG074 Upper Allithwaite
16UG075 Urswick
16UG076 Whinfell
16UG077 Whitwell and Selside
16UG078 Windermere
16UG079 Witherslack
17UB001 Aldercar and Langley Mill
17UB002 Alderwasley
17UB003 Alfreton
17UB004 Ashleyhay
17UB005 Belper
17UB006 Codnor
17UB007 Crich
17UB008 Denby
17UB009 Dethick, Lea and Holloway
17UB010 Duffield
17UB011 Hazelwood
17UB012 Heanor and Loscoe
17UB013 Holbrook
17UB014 Horsley
17UB015 Horsley Woodhouse
17UB016 Idridgehay and Alton
17UB017 Ironville
17UB018 Kedleston
17UB019 Kilburn
17UB020 Kirk Langley
17UB021 Mackworth
17UB022 Mapperley
17UB023 Pentrich
17UB024 Quarndon
17UB025 Ravensdale Park
17UB026 Ripley
17UB027 Shipley
17UB028 Shottle and Postern
17UB029 Smalley
17UB030 Somercotes
17UB031 South Wingfield
17UB032 Swanwick
17UB033 Turnditch
17UB034 Weston Underwood
17UB035 Windley
17UC001 Ault Hucknall
17UC002 Barlborough
17UC003 Blackwell
17UC004 Clowne
17UC005 Elmton
17UC006 Glapwell
17UC007 Old Bolsover
17UC008 Pinxton
17UC009 Pleasley
17UC010 Scarcliffe
17UC011 Shirebrook
17UC012 South Normanton
17UC013 Tibshelf
17UC014 Whitwell
17UD001 Brimington
17UD002 Staveley
17UF001 Abney and Abney Grange
17UF002 Aldwark
17UF003 Alkmonton
17UF004 Ashbourne
17UF005 Ashford in the Water
17UF006 Atlow
17UF007 Bakewell
17UF008 Ballidon
17UF009 Baslow and Bubnell
17UF010 Beeley
17UF011 Biggin
17UF012 Birchover
17UF013 Blackwell in the Peak
17UF014 Bonsall
17UF015 Boylestone
17UF016 Bradbourne
17UF017 Bradley
17UF018 Bradwell
17UF019 Brailsford
17UF020 Brassington
17UF021 Brushfield
17UF022 Callow
17UF023 Calver
17UF024 Carsington
17UF025 Chatsworth
17UF026 Chelmorton
17UF027 Clifton and Compton
17UF028 Cromford
17UF029 Cubley
17UF030 Curbar
17UF031 Darley Dale
17UF032 Doveridge
17UF033 Eaton and Alsop
17UF034 Edensor
17UF035 Edlaston and Wyaston
17UF036 Elton
17UF037 Eyam
17UF038 Fenny Bentley
17UF039 Flagg
17UF040 Foolow
17UF041 Froggatt
17UF042 Gratton
17UF043 Great Hucklow
17UF044 Great Longstone
17UF045 Grindleford
17UF046 Grindlow
17UF047 Harthill
17UF048 Hartington Middle Quarter
17UF049 Hartington Nether Quarter
17UF050 Hartington Town Quarter
17UF051 Hassop
17UF052 Hathersage
17UF053 Hazlebadge
17UF054 Highlow
17UF055 Hognaston
17UF056 Hollington
17UF057 Hopton
17UF058 Hulland
17UF059 Hulland Ward
17UF060 Hungry Bentley
17UF061 Ible
17UF062 Ivonbrook Grange
17UF063 Kirk Ireton
17UF064 Kniveton
17UF065 Lea Hall
17UF066 Little Hucklow
17UF067 Little Longstone
17UF068 Litton
17UF069 Longford
17UF070 Mapleton
17UF071 Marston Montgomery
17UF072 Matlock Bath
17UF073 Matlock Town
17UF074 Mercaston
17UF075 Middleton and Smerrill
17UF076 Monyash
17UF077 Nether Haddon
17UF078 Newton Grange
17UF079 Norbury and Roston
17UF080 Northwood and Tinkersley
17UF081 Offcote and Underwood
17UF082 Offerton
17UF083 Osmaston
17UF084 Outseats
17UF085 Over Haddon
17UF086 Parwich
17UF087 Pilsley
17UF088 Rodsley
17UF089 Rowland
17UF090 Rowsley
17UF091 Sheldon
17UF092 Shirley
17UF093 Snelston
17UF094 Somersal Herbert
17UF095 South Darley
17UF096 Stanton
17UF097 Stoney Middleton
17UF098 Sudbury
17UF099 Taddington
17UF100 Tansley
17UF101 Thorpe
17UF102 Tideswell
17UF103 Tissington
17UF104 Wardlow
17UF105 Wheston
17UF106 Winster
17UF107 Wirksworth
17UF108 Yeaveley
17UF109 Yeldersley
17UF110 Youlgreave
17UF111 Middleton
17UG001 Breadsall
17UG002 Breaston
17UG003 Dale Abbey
17UG004 Draycott and Church Wilne
17UG005 Hopwell
17UG006 Little Eaton
17UG007 Morley
17UG008 Ockbrook and Borrowash
17UG009 Risley
17UG010 Sandiacre
17UG011 Stanley and Stanley Common
17UG012 Stanton by Dale
17UG013 West Hallam
17UG014 Sawley
17UH001 Aston
17UH002 Bamford
17UH003 Brough and Shatton
17UH004 Castleton
17UH005 Chapel en le Frith
17UH006 Charlesworth
17UH007 Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside
17UH008 Chisworth
17UH009 Derwent
17UH010 Edale
17UH011 Green Fairfield
17UH012 Hartington upper Quarter
17UH013 Hayfield
17UH014 Hope
17UH015 Hope Woodlands
17UH016 King Sterndale
17UH017 New Mills
17UH018 Peak Forest
17UH019 Thornhill
17UH020 Tintwistle
17UH021 Whaley Bridge
17UH022 Wormhill
17UJ001 Ashover
17UJ002 Barlow
17UJ003 Brackenfield
17UJ004 Brampton
17UJ005 Calow
17UJ006 Clay Cross
17UJ007 Dronfield
17UJ008 Eckington
17UJ009 Grassmoor, Hasland and Winswick
17UJ010 Heath and Holmewood
17UJ011 Holmesfield
17UJ012 Holymoorside and Walton
17UJ013 Killamarsh
17UJ014 Morton
17UJ015 North Wingfield
17UJ016 Pilsley
17UJ017 Shirland and Higham
17UJ018 Stretton
17UJ019 Sutton cum Duckmanton
17UJ020 Temple Normanton
17UJ021 Tupton
17UJ022 Unstone
17UJ023 Wessington
17UJ024 Wingerworth
17UK001 Ash
17UK002 Aston upon Trent
17UK003 Barrow upon Trent
17UK004 Barton Blount
17UK005 Bearwardcote
17UK006 Bretby
17UK007 Burnaston
17UK008 Calke
17UK009 Castle Gresley
17UK010 Catton
17UK011 Cauldwell
17UK012 Church Broughton
17UK013 Coton in the Elms
17UK014 Dalbury Lees
17UK015 Drakelow
17UK016 Egginton
17UK017 Elvaston
17UK018 Etwall
17UK019 Findern
17UK020 Foremark
17UK021 Foston and Scropton
17UK022 Hartshorne
17UK023 Hatton
17UK024 Hilton
17UK025 Hoon
17UK026 Ingleby
17UK027 Linton
17UK028 Lullington
17UK029 Marston on Dove
17UK030 Melbourne
17UK031 Netherseal
17UK032 Newton Solney
17UK033 Osleston and Thurvaston
17UK034 Overseal
17UK035 Radbourne
17UK036 Repton
17UK037 Rosliston
17UK038 Shardlow and Great Wilne
17UK039 Smisby
17UK040 Stanton by Bridge
17UK041 Stenson Fields
17UK042 Sutton on the Hill
17UK043 Swarkestone
17UK044 Ticknall
17UK045 Trusley
17UK046 Twyford and Stenson
17UK047 Walton upon Trent
17UK048 Weston upon Trent
17UK049 Willington
17UK050 Woodville
18UB001 All Saints
18UB002 Awliscombe
18UB003 Axminster
18UB004 Axmouth
18UB005 Aylesbeare
18UB006 Beer
18UB007 Bicton
18UB008 Brampford Speke
18UB009 Branscombe
18UB010 Broad Clyst
18UB011 Broadhembury
18UB012 Buckerell
18UB013 Budleigh Salterton
18UB014 Chardstock
18UB015 Clyst Honiton
18UB016 Clyst Hydon
18UB017 Clyst St. George
18UB018 Clyst St. Lawrence
18UB019 Clyst St. Mary
18UB020 Colaton Raleigh
18UB021 Colyton
18UB022 Combe Raleigh
18UB023 Combpyne Rousdon
18UB024 Cotleigh
18UB025 Dalwood
18UB026 Dunkeswell
18UB027 East Budleigh
18UB028 Farringdon
18UB029 Farway
18UB030 Feniton
18UB031 Gittisham
18UB032 Hawkchurch
18UB033 Honiton
18UB034 Huxham
18UB035 Kilmington
18UB036 Luppitt
18UB037 Lympstone
18UB038 Membury
18UB039 Monkton
18UB040 Musbury
18UB041 Nether Exe
18UB042 Newton Poppleford and Harpford
18UB043 Northleigh
18UB044 Offwell
18UB045 Otterton
18UB046 Ottery St. Mary
18UB047 Payhembury
18UB048 Plymtree
18UB049 Poltimore
18UB050 Rewe
18UB051 Rockbeare
18UB052 Seaton
18UB053 Sheldon
18UB054 Shute
18UB055 Sidmouth
18UB056 Southleigh
18UB057 Sowton
18UB058 Stockland
18UB059 Stoke Canon
18UB060 Talaton
18UB061 Uplyme
18UB062 Upottery
18UB063 Upton Pyne
18UB064 Whimple
18UB065 Widworthy
18UB066 Woodbury
18UB067 Yarcombe
18UB068 Lands Common to Axminster and Kilmington C.P.s
18UB069 Exmouth
18UD001 Bampton
18UD002 Bickleigh
18UD003 Bow
18UD004 Bradninch
18UD005 Brushford
18UD006 Burlescombe
18UD007 Butterleigh
18UD008 Cadbury
18UD009 Cadeleigh
18UD010 Chawleigh
18UD011 Cheriton Bishop
18UD012 Cheriton Fitzpaine
18UD013 Clannaborough
18UD014 Clayhanger
18UD015 Clayhidon
18UD016 Coldridge
18UD017 Colebrooke
18UD018 Crediton
18UD019 Crediton Hamlets
18UD020 Cruwys Morchard
18UD021 Cullompton
18UD022 Culmstock
18UD023 Down St. Mary
18UD024 Eggesford
18UD025 Halberton
18UD026 Hemyock
18UD027 Hittisleigh
18UD028 Hockworthy
18UD029 Holcombe Rogus
18UD030 Huntsham
18UD031 Kennerleigh
18UD032 Kentisbeare
18UD033 Lapford
18UD034 Loxbeare
18UD035 Morchard Bishop
18UD036 Morebath
18UD037 Newton St. Cyres
18UD038 Nymet Rowland
18UD039 Oakford
18UD040 Poughill
18UD041 Puddington
18UD042 Sampford Peverell
18UD043 Sandford
18UD044 Shobrooke
18UD045 Silverton
18UD046 Stockleigh English
18UD047 Stockleigh Pomeroy
18UD048 Stoodleigh
18UD049 Templeton
18UD050 Thelbridge
18UD051 Thorverton
18UD052 Tiverton
18UD053 Uffculme
18UD054 Uplowman
18UD055 Upton Hellions
18UD056 Washfield
18UD057 Washford Pyne
18UD058 Wembworthy
18UD059 Willand
18UD060 Woolfardisworthy
18UD061 Zeal Monachorum
18UD062 Copplestone
18UE001 Arlington
18UE002 Ashford
18UE003 Atherington
18UE004 Barnstaple
18UE005 Berrynarbor
18UE006 Bishop's Nympton
18UE007 Bishop's Tawton
18UE008 Bittadon
18UE009 Bratton Fleming
18UE010 Braunton
18UE011 Brayford
18UE012 Brendon
18UE013 Burrington
18UE014 Challacombe
18UE015 Chittlehamholt
18UE016 Chittlehampton
18UE017 Chulmleigh
18UE018 Combe Martin
18UE019 Countisbury
18UE020 East and West Buckland
18UE021 East Anstey
18UE022 East Down
18UE023 East Worlington
18UE024 Filleigh
18UE025 Fremington
18UE026 Georgeham
18UE027 George Nympton
18UE028 Goodleigh
18UE029 Heanton Punchardon
18UE030 Ilfracombe
18UE031 Instow
18UE032 Kentisbury
18UE033 King's Nympton
18UE034 Knowstone
18UE035 Landkey
18UE036 Loxhore
18UE037 Lynton and Lynmouth
18UE038 Mariansleigh
18UE039 Martinhoe
18UE040 Marwood
18UE041 Meshaw
18UE042 Molland
18UE043 Mortehoe
18UE044 Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey
18UE045 North Molton
18UE046 Parracombe
18UE047 Queen's Nympton
18UE048 Rackenford
18UE049 Romansleigh
18UE050 Rose Ash
18UE051 Satterleigh and Warkleigh
18UE052 Shirwell
18UE053 South Molton
18UE054 Stoke Rivers
18UE055 Swimbridge
18UE056 Tawstock
18UE057 Trentishoe
18UE058 Twitchen
18UE059 West Anstey
18UE060 West Down
18UE061 Westleigh
18UE062 Pilton West
18UE063 Witheridge
18UG001 Ashprington
18UG002 Aveton Gifford
18UG003 Berry Pomeroy
18UG004 Bickleigh
18UG005 Bigbury
18UG006 Blackawton
18UG007 Brixton
18UG008 Buckland-Tout-Saints
18UG009 Charleton
18UG010 Chivelstone
18UG011 Churchstow
18UG012 Cornwood
18UG013 Cornworthy
18UG014 Dartington
18UG015 Dartmouth
18UG016 Dean Prior
18UG017 Diptford
18UG018 Dittisham
18UG019 East Allington
18UG020 East Portlemouth
18UG021 Ermington
18UG022 Frogmore and Sherford
18UG023 Halwell and Moreleigh
18UG024 Harberton
18UG025 Harford
18UG026 Holbeton
18UG027 Holne
18UG028 Ivybridge
18UG029 Kingsbridge
18UG030 Kingston
18UG031 Kingswear
18UG032 Littlehempston
18UG033 Loddiswell
18UG034 Malborough
18UG035 Marldon
18UG036 Modbury
18UG037 Newton and Noss
18UG038 North Huish
18UG039 Rattery
18UG040 Ringmore
18UG041 Salcombe
18UG042 Shaugh Prior
18UG043 Slapton
18UG044 South Brent
18UG045 South Huish
18UG046 South Milton
18UG047 South Pool
18UG048 Sparkwell
18UG049 Staverton
18UG050 Stoke Fleming
18UG051 Stoke Gabriel
18UG052 Stokenham
18UG053 Strete
18UG054 Thurlestone
18UG055 Totnes
18UG056 Ugborough
18UG057 Wembury
18UG058 West Alvington
18UG059 West Buckfastleigh
18UG060 Woodleigh
18UG061 Yealmpton
18UH001 Abbotskerswell
18UH002 Ashburton
18UH003 Ashcombe
18UH004 Ashton
18UH005 Bickington
18UH006 Bishopsteignton
18UH007 Bovey Tracey
18UH008 Bridford
18UH009 Broadhempston
18UH010 Buckfastleigh
18UH011 Buckland in the Moor
18UH012 Christow
18UH013 Chudleigh
18UH014 Coffinswell
18UH015 Dawlish
18UH016 Doddiscombsleigh
18UH017 Dunchideock
18UH018 Dunsford
18UH019 Exminster
18UH020 Haccombe with Combe
18UH021 Hennock
18UH022 Holcombe Burnell
18UH023 Ide
18UH024 Ideford
18UH025 Ilsington
18UH026 Ipplepen
18UH027 Kenn
18UH028 Kenton
18UH029 Kingskerswell
18UH030 Kingsteignton
18UH031 Lustleigh
18UH032 Mamhead
18UH033 Manaton
18UH034 Moretonhampstead
18UH035 Newton Abbot
18UH036 North Bovey
18UH037 Ogwell
18UH038 Powderham
18UH039 Shaldon
18UH040 Shillingford St. George
18UH041 Starcross
18UH042 Stokeinteignhead
18UH043 Tedburn St. Mary
18UH044 Teigngrace
18UH045 Teignmouth
18UH046 Denbury and Torbryan
18UH047 Trusham
18UH048 Whitestone
18UH049 Widecombe in the Moor
18UH050 Woodland
18UK001 Abbots Bickington
18UK002 Abbotsham
18UK003 Alverdiscott
18UK004 Alwington
18UK005 Ashreigney
18UK006 Ashwater
18UK007 Beaford
18UK008 Bideford
18UK009 Black Torrington
18UK010 Bradford
18UK011 Bradworthy
18UK012 Bridgerule
18UK013 Broadwoodwidger
18UK014 Buckland Brewer
18UK015 Buckland Filleigh
18UK016 Bulkworthy
18UK017 Clawton
18UK018 Clovelly
18UK019 Cookbury
18UK020 Dolton
18UK021 Dowland
18UK022 East Putford
18UK023 Frithelstock
18UK024 Great Torrington
18UK025 Halwill
18UK026 Hartland
18UK027 High Bickington
18UK028 Hollacombe
18UK029 Holsworthy
18UK030 Holsworthy Hamlets
18UK031 Huish
18UK032 Huntshaw
18UK033 Landcross
18UK034 Langtree
18UK035 Littleham
18UK036 Little Torrington
18UK037 Luffincott
18UK038 Merton
18UK039 Milton Damerel
18UK040 Monkleigh
18UK041 Newton St. Petrock
18UK042 Northam
18UK043 Northcott
18UK044 Pancrasweek
18UK045 Parkham
18UK046 Peters Marland
18UK047 Petrockstow
18UK048 Pyworthy
18UK049 Roborough
18UK050 St. Giles in the Wood
18UK051 St. Giles on the Heath
18UK052 Shebbear
18UK053 Sheepwash
18UK054 Sutcombe
18UK055 Tetcott
18UK056 Thornbury
18UK057 Virginstow
18UK058 Weare Giffard
18UK059 Welcombe
18UK060 West Putford
18UK061 Winkleigh
18UK062 Woolfardisworthy
18UK063 Yarnscombe
18UK064 Area not comprised in any Parish-Lundy Island
18UL001 Beaworthy
18UL002 Belstone
18UL003 Bere Ferrers
18UL004 Bondleigh
18UL005 Bradstone
18UL006 Bratton Clovelly
18UL007 Brentor
18UL008 Bridestowe
18UL009 Broadwoodkelly
18UL010 Buckland Monachorum
18UL011 Chagford
18UL012 Coryton
18UL013 Dartmoor Forest
18UL014 Drewsteignton
18UL015 Dunterton
18UL016 Exbourne
18UL017 Germansweek
18UL018 Gidleigh
18UL019 Gulworthy
18UL020 Hatherleigh
18UL021 Highampton
18UL022 Horrabridge
18UL023 Iddesleigh
18UL024 Inwardleigh
18UL025 Jacobstowe
18UL026 Kelly
18UL027 Lamerton
18UL028 Lewtrenchard
18UL029 Lifton
18UL030 Lydford
18UL031 Marystow
18UL032 Mary Tavy
18UL033 Meavy
18UL034 Meeth
18UL035 Milton Abbot
18UL036 Monkokehampton
18UL037 Northlew
18UL038 North Tawton
18UL039 Okehampton
18UL040 Okehampton Hamlets
18UL041 Peter Tavy
18UL042 Sampford Courtenay
18UL043 Sampford Spiney
18UL044 Sheepstor
18UL045 Sourton
18UL046 South Tawton
18UL047 Spreyton
18UL048 Sticklepath
18UL049 Stowford
18UL050 Sydenham Damerel
18UL051 Tavistock
18UL052 Throwleigh
18UL053 Thrushelton
18UL054 Walkhampton
18UL055 Whitchurch
18UL056 Lands common to Bridestowe and Sourton CP's
19UC001 Burton
19UC002 Hurn
19UD001 Alderholt
19UD002 Chalbury
19UD003 Colehill
19UD004 Corfe Mullen
19UD005 Cranborne
19UD006 Edmondsham
19UD007 Ferndown Town
19UD008 Gussage All Saints
19UD009 Gussage St. Michael
19UD010 Hinton Martell
19UD011 Hinton Parva
19UD012 Holt
19UD013 Horton
19UD014 Long Crichel
19UD015 Moor Crichel
19UD016 Pamphill
19UD017 Pentridge
19UD018 St. Leonards and St. Ives
19UD019 Shapwick
19UD020 Sixpenny Handley
19UD021 Sturminster Marshall
19UD022 Verwood
19UD023 West Moors
19UD024 West Parley
19UD025 Wimborne Minster
19UD026 Wimborne St. Giles
19UD027 Witchampton
19UD028 Woodlands
19UE001 Anderson
19UE002 Ashmore
19UE003 Blandford Forum
19UE004 Blandford St. Mary
19UE005 Bourton
19UE006 Bryanston
19UE007 Buckhorn Weston
19UE008 Cann
19UE009 Charlton Marshall
19UE010 Chettle
19UE011 Child Okeford
19UE012 Compton Abbas
19UE013 Durweston
19UE014 East Orchard
19UE015 East Stour
19UE016 Farnham
19UE017 Fifehead Magdalen
19UE018 Fifehead Neville
19UE019 Fontmell Magna
19UE020 Gillingham
19UE021 Glanvilles Wootton
19UE022 Hammoon
19UE023 Hanford
19UE024 Hazelbury Bryan
19UE025 Hilton
19UE026 Hinton St. Mary
19UE027 Ibberton
19UE028 Iwerne Courtney or Shroton
19UE029 Iwerne Minster
19UE030 Iwerne Stepleton
19UE031 Kington Magna
19UE032 Langton Long Blandford
19UE033 Lydlinch
19UE034 Manston
19UE035 Mappowder
19UE036 Margaret Marsh
19UE037 Marnhull
19UE038 Melbury Abbas
19UE039 Milborne St. Andrew
19UE040 Milton Abbas
19UE041 Motcombe
19UE042 Okeford Fitzpaine
19UE043 Pimperne
19UE044 Pulham
19UE045 Shaftesbury
19UE046 Shillingstone
19UE047 Silton
19UE048 Spetisbury
19UE049 Stalbridge
19UE050 Stoke Wake
19UE051 Stourpaine
19UE052 Stour Provost
19UE053 Stourton Caundle
19UE054 Sturminster Newton
19UE055 Sutton Waldron
19UE056 Tarrant Crawford
19UE057 Tarrant Gunville
19UE058 Tarrant Hinton
19UE059 Tarrant Keyneston
19UE060 Tarrant Launceston
19UE061 Tarrant Monkton
19UE062 Tarrant Rawston
19UE063 Tarrant Rushton
19UE064 Todber
19UE065 Turnworth
19UE066 West Orchard
19UE067 West Stour
19UE068 Winterborne Clenston
19UE069 Winterborne Houghton
19UE070 Winterborne Kingston
19UE071 Winterborne Stickland
19UE072 Winterborne Whitechurch
19UE073 Winterborne Zelston
19UE074 Woolland
19UG001 Affpuddle
19UG002 Arne
19UG003 Bere Regis
19UG004 Bloxworth
19UG005 Chaldon Herring
19UG006 Church Knowle
19UG007 Coombe Keynes
19UG008 Corfe Castle
19UG009 East Holme
19UG010 East Lulworth
19UG011 East Stoke
19UG012 Kimmeridge
19UG013 Langton Matravers
19UG014 Lytchett Matravers
19UG015 Lytchett Minster and Upton
19UG016 Morden
19UG017 Moreton
19UG018 Steeple
19UG019 Studland
19UG020 Swanage
19UG021 Turners Puddle
19UG022 Tyneham
19UG023 Wareham Town
19UG024 Wareham St. Martin
19UG025 West Lulworth
19UG026 Winfrith Newburgh
19UG027 Wool
19UG028 Worth Matravers
19UH001 Abbotsbury
19UH002 Allington
19UH003 Alton Pancras
19UH004 Askerswell
19UH005 Athelhampton
19UH006 Batcombe
19UH007 Beaminster
19UH008 Beer Hackett
19UH009 Bettiscombe
19UH010 Bincombe
19UH011 Bishop's Caundle
19UH012 Bothenhampton
19UH013 Bradford Abbas
19UH014 Bradford Peverell
19UH015 Bradpole
19UH016 Bridport
19UH017 Broadmayne
19UH018 Broadwindsor
19UH019 Buckland Newton
19UH020 Burleston
19UH021 Burstock
19UH022 Burton Bradstock
19UH023 Castleton
19UH024 Catherston Leweston
19UH025 Cattistock
19UH026 Caundle Marsh
19UH027 Cerne Abbas
19UH028 Charminster
19UH029 Charmouth
19UH030 Chedington
19UH031 Cheselbourne
19UH032 Chetnole
19UH033 Chickerell
19UH034 Chideock
19UH035 Chilcombe
19UH036 Chilfrome
19UH037 Clifton Maybank
19UH038 Compton Valence
19UH039 Corscombe
19UH040 Crossways
19UH041 Dewlish
19UH042 Dorchester
19UH043 East Chelborough
19UH044 Evershot
19UH045 Fleet
19UH046 Folke
19UH047 Frampton
19UH048 Frome St. Quintin
19UH049 Frome Vauchurch
19UH050 Goathill
19UH051 Godmanstone
19UH052 Halstock
19UH053 Haydon
19UH054 Hermitage
19UH055 Hilfield
19UH056 Holnest
19UH057 Holwell
19UH058 Hooke
19UH059 Kingston Russell
19UH060 Langton Herring
19UH061 Leigh
19UH062 Leweston
19UH063 Lillington
19UH064 Littlebredy
19UH065 Litton Cheney
19UH066 Loders
19UH067 Long Bredy
19UH068 Longburton
19UH069 Lyme Regis
19UH070 Maiden Newton
19UH071 Mapperton
19UH072 Marshwood
19UH073 Melbury Bubb
19UH074 Melbury Osmond
19UH075 Melbury Sampford
19UH076 Melcombe Horsey
19UH077 Minterne Magna
19UH078 Mosterton
19UH079 Netherbury
19UH080 Nether Cerne
19UH081 Nether Compton
19UH082 North Poorton
19UH083 North Wootton
19UH084 Oborne
19UH085 Osmington
19UH086 Over Compton
19UH087 Owermoigne
19UH088 Piddlehinton
19UH089 Piddletrenthide
19UH090 Pilsdon
19UH091 Portesham
19UH092 Powerstock
19UH093 Poxwell
19UH094 Poyntington
19UH095 Puddletown
19UH096 Puncknowle
19UH097 Purse Caundle
19UH098 Rampisham
19UH099 Ryme Intrinseca
19UH100 Sandford Orcas
19UH101 Seaborough
19UH102 Sherborne
19UH103 Shipton Gorge
19UH104 South Perrott
19UH105 Stanton St. Gabriel
19UH106 Stinsford
19UH107 Stockwood
19UH108 Stoke Abbott
19UH109 Stratton
19UH110 Swyre
19UH111 Sydling St. Nicholas
19UH112 Symondsbury
19UH113 Thorncombe
19UH114 Thornford
19UH115 Tincleton
19UH116 Toller Fratrum
19UH117 Toller Porcorum
19UH118 Tolpuddle
19UH119 Trent
19UH120 Up Cerne
19UH121 Warmwell
19UH122 West Chelborough
19UH123 West Compton
19UH124 West Knighton
19UH125 West Stafford
19UH126 Whitcombe
19UH127 Whitechurch Canonicorum
19UH128 Winterborne Came
19UH129 Winterborne Herringston
19UH130 Winterborne Monkton
19UH131 Winterborne St. Martin
19UH132 Winterbourne Abbas
19UH133 Winterbourne Steepleton
19UH134 Woodsford
19UH135 Wootton Fitzpaine
19UH136 Wraxall
19UH137 Wynford Eagle
19UH138 Yetminster
19UJ001 Portland
20UB001 Bournmoor
20UB002 Edmondsley
20UB003 Great Lumley
20UB004 Kimblesworth and Plawsworth
20UB005 Little Lumley
20UB006 North Lodge
20UB007 Ouston
20UB008 Pelton
20UB009 Sacriston
20UB010 Urpeth
20UB011 Waldridge
20UD001 Cornsay
20UD002 Esh
20UD003 Greencroft
20UD004 Healeyfield
20UD005 Hedleyhope
20UD006 Lanchester
20UD008 Muggleswick
20UD009 Satley
20UD010 Burnhope
20UE001 Bearpark
20UE002 Belmont
20UE003 Brancepeth
20UE004 Brandon and Byshottles
20UE005 Cassop-cum-Quarrington
20UE006 Coxhoe
20UE007 Croxdale and Hett
20UE008 Framwellgate Moor
20UE009 Kelloe
20UE010 Pittington
20UE011 Shadforth
20UE012 Sherburn
20UE013 Shincliffe
20UE014 West Rainton
20UE015 Witton Gilbert
20UE016 Lands Common to Brancepeth and Brandon and Byshottles
20UF001 Castle Eden
20UF002 Dalton-le-Dale
20UF003 Easington Colliery
20UF004 Easington Village
20UF005 Haswell
20UF006 Hawthorn
20UF007 Horden
20UF008 Hutton Henry
20UF009 Monk Hesleden
20UF010 Murton
20UF011 Nesbitt
20UF012 Peterlee
20UF013 Seaham
20UF014 Seaton with Slingley
20UF015 Sheraton with Hulam
20UF016 Shotton
20UF017 Thornley
20UF018 Trimdon Foundry
20UF019 Wheatley Hill
20UF020 Wingate
20UF021 South Hetton
20UG001 Bishop Middleham
20UG002 Bradbury and the Isle
20UG003 Chilton
20UG004 Cornforth
20UG005 Ferryhill
20UG006 Fishburn
20UG007 Great Aycliffe
20UG008 Middridge
20UG009 Mordon
20UG010 Sedgefield
20UG011 Shildon
20UG012 Spennymoor
20UG013 Trimdon
20UG014 Windlestone
20UG015 Eldon
20UH001 Barforth
20UH002 Barnard Castle
20UH003 Barningham
20UH004 Bolam
20UH005 Boldron
20UH006 Bowes
20UH007 Brignall
20UH008 Cleatlam
20UH009 Cockfield
20UH010 Cotherstone
20UH011 Eggleston
20UH012 Egglestone Abbey
20UH013 Etherley
20UH014 Evenwood and Barony
20UH015 Forest and Frith
20UH016 Gainford
20UH017 Gilmonby
20UH018 Hamsterley
20UH019 Headlam
20UH020 Hilton
20UH021 Holwick
20UH022 Hope
20UH023 Hunderthwaite
20UH024 Hutton Magna
20UH025 Ingleton
20UH026 Langleydale and Shotton
20UH027 Langton
20UH028 Lartington
20UH029 Lunedale
20UH030 Lynesack and Softley
20UH031 Marwood
20UH032 Mickleton
20UH033 Middleton in Teesdale
20UH034 Morton Tinmouth
20UH035 Newbiggin
20UH036 Ovington
20UH037 Raby with Keverstone
20UH038 Rokeby
20UH039 Romaldkirk
20UH040 Scargill
20UH041 South Bedburn
20UH042 Staindrop
20UH043 Startforth
20UH044 Streatlam and Stainton
20UH045 Wackerfield
20UH046 Westwick
20UH047 Whorlton
20UH048 Winston
20UH049 Woodland
20UH050 Wycliffe with Thorpe
20UH051 Lands common to Hamsterley, Lynesack and Softley and South Bedburn
20UJ001 Edmondbyers
20UJ002 Hunstanworth
20UJ003 Stanhope
20UJ004 Tow Law
20UJ005 Wolsingham
20UJ006 Wolsingham Park Moor lands cmn to Stanhope, Tow Law and Wolsingham
20UJ007 Dene Valley
20UJ008 Witton-le-Wear
20UJ009 West Auckland
21UF001 Barcombe
21UF002 Beddingham
21UF003 Chailey
21UF004 Ditchling
21UF005 East Chiltington
21UF006 Falmer
21UF007 Firle
21UF008 Glynde
21UF009 Hamsey
21UF010 Iford
21UF011 Kingston near Lewes
21UF012 Lewes
21UF013 Newhaven
21UF014 Newick
21UF015 Peacehaven
21UF016 Piddinghoe
21UF017 Plumpton
21UF018 Ringmer
21UF019 Rodmell
21UF020 St. Ann (Without)
21UF021 St. John (Without)
21UF022 Southease
21UF023 South Heighton
21UF025 Streat
21UF026 Tarring Neville
21UF027 Telscombe
21UF028 Westmeston
21UF029 Wivelsfield
21UF030 Seaford
21UG001 Ashburnham
21UG002 Battle
21UG003 Beckley
21UG004 Bodiam
21UG005 Brede
21UG006 Brightling
21UG007 Burwash
21UG008 Camber
21UG009 Catsfield
21UG010 Crowhurst
21UG011 Dallington
21UG012 East Guldeford
21UG013 Etchingham
21UG014 Ewhurst
21UG015 Fairlight
21UG016 Guestling
21UG017 Hurst Green
21UG018 Icklesham
21UG019 Iden
21UG020 Mountfield
21UG021 Northiam
21UG022 Peasmarsh
21UG023 Penhurst
21UG024 Pett
21UG025 Playden
21UG026 Rye
21UG027 Rye Foreign
21UG028 Salehurst and Robertsbridge
21UG029 Sedlescombe
21UG030 Ticehurst
21UG031 Udimore
21UG032 Westfield
21UG033 Whatlington
21UH001 Alciston
21UH002 Alfriston
21UH003 Arlington
21UH004 Berwick
21UH005 Buxted
21UH006 Chalvington with Ripe
21UH007 Chiddingly
21UH008 Crowborough
21UH009 Cuckmere Valley
21UH010 Danehill
21UH011 East Dean and Friston
21UH012 East Hoathly with Halland
21UH013 Fletching
21UH014 Forest Row
21UH015 Framfield
21UH016 Frant
21UH017 Hadlow Down
21UH018 Hailsham
21UH019 Hartfield
21UH020 Heathfield and Waldron
21UH021 Hellingly
21UH022 Herstmonceux
21UH023 Hooe
21UH024 Horam
21UH025 Isfield
21UH026 Laughton
21UH027 Little Horsted
21UH028 Long Man
21UH029 Maresfield
21UH030 Mayfield and Five Ashes
21UH031 Ninfield
21UH032 Pevensey
21UH033 Polegate
21UH034 Rotherfield
21UH035 Selmeston
21UH036 Uckfield
21UH037 Wadhurst
21UH038 Warbleton
21UH039 Wartling
21UH040 Westham
21UH041 Willingdon and Jevington
21UH042 Withyham
22UB001 Billericay
22UB002 Great Burstead and South Green
22UB003 Little Burstead
22UB004 Ramsden Bellhouse
22UB005 Ramsden Crays
22UB006 Noak Bridge
22UC001 Alphamstone
22UC002 Ashen
22UC003 Bardfield Saling
22UC004 Belchamp Otten
22UC005 Belchamp St. Paul
22UC006 Belchamp Walter
22UC007 Birdbrook
22UC008 Black Notley
22UC009 Borley
22UC010 Bradwell
22UC011 Bulmer
22UC012 Bures Hamlet
22UC013 Castle Hedingham
22UC014 Coggeshall
22UC015 Colne Engaine
22UC016 Cressing
22UC017 Earls Colne
22UC018 Fairstead
22UC019 Faulkbourne
22UC020 Feering
22UC021 Finchingfield
22UC022 Foxearth
22UC023 Gestingthorpe
22UC024 Gosfield
22UC025 Great Bardfield
22UC026 Great Henny
22UC027 Great Maplestead
22UC028 Great Saling
22UC029 Great Yeldham
22UC030 Greenstead Green and Halstead Rural
22UC031 Halstead
22UC032 Hatfield Peverel
22UC033 Helions Bumpstead
22UC034 Kelvedon
22UC035 Lamarsh
22UC036 Liston
22UC037 Little Henny
22UC038 Little Maplestead
22UC039 Little Yeldham
22UC040 Middleton
22UC041 Ovington
22UC042 Panfield
22UC043 Pebmarsh
22UC044 Pentlow
22UC045 Rayne
22UC046 Ridgewell
22UC047 Rivenhall
22UC048 Shalford
22UC049 Sible Hedingham
22UC050 Silver End
22UC051 Stambourne
22UC052 Steeple Bumpstead
22UC053 Stisted
22UC054 Sturmer
22UC055 Terling
22UC056 Tilbury Juxta Clare
22UC057 Toppesfield
22UC058 Twinstead
22UC059 Wethersfield
22UC060 White Colne
22UC061 White Notley
22UC062 Wickham St. Paul
22UC063 Witham
22UC064 Great Notley
22UD001 Blackmore, Hook End and Wyatts Green
22UD002 Doddinghurst
22UD003 Ingatestone and Fryerning
22UD004 Kelvedon Hatch
22UD005 Mountnessing
22UD006 Navestock
22UD007 Stondon Massey
22UD008 Herongate and Ingrave
22UD009 West Horndon
22UF001 Boreham
22UF002 Broomfield
22UF003 Chignall
22UF004 Danbury
22UF005 East Hanningfield
22UF006 Galleywood
22UF007 Good Easter
22UF008 Great and Little Leighs
22UF009 Great Baddow
22UF010 Great Waltham
22UF011 Highwood
22UF012 Little Baddow
22UF013 Little Waltham
22UF014 Margaretting
22UF015 Mashbury
22UF016 Pleshey
22UF017 Rettendon
22UF018 Roxwell
22UF019 Runwell
22UF020 Sandon
22UF021 South Hanningfield
22UF022 South Woodham Ferrers
22UF023 Springfield
22UF024 Stock
22UF025 West Hanningfield
22UF026 Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre
22UF027 Writtle
22UG001 Abberton
22UG002 Aldham
22UG003 Birch
22UG004 Boxted
22UG005 Chappel
22UG006 Copford
22UG007 Dedham
22UG008 East Donyland
22UG009 East Mersea
22UG010 Eight Ash Green
22UG011 Fingringhoe
22UG012 Fordham
22UG013 Great and Little Wigborough
22UG014 Great Horkesley
22UG015 Great Tey
22UG016 Langenhoe
22UG017 Langham
22UG018 Layer Breton
22UG019 Layer-de-la-Haye
22UG020 Layer Marney
22UG021 Little Horkesley
22UG022 Marks Tey
22UG023 Messing-cum-Inworth
22UG024 Mount Bures
22UG025 Peldon
22UG026 Salcott
22UG027 Stanway
22UG028 Tiptree
22UG029 Virley
22UG030 Wakes Colne
22UG031 West Bergholt
22UG032 West Mersea
22UG033 Wivenhoe
22UG034 Wormingford
22UG035 Myland
22UH001 Abbess Beauchamp and Berners Roding
22UH002 Bobbingworth
22UH003 Epping
22UH004 Epping Upland
22UH005 Fyfield
22UH006 High Laver
22UH007 High Ongar
22UH008 Lambourne
22UH009 Little Laver
22UH010 Magdalen Laver
22UH011 Matching
22UH012 Moreton
22UH013 Nazeing
22UH014 North Weald Bassett
22UH015 Ongar
22UH016 Roydon
22UH017 Sheering
22UH018 Stanford Rivers
22UH019 Stapleford Abbotts
22UH020 Stapleford Tawney
22UH021 Theydon Bois
22UH022 Theydon Garnon
22UH023 Theydon Mount
22UH024 Waltham Abbey
22UH025 Willingale
22UH026 Buckhurst Hill
22UH027 Chigwell
22UH028 Loughton
22UK001 Althorne
22UK002 Asheldham
22UK003 Bradwell-on-Sea
22UK004 Burnham-on-Crouch
22UK005 Cold Norton
22UK006 Dengie
22UK007 Goldhanger
22UK008 Great Braxted
22UK009 Great Totham
22UK010 Hazeleigh
22UK011 Heybridge
22UK012 Langford
22UK013 Latchingdon
22UK014 Little Braxted
22UK015 Little Totham
22UK016 Maldon
22UK017 Mayland
22UK018 Mundon
22UK019 North Fambridge
22UK020 Purleigh
22UK021 St. Lawrence
22UK022 Southminster
22UK023 Steeple
22UK024 Stow Maries
22UK025 Tillingham
22UK026 Tollesbury
22UK027 Tolleshunt D'Arcy
22UK028 Tolleshunt Knights
22UK029 Tolleshunt Major
22UK030 Ulting
22UK031 Wickham Bishops
22UK032 Woodham Mortimer
22UK033 Woodham Walter
22UL001 Ashingdon
22UL002 Barling Magna
22UL003 Canewdon
22UL004 Foulness
22UL005 Great Wakering
22UL006 Hawkwell
22UL007 Hockley
22UL008 Hullbridge
22UL009 Paglesham
22UL010 Rochford
22UL011 Stambridge
22UL012 Sutton
22UL013 Rawreth
22UL014 Rayleigh
22UN001 Alresford
22UN002 Ardleigh
22UN003 Beaumont-cum-Moze
22UN004 Bradfield
22UN005 Brightlingsea
22UN006 Elmstead
22UN007 Frating
22UN008 Frinton and Walton
22UN009 Great Bentley
22UN010 Great Bromley
22UN011 Great Oakley
22UN012 Harwich
22UN013 Lawford
22UN014 Little Bentley
22UN015 Little Bromley
22UN016 Little Clacton
22UN017 Little Oakley
22UN018 Manningtree
22UN019 Mistley
22UN020 Ramsey and Parkeston
22UN021 St. Osyth
22UN022 Tendring
22UN023 Thorpe-le-Soken
22UN024 Thorrington
22UN025 Weeley
22UN026 Wix
22UN027 Wrabness
22UQ001 Arkesden
22UQ002 Ashdon
22UQ003 Aythorpe Roding
22UQ004 Barnston
22UQ005 Berden
22UQ006 Birchanger
22UQ007 Broxted
22UQ008 Chickney
22UQ009 Chrishall
22UQ010 Clavering
22UQ011 Debden
22UQ012 Elmdon
22UQ013 Elsenham
22UQ014 Farnham
22UQ015 Felsted
22UQ016 Great Canfield
22UQ017 Great Chesterford
22UQ018 Great Dunmow
22UQ019 Great Easton
22UQ020 Great Hallingbury
22UQ021 Great Sampford
22UQ022 Hadstock
22UQ023 Hatfield Broad Oak
22UQ024 Hatfield Heath
22UQ025 Hempstead
22UQ026 Henham
22UQ027 High Easter
22UQ028 High Roothing
22UQ029 Langley
22UQ030 Leaden Roding
22UQ031 Lindsell
22UQ032 Little Bardfield
22UQ033 Little Canfield
22UQ034 Little Chesterford
22UQ035 Little Dunmow
22UQ036 Little Easton
22UQ037 Little Hallingbury
22UQ038 Little Sampford
22UQ039 Littlebury
22UQ040 Manuden
22UQ041 Margaret Roding
22UQ042 Newport
22UQ043 Quendon and Rickling
22UQ044 Radwinter
22UQ045 Saffron Walden
22UQ046 Stansted Mountfitchet
22UQ047 Stebbing
22UQ048 Strethall
22UQ049 Takeley
22UQ050 Thaxted
22UQ051 Tilty
22UQ052 Ugley
22UQ053 Wenden Lofts
22UQ054 Wendens Ambo
22UQ055 White Roothing
22UQ056 Wicken Bonhunt
22UQ057 Widdington
22UQ058 Wimbish
22UQ059 Sewards End
23UB001 Leckhampton
23UB002 Prestbury
23UB003 Swindon
23UB004 Up Hatherley
23UB005 Charlton Kings
23UC001 Adlestrop
23UC002 Aldsworth
23UC003 Ampney Crucis
23UC004 Ampney St. Mary
23UC005 Ampney St. Peter
23UC006 Andoversford
23UC007 Ashley
23UC008 Aston Subedge
23UC009 Avening
23UC010 Bagendon
23UC011 Barnsley
23UC012 Barrington
23UC013 Batsford
23UC014 Baunton
23UC015 Beverston
23UC016 Bibury
23UC017 Bledington
23UC018 Blockley
23UC019 Bourton-on-the-Hill
23UC020 Bourton-on-the-Water
23UC021 Boxwell with Leighterton
23UC022 Brimpsfield
23UC023 Broadwell
23UC024 Chedworth
23UC025 Cherington
23UC026 Chipping Campden
23UC027 Cirencester
23UC028 Clapton
23UC029 Coates
23UC030 Coberley
23UC031 Cold Aston
23UC032 Colesbourne
23UC033 Coln St. Aldwyns
23UC034 Coln St. Dennis
23UC035 Compton Abdale
23UC036 Condicote
23UC037 Cowley
23UC038 Cutsdean
23UC039 Daglingworth
23UC040 Didmarton
23UC041 Donnington
23UC042 Dowdeswell
23UC043 Down Ampney
23UC044 Driffield
23UC045 Duntisbourne Abbots
23UC046 Duntisbourne Rouse
23UC047 Eastleach
23UC048 Ebrington
23UC049 Edgeworth
23UC050 Elkstone
23UC051 Evenlode
23UC052 Fairford
23UC053 Farmington
23UC054 Great Rissington
23UC055 Guiting Power
23UC056 Hampnett
23UC057 Hatherop
23UC058 Hazleton
23UC059 Icomb
23UC060 Kemble
23UC061 Kempsford
23UC062 Kingscote
23UC063 Lechlade
23UC064 Little Rissington
23UC065 Longborough
23UC066 Long Newnton
23UC067 Lower Slaughter
23UC068 Maiseyhampton
23UC069 Maugersbury
23UC070 Mickleton
23UC071 Moreton-in-Marsh
23UC072 Naunton
23UC073 North Cerney
23UC074 Northleach with Eastington
23UC075 Notgrove
23UC076 Oddington
23UC077 Ozleworth
23UC078 Poole Keynes
23UC079 Poulton
23UC080 Preston
23UC081 Quenington
23UC082 Rendcomb
23UC083 Rodmarton
23UC084 Saintbury
23UC085 Sapperton
23UC086 Sevenhampton
23UC087 Sezincote
23UC088 Sherborne
23UC089 Shipton
23UC090 Shipton Moyne
23UC091 Siddington
23UC092 Somerford Keynes
23UC093 South Cerney
23UC094 Southrop
23UC095 Stow-on-the-Wold
23UC096 Swell
23UC097 Syde
23UC098 Temple Guiting
23UC099 Tetbury
23UC100 Tetbury Upton
23UC101 Todenham
23UC102 Turkdean
23UC103 Upper Slaughter
23UC104 Westcote
23UC105 Westonbirt with Lasborough
23UC106 Weston Subedge
23UC107 Whittington
23UC108 Wick Rissington
23UC109 Willersey
23UC110 Windrush
23UC111 Winson
23UC112 Winstone
23UC113 Withington
23UC114 Yanworth
23UC115 Upper Rissington
23UD001 Alvington
23UD002 Awre
23UD003 Aylburton
23UD004 Blaisdon
23UD005 Bromesberrow
23UD006 Churcham
23UD007 Cinderford
23UD008 Coleford
23UD009 Corse
23UD010 Drybrook
23UD011 Dymock
23UD012 English Bicknor
23UD013 Hartpury
23UD014 Hewelsfield and Brockweir
23UD015 Huntley
23UD016 Kempley
23UD017 Littledean
23UD018 Longhope
23UD019 Lydbrook
23UD020 Lydney
23UD021 Mitcheldean
23UD022 Newent
23UD023 Newland
23UD024 Newnham
23UD025 Oxenhall
23UD026 Pauntley
23UD027 Redmarley D'Abitot
23UD028 Ruardean
23UD029 Rudford and Highleadon
23UD030 Ruspidge and Soudley
23UD031 St. Briavels
23UD032 Staunton
23UD033 Staunton Coleford
23UD034 Taynton
23UD035 Tibberton
23UD036 Tidenham
23UD037 Upleadon
23UD038 Westbury-on-Severn
23UD039 West Dean
23UD040 Woolaston
23UD041 Gorsley and Kilcot
23UE002 Quedgeley
23UF001 Alderley
23UF002 Alkington
23UF003 Arlingham
23UF004 Berkeley
23UF005 Bisley-with-Lypiatt
23UF006 Brookthorpe-with-Whaddon
23UF007 Cainscross
23UF008 Cam
23UF009 Chalford
23UF010 Coaley
23UF011 Cranham
23UF012 Dursley
23UF013 Eastington
23UF014 Elmore
23UF015 Frampton on Severn
23UF016 Fretherne with Saul
23UF017 Frocester
23UF018 Ham and Stone
23UF019 Hamfallow
23UF020 Hardwicke
23UF021 Harescombe
23UF022 Haresfield
23UF023 Hillesley and Tresham
23UF024 Hinton
23UF025 Horsley
23UF026 King's Stanley
23UF027 Kingswood
23UF028 Leonard Stanley
23UF029 Longney and Epney
23UF030 Minchinhampton
23UF031 Miserden
23UF032 Moreton Valence
23UF033 Nailsworth
23UF034 North Nibley
23UF035 Nympsfield
23UF036 Owlpen
23UF037 Painswick
23UF038 Pitchcombe
23UF039 Randwick
23UF040 Rodborough
23UF041 Slimbridge
23UF042 Standish
23UF043 Stinchcombe
23UF044 Stonehouse
23UF045 Stroud
23UF046 Thrupp
23UF047 Uley
23UF048 Upton St. Leonards
23UF049 Whiteshill and Ruscombe
23UF050 Whitminster
23UF051 Woodchester
23UF052 Wotton-under-Edge
23UG001 Alderton
23UG002 Ashchurch
23UG003 Ashleworth
23UG004 Badgeworth
23UG005 Bishop's Cleeve
23UG006 Boddington
23UG007 Brockworth
23UG008 Buckland
23UG009 Chaceley
23UG010 Churchdown
23UG011 Deerhurst
23UG012 Down Hatherley
23UG013 Dumbleton
23UG014 Elmstone Hardwicke
23UG015 Forthampton
23UG016 Gotherington
23UG017 Great Witcombe
23UG018 Hasfield
23UG019 Hawling
23UG020 Highnam
23UG021 Hucclecote
23UG022 Innsworth
23UG023 Leigh
23UG024 Longford
23UG025 Maisemore
23UG026 Minsterworth
23UG027 Norton
23UG028 Oxenton
23UG029 Prescott
23UG030 Sandhurst
23UG031 Shurdington
23UG032 Snowshill
23UG033 Southam
23UG034 Stanton
23UG035 Stanway
23UG036 Staverton
23UG037 Stoke Orchard
23UG038 Sudeley
23UG039 Teddington
23UG040 Tewkesbury
23UG041 Tirley
23UG042 Toddington
23UG043 Twigworth
23UG044 Twyning
23UG045 Uckington
23UG046 Walton Cardiff
23UG047 Winchcombe
23UG048 Woodmancote
23UG049 Gretton
24UB001 Ashford Hill with Headley
24UB002 Ashmansworth
24UB003 Baughurst
24UB004 Bradley
24UB005 Bramley
24UB006 Burghclere
24UB007 Candovers
24UB008 Chineham
24UB009 Cliddesden
24UB010 Deane
24UB011 Dummer
24UB012 East Woodhay
24UB013 Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green
24UB014 Ellisfield
24UB015 Farleigh Wallop
24UB016 Hannington
24UB017 Hartley Wespall
24UB018 Herriard
24UB019 Highclere
24UB020 Hurstbourne Priors
24UB021 Kingsclere
24UB022 Laverstoke
24UB023 Litchfield and Woodcott
24UB024 Mapledurwell and Up Nately
24UB025 Monk Sherborne
24UB026 Mortimer West End
24UB027 Newnham
24UB028 Newtown
24UB029 North Waltham
24UB030 Nutley
24UB031 Oakley
24UB032 Old Basing
24UB033 Overton
24UB034 Pamber
24UB035 Popham
24UB036 Preston Candover
24UB037 Sherborne St. John
24UB038 Sherfield on Loddon
24UB039 Silchester
24UB040 St. Mary Bourne
24UB041 Steventon
24UB042 Stratfield Saye
24UB043 Stratfield Turgis
24UB044 Tadley
24UB045 Tunworth
24UB046 Upton Grey
24UB047 Weston Corbett
24UB048 Weston Patrick
24UB049 Whitchurch
24UB050 Winslade
24UB051 Wootton St. Lawrence
24UB052 Rooksdown
24UC001 Alton
24UC002 Bentley
24UC003 Bentworth
24UC004 Binsted
24UC005 Bramshott and Liphook
24UC006 Buriton
24UC007 Chawton
24UC008 Clanfield
24UC009 Colemore and Priors Dean
24UC010 East Meon
24UC011 East Tisted
24UC012 Farringdon
24UC013 Four Marks
24UC014 Froxfield
24UC015 Froyle
24UC016 Grayshott
24UC017 Greatham
24UC018 Hawkley
24UC019 Headley
24UC020 Horndean
24UC021 Kingsley
24UC022 Langrish
24UC023 Lasham
24UC024 Lindford
24UC025 Liss
24UC026 Medstead
24UC027 Newton Valence
24UC028 Petersfield
24UC029 Ropley
24UC030 Rowlands Castle
24UC031 Selborne
24UC032 Shalden
24UC033 Steep
24UC034 West Tisted
24UC035 Whitehill
24UC036 Wield
24UC037 Worldham
24UC038 Stroud
24UC039 Beech
24UD001 Botley
24UD002 Bursledon
24UD003 Fair Oak and Horton Heath
24UD004 Hamble-le-Rice
24UD005 Hedge End
24UD006 Hound
24UD007 West End
24UD008 Bishopstoke
24UG001 Bramshill
24UG002 Crondall
24UG003 Crookham Village
24UG004 Dogmersfield
24UG005 Eversley
24UG006 Greywell
24UG007 Hartley Wintney
24UG008 Blackwater and Hawley
24UG009 Heckfield
24UG010 Hook
24UG011 Long Sutton
24UG012 Mattingley
24UG013 Odiham
24UG014 Rotherwick
24UG015 South Warnborough
24UG016 Winchfield
24UG017 Yateley
24UJ001 Ashurst and Colbury
24UJ002 Beaulieu
24UJ003 Boldre
24UJ004 Bramshaw
24UJ005 Bransgore
24UJ006 Breamore
24UJ007 Brockenhurst
24UJ008 Burley
24UJ009 Copythorne
24UJ010 Damerham
24UJ011 Denny Lodge
24UJ012 East Boldre
24UJ013 Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley
24UJ014 Exbury and Lepe
24UJ015 Fawley
24UJ016 Fordingbridge
24UJ017 Hale
24UJ018 Hordle
24UJ019 Hyde
24UJ020 Hythe and Dibden
24UJ021 Lymington and Pennington
24UJ022 Lyndhurst
24UJ023 Marchwood
24UJ024 Martin
24UJ025 Milford-on-sea
24UJ026 Minstead
24UJ027 Netley Marsh
24UJ028 New Milton
24UJ029 Ringwood
24UJ030 Rockbourne
24UJ031 Sandleheath
24UJ032 Sopley
24UJ033 Sway
24UJ034 Totton and Eling
24UJ035 Whitsbury
24UJ036 Woodgreen
24UJ037 Godshill
24UN001 Abbotts Ann
24UN002 Ampfield
24UN003 Amport
24UN004 Appleshaw
24UN005 Ashley
24UN006 Awbridge
24UN007 Barton Stacey
24UN008 Bossington
24UN009 Braishfield
24UN010 Broughton
24UN011 Buckholt
24UN012 Bullington
24UN013 Charlton
24UN014 Chilbolton
24UN015 Chilworth
24UN016 East Dean
24UN017 East Tytherley
24UN018 Faccombe
24UN019 Frenchmoor
24UN020 Fyfield
24UN021 Goodworth Clatford
24UN022 Grately
24UN023 Houghton
24UN024 Hurstbourne Tarrant
24UN025 Kimpton
24UN026 Kings Somborne
24UN027 Leckford
24UN028 Linkenholt
24UN029 Little Somborne
24UN030 Lockerley
24UN031 Longparish
24UN032 Longstock
24UN033 Melchet Park and Plaitford
24UN034 Michelmersh and Timsbury
24UN035 Monxton
24UN036 Mottisfont
24UN037 Nether Wallop
24UN038 North Baddesley
24UN039 Nursling and Rownhams
24UN040 Over Wallop
24UN041 Penton Grafton
24UN042 Penton Mewsey
24UN043 Quarley
24UN044 Romsey
24UN045 Romsey Extra
24UN046 Sherfield English
24UN047 Shipton Bellinger
24UN048 Smannell
24UN050 Stockbridge
24UN051 Tangley
24UN052 Thruxton
24UN053 Upper Clatford
24UN054 Vernhams Dean
24UN055 Wellow
24UN056 West Tytherley
24UN057 Wherwell
24UP001 Badger Farm
24UP002 Beauworth
24UP003 Bighton
24UP004 Bishops Sutton
24UP005 Bishops Waltham
24UP006 Boarhunt
24UP007 Bramdean and Hinton Ampner
24UP008 Cheriton
24UP009 Chilcomb
24UP010 Colden Common
24UP011 Compton and Shawford
24UP012 Corhampton and Meonstoke
24UP013 Crawley
24UP014 Curdridge
24UP015 Denmead
24UP016 Droxford
24UP017 Durley
24UP018 Exton
24UP019 Hambledon
24UP020 Headbourne Worthy
24UP021 Hursley
24UP022 Itchen Stoke and Ovington
24UP023 Itchen Valley
24UP024 Kilmiston
24UP025 Kings Worthy
24UP026 Littleton and Harestock
24UP027 Micheldever
24UP028 New Alresford
24UP029 Northington
24UP030 Old Alresford
24UP031 Olivers Battery
24UP032 Otterbourne
24UP033 Owslebury
24UP034 Shedfield
24UP035 Soberton
24UP036 Southwick and Widley
24UP037 South Wonston
24UP038 Sparsholt
24UP039 Swanmore
24UP040 Tichborne
24UP041 Twyford
24UP042 Upham
24UP043 Warnford
24UP044 West Meon
24UP045 Wickham
24UP046 Wonston
24UP047 Whiteley
26UC001 Aldbury
26UC002 Berkhamsted
26UC003 Bovingdon
26UC004 Chipperfield
26UC005 Flamstead
26UC006 Flaunden
26UC007 Great Gaddesden
26UC008 Kings Langley
26UC009 Little Gaddesden
26UC010 Markyate
26UC011 Nash Mills
26UC012 Nettleden with Potten End
26UC013 Northchurch
26UC014 Tring
26UC015 Tring Rural
26UC016 Wigginton
26UD001 Albury
26UD002 Anstey
26UD003 Ardeley
26UD004 Aspenden
26UD005 Aston
26UD006 Bayford
26UD007 Bengeo Rural
26UD008 Benington
26UD009 Bishop's Stortford
26UD010 Bramfield
26UD011 Braughing
26UD012 Brent Pelham
26UD013 Brickendon Liberty
26UD014 Buckland
26UD015 Buntingford
26UD016 Cottered
26UD017 Datchworth
26UD018 Eastwick
26UD019 Furneux Pelham
26UD020 Gilston
26UD021 Great Amwell
26UD022 Great Munden
26UD023 Hertford
26UD024 Hertford Heath
26UD025 Hertingfordbury
26UD026 High Wych
26UD027 Hormead
26UD028 Hunsdon
26UD029 Little Berkhamsted
26UD030 Little Hadham
26UD031 Little Munden
26UD032 Meesden
26UD033 Much Hadham
26UD034 Sacombe
26UD035 Sawbridgeworth
26UD036 Standon
26UD037 Stanstead Abbots
26UD038 Stanstead St Margarets
26UD039 Stapleford
26UD040 Stocking Pelham
26UD041 Tewin
26UD042 Thorley
26UD043 Thundridge
26UD044 Walkern
26UD045 Ware
26UD046 Wareside
26UD047 Watton-at-Stone
26UD048 Westmill
26UD049 Widford
26UD050 Wyddial
26UE001 Aldenham
26UE002 Elstree and Borehamwood
26UE003 Ridge
26UE004 Shenley
26UF001 Ashwell
26UF002 Barkway
26UF003 Barley
26UF004 Bygrave
26UF005 Caldecote
26UF006 Clothall
26UF007 Codicote
26UF008 Graveley
26UF009 Hexton
26UF010 Hinxworth
26UF011 Holwell
26UF012 Ickleford
26UF013 St Ippolyts
26UF014 Kelshall
26UF015 Kimpton
26UF016 King's Walden
26UF017 Knebworth
26UF018 Langley
26UF019 Lilley
26UF020 Newnham
26UF021 Nuthampstead
26UF022 Offley
26UF023 Pirton
26UF024 Preston
26UF025 Radwell
26UF026 Reed
26UF027 Royston
26UF028 Rushden
26UF029 St Paul's Walden
26UF030 Sandon
26UF031 Therfield
26UF032 Wallington
26UF033 Weston
26UF034 Wymondley
26UG001 Colney Heath
26UG002 Harpenden
26UG003 Harpenden Rural
26UG004 London Colney
26UG005 Redbourn
26UG006 Sandridge
26UG007 St Michael
26UG008 St Stephen
26UG009 Wheathampstead
26UJ001 Abbots Langley
26UJ002 Chorleywood
26UJ003 Croxley Green
26UJ004 Sarratt
26UJ005 Watford Rural
26UL001 Ayot St Lawrence
26UL002 Ayot St Peter
26UL003 Essendon
26UL004 Hatfield
26UL005 Northaw and Cuffley
26UL006 North Mymms
26UL007 Welwyn
26UL008 Woolmer Green
29UB001 Aldington
29UB002 Appledore
29UB003 Bethersden
29UB004 Biddenden
29UB005 Bilsington
29UB006 Bonnington
29UB007 Boughton Aluph
29UB008 Brabourne
29UB009 Brook
29UB010 Challock
29UB011 Charing
29UB012 Chilham
29UB013 Crundale
29UB014 Eastwell
29UB015 Egerton
29UB016 Godmersham
29UB017 Great Chart with Singleton
29UB018 Hastingleigh
29UB019 High Halden
29UB020 Hothfield
29UB021 Kenardington
29UB022 Kingsnorth
29UB023 Little Chart
29UB024 Mersham
29UB025 Molash
29UB026 Newenden
29UB027 Orlestone
29UB028 Pluckley
29UB029 Rolvenden
29UB030 Ruckinge
29UB031 Sevington
29UB032 Shadoxhurst
29UB033 Smarden
29UB034 Smeeth
29UB035 Stanhope
29UB036 Stone-cum-Ebony
29UB037 Tenterden
29UB038 Warehorne
29UB039 Westwell
29UB040 Wittersham
29UB041 Woodchurch
29UB042 Wye with Hinxhill
29UC001 Adisham
29UC002 Barham
29UC003 Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne
29UC004 Bishopsbourne
29UC005 Bridge
29UC006 Chartham
29UC007 Chestfield
29UC008 Chislet
29UC009 Fordwich
29UC010 Hackington
29UC011 Harbledown
29UC012 Hoath
29UC013 Ickham and Well
29UC014 Kingston
29UC015 Littlebourne
29UC016 Lower Hardres
29UC017 Petham
29UC018 St. Cosmus and St. Damian in the Blean
29UC019 Sturry
29UC020 Thanington Without
29UC021 Upper Hardres
29UC022 Waltham
29UC023 Westbere
29UC024 Wickhambreaux
29UC025 Womenswold
29UC026 Herne and Broomfield
29UD001 Bean
29UD002 Darenth
29UD003 Longfield and New Barn
29UD004 Southfleet
29UD005 Stone
29UD006 Sutton-at-Hone and Hawley
29UD007 Swanscombe and Greenhithe
29UD008 Wilmington
29UE001 Alkham
29UE002 Ash
29UE003 Aylesham
29UE004 Capel-le-Ferne
29UE005 Denton with Wootton
29UE006 Eastry
29UE007 Eythorne
29UE008 Goodnestone
29UE009 Guston
29UE010 Hougham Without
29UE011 Langdon
29UE012 Lydden
29UE013 Nonington
29UE014 Northbourne
29UE015 Preston
29UE016 Ringwould with Kingsdown
29UE017 Ripple
29UE018 River
29UE019 St. Margaret's at Cliffe
29UE020 Sandwich
29UE021 Shepherdswell with Coldred
29UE022 Sholden
29UE023 Staple
29UE024 Stourmouth
29UE025 Sutton
29UE026 Temple Ewell
29UE027 Tilmanstone
29UE028 Whitfield
29UE029 Wingham
29UE030 Woodnesborough
29UE031 Worth
29UE032 Deal
29UE033 Dover
29UE034 Great Mongeham
29UE035 Walmer
29UG001 Cobham
29UG002 Higham
29UG003 Luddesdown
29UG004 Meopham
29UG005 Shorne
29UG006 Vigo
29UH001 Barming
29UH002 Bearsted
29UH003 Bicknor
29UH004 Boughton Malherbe
29UH005 Boughton Monchelsea
29UH006 Boxley
29UH007 Bredhurst
29UH008 Broomfield and Kingswood
29UH009 Chart Sutton
29UH010 Coxheath
29UH011 Detling
29UH012 Downswood
29UH013 East Farleigh
29UH014 East Sutton
29UH015 Frinsted
29UH016 Harrietsham
29UH017 Headcorn
29UH018 Hollingbourne
29UH019 Hucking
29UH020 Hunton
29UH021 Langley
29UH022 Leeds
29UH023 Lenham
29UH024 Linton
29UH025 Loose
29UH026 Marden
29UH027 Nettlestead
29UH028 Otham
29UH029 Otterden
29UH030 Staplehurst
29UH031 Stockbury
29UH032 Sutton Valence
29UH033 Teston
29UH034 Thurnham
29UH035 Tovil
29UH036 Ulcombe
29UH037 West Farleigh
29UH038 Wichling
29UH039 Wormshill
29UH040 Yalding
29UH041 Collier Street
29UK001 Ash-cum-Ridley
29UK002 Brasted
29UK003 Chevening
29UK004 Chiddingstone
29UK005 Cowden
29UK006 Crockenhill
29UK007 Dunton Green
29UK008 Edenbridge
29UK009 Eynsford
29UK010 Farningham
29UK011 Fawkham
29UK012 Halstead
29UK013 Hartley
29UK014 Hever
29UK015 Horton Kirby and South Darenth
29UK016 Kemsing
29UK017 Knockholt
29UK018 Leigh
29UK019 Otford
29UK020 Penshurst
29UK021 Riverhead
29UK022 Seal
29UK023 Sevenoaks
29UK024 Sevenoaks Weald
29UK025 Shoreham
29UK026 Sundridge with Ide Hill
29UK027 Swanley
29UK028 Westerham
29UK029 West Kingsdown
29UL001 Acrise
29UL002 Brenzett
29UL003 Brookland
29UL004 Burmarsh
29UL005 Dymchurch
29UL006 Elham
29UL007 Elmsted
29UL008 Hawkinge
29UL009 Hythe
29UL010 Ivychurch
29UL011 Lydd
29UL012 Lyminge
29UL013 Lympne
29UL014 Monks Horton
29UL015 Newchurch
29UL016 Newington
29UL017 New Romney
29UL018 Old Romney
29UL019 Paddlesworth
29UL020 Postling
29UL021 St. Mary in the Marsh
29UL022 Saltwood
29UL023 Sellindge
29UL024 Snargate
29UL025 Stanford
29UL026 Stelling Minnis
29UL027 Stowting
29UL028 Swingfield
29UL029 Folkestone
29UL030 Sandgate
29UM001 Badlesmere
29UM002 Bapchild
29UM003 Bobbing
29UM004 Borden
29UM005 Boughton under Blean
29UM006 Bredgar
29UM008 Doddington
29UM009 Dunkirk
29UM010 Eastchurch
29UM011 Eastling
29UM012 Faversham
29UM013 Graveney with Goodnestone
29UM014 Hartlip
29UM015 Hernhill
29UM016 Iwade
29UM017 Leaveland
29UM018 Leysdown
29UM019 Lower Halstow
29UM020 Luddenham
29UM021 Lynsted with Kingsdown
29UM022 Milstead
29UM023 Newington
29UM024 Newnham
29UM025 Norton, Buckland and Stone
29UM026 Oare
29UM027 Ospringe
29UM028 Queenborough
29UM029 Rodmersham
29UM030 Selling
29UM031 Sheldwich
29UM032 Stalisfield
29UM034 Teynham
29UM035 Throwley
29UM036 Tonge
29UM037 Tunstall
29UM038 Upchurch
29UM039 Warden
29UM040 Minster-on-Sea
29UN001 Acol
29UN002 Birchington
29UN003 Broadstairs and St. Peters
29UN004 Manston
29UN005 Minster
29UN006 Monkton
29UN007 St. Nicholas at Wade
29UN008 Sarre
29UN009 Cliffsend
29UP001 Addington
29UP002 Aylesford
29UP003 Birling
29UP004 Borough Green
29UP005 Burham
29UP006 Ditton
29UP007 East Malling and Larkfield
29UP008 East Peckham
29UP009 Hadlow
29UP010 Hildenborough
29UP011 Ightham
29UP012 Leybourne
29UP013 Mereworth
29UP014 Offham
29UP015 Platt
29UP016 Plaxtol
29UP017 Ryarsh
29UP018 Shipbourne
29UP019 Snodland
29UP020 Stansted
29UP021 Trottiscliffe
29UP022 Wateringbury
29UP023 West Malling
29UP024 West Peckham
29UP025 Wouldham
29UP026 Wrotham
29UP027 Kings Hill
29UQ001 Benenden
29UQ002 Bidborough
29UQ003 Brenchley
29UQ004 Capel
29UQ005 Cranbrook
29UQ006 Frittenden
29UQ007 Goudhurst
29UQ008 Hawkhurst
29UQ009 Horsmonden
29UQ010 Lamberhurst
29UQ011 Paddock Wood
29UQ012 Pembury
29UQ013 Sandhurst
29UQ014 Southborough
29UQ015 Speldhurst
30UD001 Briercliffe
30UD002 Cliviger
30UD003 Dunnockshaw
30UD004 Habergham Eaves
30UD005 Hapton
30UD006 Ightenhill
30UD007 Worsthorne-with-Hurstwood
30UD008 Padiham
30UE001 Adlington
30UE002 Anderton
30UE003 Anglezarke
30UE004 Astley Village
30UE005 Bretherton
30UE006 Brindle
30UE007 Charnock Richard
30UE008 Clayton-le-Woods
30UE009 Coppull
30UE010 Croston
30UE011 Cuerden
30UE012 Eccleston
30UE013 Euxton
30UE014 Heapey
30UE015 Heath Charnock
30UE016 Heskin
30UE017 Hoghton
30UE018 Mawdesley
30UE019 Rivington
30UE020 Ulnes Walton
30UE021 Wheelton
30UE022 Whittle-le-Woods
30UE023 Withnell
30UF001 Bryning-with-Warton
30UF002 Elswick
30UF003 Freckleton
30UF004 Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton
30UF005 Kirkham
30UF006 Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck
30UF007 Medlar-with-Wesham
30UF008 Newton-with-Clifton
30UF009 Ribby-with-Wrea
30UF010 Singleton
30UF011 Staining
30UF012 Treales, Roseacre and Wharles
30UF013 Weeton-with-Preese
30UF014 Westby-with-Plumptons
30UG001 Altham
30UH001 Arkholme-with-Cawood
30UH002 Bolton-le-Sands
30UH003 Borwick
30UH004 Burrow-with-Burrow
30UH005 Cantsfield
30UH006 Carnforth
30UH007 Caton-with-Littledale
30UH008 Claughton
30UH009 Cockerham
30UH010 Ellel
30UH011 Gressingham
30UH012 Halton-with-Aughton
30UH013 Heaton-with-Oxcliffe
30UH014 Hornby-with-Farleton
30UH015 Ireby
30UH016 Leck
30UH017 Melling-with-Wrayton
30UH018 Middleton
30UH019 Nether Kellet
30UH020 Over Kellet
30UH021 Overton
30UH022 Over Wyresdale
30UH023 Priest Hutton
30UH024 Quernmore
30UH025 Roeburndale
30UH026 Scotforth
30UH027 Silverdale
30UH028 Slyne-with-Hest
30UH029 Tatham
30UH030 Thurnham
30UH031 Tunstall
30UH032 Warton
30UH033 Wennington
30UH034 Whittington
30UH035 Wray-with-Botton
30UH036 Yealand Conyers
30UH037 Yealand Redmayne
30UJ001 Barley-with-Wheatley Booth
30UJ002 Barnoldswick
30UJ003 Barrowford
30UJ004 Blacko
30UJ005 Bracewell and Brogden
30UJ006 Foulridge
30UJ007 Goldshaw Booth
30UJ008 Higham-with-West Close Booth
30UJ009 Old Laund Booth
30UJ010 Reedley Hallows
30UJ011 Roughlee Booth
30UJ012 Salterforth
30UJ013 Trawden Forest
30UJ014 Brierfield
30UJ015 Earby
30UJ016 Kelbrook and Sough
30UJ017 Laneshaw Bridge
30UK001 Barton
30UK002 Broughton
30UK003 Goosnargh
30UK004 Grimsargh
30UK005 Haighton
30UK006 Lea
30UK007 Whittingham
30UK008 Woodplumpton
30UL001 Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley
30UL002 Balderstone
30UL003 Bashall Eaves
30UL004 Billington and Langho
30UL005 Bolton-by-Bowland
30UL006 Bowland Forest High
30UL007 Bowland Forest Low
30UL008 Bowland-with-Leagram
30UL009 Chatburn
30UL010 Chipping
30UL011 Clayton-le-Dale
30UL012 Clitheroe
30UL013 Dinckley
30UL014 Downham
30UL015 Dutton
30UL016 Easington
30UL017 Gisburn
30UL018 Gisburn Forest
30UL019 Great Mitton
30UL020 Grindleton
30UL021 Horton
30UL022 Hothersall
30UL023 Little Mitton
30UL024 Longridge
30UL025 Mearley
30UL026 Mellor
30UL027 Middop
30UL028 Newsholme
30UL029 Newton
30UL030 Osbaldeston
30UL031 Paythorne
30UL032 Pendleton
30UL033 Ramsgreave
30UL034 Read
30UL035 Ribchester
30UL036 Rimington
30UL037 Sabden
30UL038 Salesbury
30UL039 Sawley
30UL040 Simonstone
30UL041 Slaidburn
30UL042 Thornley-with-Wheatley
30UL043 Twiston
30UL044 Waddington
30UL045 West Bradford
30UL046 Whalley
30UL047 Wilpshire
30UL048 Wiswell
30UL049 Worston
30UM001 Whitworth
30UN001 Cuerdale
30UN002 Farington
30UN003 Hutton
30UN004 Little Hoole
30UN005 Longton
30UN006 Much Hoole
30UN007 Penwortham
30UN008 Samlesbury
30UP001 Aughton
30UP002 Bickerstaffe
30UP003 Bispham
30UP004 Burscough
30UP005 Dalton
30UP006 Downholland
30UP007 Great Altcar
30UP008 Halsall
30UP009 Hesketh-with-Becconsall
30UP010 Lathom
30UP011 Newburgh
30UP012 North Meols
30UP013 Parbold
30UP014 Rufford
30UP015 Scarisbrick
30UP016 Tarleton
30UP017 Up Holland
30UP018 Wrightington
30UP019 Simonswood
30UP020 Hilldale
30UQ001 Barnacre-with-Bonds
30UQ003 Bleasdale
30UQ004 Cabus
30UQ005 Catterall
30UQ006 Claughton
30UQ007 Forton
30UQ008 Garstang
30UQ009 Great Eccleston
30UQ010 Hambleton
30UQ011 Inskip-with-Sowerby
30UQ012 Kirkland
30UQ014 Nateby
30UQ015 Nether Wyersdale
30UQ016 Out Rawcliffe
30UQ017 Pilling
30UQ018 Preesall
30UQ019 Stalmine-with-Staynall
30UQ020 Upper Rawcliffe-with-Tarnacre
30UQ021 Winmarleigh
30UQ022 Myerscough and Bilsborrow
31UB001 Aston Flamville
31UB002 Blaby
31UB003 Braunstone
31UB004 Cosby
31UB005 Countesthorpe
31UB006 Croft
31UB007 Elmesthorpe
31UB008 Enderby
31UB009 Glenfields
31UB010 Glen Parva
31UB011 Huncote
31UB012 Kilby
31UB013 Kirby Muxloe
31UB014 Leicester Forest East
31UB015 Leicester Forest West
31UB016 Lubbesthorpe
31UB017 Narborough
31UB018 Potters Marston
31UB019 Sapcote
31UB020 Sharnford
31UB021 Stoney Stanton
31UB022 Thurlaston
31UB023 Whetstone
31UB024 Wigston Parva
31UC001 Anstey
31UC002 Barkby
31UC003 Barkby Thorpe
31UC004 Barrow upon Soar
31UC005 Beeby
31UC006 Birstall
31UC007 Burton on the Wolds
31UC008 Cossington
31UC009 Cotes
31UC010 East Goscote
31UC011 Hathern
31UC012 Hoton
31UC013 Mountsorrel
31UC014 Newtown Linford
31UC015 Prestwold
31UC016 Queniborough
31UC017 Quorndon
31UC018 Ratcliffe on the Wreake
31UC019 Rearsby
31UC020 Rothley
31UC021 Seagrave
31UC022 Shepshed
31UC023 Sileby
31UC024 South Croxton
31UC025 Swithland
31UC026 Syston
31UC027 Thrussington
31UC028 Thurcaston and Cropston
31UC029 Thurmaston
31UC030 Ulverscroft
31UC031 Walton on the Wolds
31UC032 Wanlip
31UC033 Woodhouse
31UC034 Wymeswold
31UD001 Allexton
31UD002 Arnesby
31UD003 Ashby Magna
31UD004 Ashby Parva
31UD005 Billesdon
31UD006 Bittesby
31UD007 Bitteswell
31UD008 Blaston
31UD009 Bringhurst
31UD010 Broughton Astley
31UD011 Bruntingthorpe
31UD012 Burton Overy
31UD013 Carlton Curlieu
31UD014 Catthorpe
31UD015 Claybrooke Magna
31UD016 Claybrooke Parva
31UD017 Cold Newton
31UD018 Cotesbach
31UD019 Cranoe
31UD020 Drayton
31UD021 Dunton Bassett
31UD022 East Langton
31UD023 East Norton
31UD024 Fleckney
31UD025 Foxton
31UD026 Frisby
31UD027 Frolesworth
31UD028 Gaulby
31UD029 Gilmorton
31UD030 Glooston
31UD031 Goadby
31UD032 Great Easton
31UD033 Great Glen
31UD034 Gumley
31UD035 Hallaton
31UD036 Horninghold
31UD037 Houghton on the Hill
31UD038 Hungarton
31UD039 Husbands Bosworth
31UD040 Illston on the Hill
31UD041 Keyham
31UD042 Kibworth Beauchamp
31UD043 Kibworth Harcourt
31UD044 Kimcote and Walton
31UD045 King's Norton
31UD046 Knaptoft
31UD047 Laughton
31UD048 Launde
31UD049 Leire
31UD050 Little Stretton
31UD051 Loddington
31UD052 Lowesby
31UD053 Lubenham
31UD054 Lutterworth
31UD055 Marefield
31UD056 Medbourne
31UD057 Misterton with Walcote
31UD058 Mowsley
31UD059 Nevill Holt
31UD060 North Kilworth
31UD061 Noseley
31UD062 Owston and Newbold
31UD063 Peatling Magna
31UD064 Peatling Parva
31UD065 Rolleston
31UD066 Saddington
31UD067 Scraptoft
31UD068 Shangton
31UD069 Shawell
31UD070 Shearsby
31UD071 Skeffington
31UD072 Slawston
31UD073 Smeeton Westerby
31UD074 South Kilworth
31UD075 Stockerston
31UD076 Stonton Wyville
31UD077 Stoughton
31UD079 Swinford
31UD080 Theddingworth
31UD081 Thorpe Langton
31UD082 Thurnby and Bushby
31UD083 Tilton
31UD084 Tugby and Keythorpe
31UD085 Tur Langton
31UD086 Ullesthorpe
31UD087 Welham
31UD088 West Langton
31UD089 Westrill and Starmore
31UD091 Willoughby Waterleys
31UD092 Wistow
31UD093 Withcote
31UD094 Great Bowden
31UE001 Bagworth and Thornton
31UE002 Barlestone
31UE003 Burbage
31UE004 Cadeby
31UE005 Carlton
31UE006 Desford
31UE007 Groby
31UE008 Higham on the Hill
31UE009 Market Bosworth
31UE010 Markfield
31UE011 Nailstone
31UE012 Newbold Verdon
31UE013 Osbaston
31UE014 Peckleton
31UE015 Ratby
31UE016 Shackerstone
31UE017 Sheepy
31UE018 Stanton-under-Bardon
31UE019 Stoke Golding
31UE020 Sutton Cheney
31UE021 Twycross
31UE022 Witherley
31UE023 Earl Shilton
31UG001 Ab Kettleby
31UG002 Asfordby
31UG003 Belvoir
31UG004 Bottesford
31UG005 Broughton and Old Dalby
31UG006 Buckminster
31UG007 Burton and Dalby
31UG008 Clawson, Hose and Harby
31UG009 Croxton Kerrial
31UG010 Eaton
31UG011 Freeby
31UG012 Frisby and Kirby
31UG013 Gaddesby
31UG014 Garthorpe
31UG015 Grimston
31UG016 Hoby with Rotherby
31UG017 Knossington and Cold Overton
31UG018 Redmile
31UG019 Scalford
31UG020 Somerby
31UG021 Sproxton
31UG022 Stathern
31UG023 Twyford and Thorpe
31UG024 Waltham
31UG025 Wymondham
31UH001 Appleby Magna
31UH002 Ashby-de-la-Zouch
31UH003 Ashby Woulds
31UH004 Bardon
31UH005 Belton
31UH006 Breedon on the Hill
31UH007 Castle Donington
31UH008 Charley
31UH009 Chilcote
31UH010 Coleorton
31UH011 Heather
31UH012 Ibstock
31UH013 Isley cum Langley
31UH014 Kegworth
31UH015 Lockington-Hemington
31UH016 Long Whatton and Diseworth
31UH017 Measham
31UH018 Normanton le Heath
31UH019 Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe
31UH020 Osgathorpe
31UH021 Packington
31UH022 Ravenstone with Snibstone
31UH023 Snarestone
31UH024 Staunton Harold
31UH025 Stretton en le Field
31UH026 Swannington
31UH027 Swepstone
31UH028 Worthington
31UH029 Ellistown and Battleflat
32UB001 Algarkirk
32UB002 Amber Hill
32UB003 Benington
32UB004 Bicker
32UB005 Butterwick
32UB006 Fishtoft
32UB007 Fosdyke
32UB008 Frampton
32UB009 Freiston
32UB010 Holland Fen with Brothertoft
32UB011 Kirton
32UB012 Leverton
32UB013 Old Leake
32UB014 Sutterton
32UB015 Swineshead
32UB016 Wigtoft
32UB017 Wrangle
32UB018 Wyberton
32UC001 Aby with Greenfield
32UC002 Addlethorpe
32UC003 Alford
32UC004 Alvingham
32UC005 Anderby
32UC006 Ashby with Scremby
32UC007 Asterby
32UC008 Aswardby
32UC009 Authorpe
32UC010 Baumber
32UC011 Beesby with Saleby
32UC012 Belchford
32UC013 Belleau
32UC014 Benniworth
32UC015 Bilsby
32UC016 Binbrook
32UC017 Bolingbroke
32UC018 Brackenborough with Little Grimsby
32UC019 Bratoft
32UC020 Brinkhill
32UC021 Bucknall
32UC022 Burgh le Marsh
32UC023 Burgh on Bain
32UC024 Burwell
32UC025 Calcethorpe with Kelstern
32UC026 Candlesby with Gunby
32UC027 Carrington
32UC028 Chapel St. Leonards
32UC029 Claxby St Andrew
32UC030 Claxby with Moorby
32UC031 Claythorpe
32UC032 Coningsby
32UC033 Conisholme
32UC034 Covenham St Bartholomew
32UC035 Covenham St Mary
32UC036 Croft
32UC037 Cumberworth
32UC038 Dalby
32UC039 Donington on Bain
32UC040 East Barkwith
32UC041 East Keal
32UC042 East Kirkby
32UC043 Eastville
32UC044 Edlington with Wispington
32UC045 Elkington
32UC046 Farlesthorpe
32UC047 Firsby
32UC048 Fotherby
32UC049 Friskney
32UC050 Frithville
32UC051 Fulletby
32UC052 Fulstow
32UC053 Gautby
32UC054 Gayton le Marsh
32UC055 Gayton le Wold
32UC056 Goulceby
32UC057 Grainsby
32UC058 Grainthorpe
32UC059 Great Carlton
32UC060 Great Steeping
32UC061 Great Sturton
32UC062 Greetham with Somersby
32UC063 Grimoldby
32UC064 Hagworthingham
32UC065 Hainton
32UC066 Hallington
32UC067 Haltham
32UC068 Halton Holegate
32UC069 Hameringham
32UC070 Hannah cum Hagnaby
32UC071 Harrington
32UC072 Hatton
32UC073 Haugh
32UC074 Haugham
32UC075 Hemingby
32UC076 High Toynton
32UC077 Hogsthorpe
32UC078 Holton le Clay
32UC079 Horncastle
32UC080 Horsington
32UC081 Hundleby
32UC082 Huttoft
32UC083 Ingoldmells
32UC084 Irby in the Marsh
32UC085 Keddington
32UC086 Kirkby on Bain
32UC087 Langriville
32UC088 Langton
32UC089 Langton by Spilsby
32UC090 Langton by Wragby
32UC091 Legbourne
32UC092 Little Carlton
32UC093 Little Cawthorpe
32UC094 Little Steeping
32UC095 Louth
32UC096 Low Toynton
32UC097 Ludborough
32UC098 Ludford
32UC099 Lusby with Winceby
32UC100 Mablethorpe and Sutton
32UC101 Maidenwell
32UC102 Maltby le Marsh
32UC103 Manby
32UC104 Mareham le Fen
32UC105 Mareham on the Hill
32UC106 Markby
32UC107 Market Stainton
32UC108 Marshchapel
32UC109 Mavis Enderby
32UC110 Midville
32UC111 Minting
32UC112 Muckton
32UC113 Mumby
32UC114 New Leake
32UC115 North Coates
32UC116 North Cockerington
32UC117 North Ormsby
32UC118 North Somercotes
32UC119 North Thoresby
32UC120 Orby
32UC121 Partney
32UC122 Raithby
32UC123 Raithby cum Maltby
32UC124 Ranby
32UC125 Reston
32UC126 Revesby
32UC127 Rigsby with Ailby
32UC128 Roughton
32UC132 Sausthorpe
32UC133 Scamblesby
32UC134 Scrivelsby
32UC135 Sibsey
32UC136 Skegness
32UC137 Skendleby
32UC138 Skidbrooke with Saltfleet Haven
32UC139 Sotby
32UC140 South Cockerington
32UC141 South Ormsby cum Ketsby
32UC142 South Somercotes
32UC143 South Thoresby
32UC144 South Willingham
32UC145 Spilsby
32UC146 Stenigot
32UC147 Stewton
32UC148 Stickford
32UC149 Stickney
32UC150 Stixwould and Woodhall
32UC151 Strubby with Woodthorpe
32UC152 Swaby
32UC153 Tathwell
32UC154 Tattershall
32UC155 Tattershall Thorpe
32UC156 Tetford
32UC157 Tetney
32UC158 Theddlethorpe All Saints
32UC159 Theddlethorpe St Helen
32UC160 Thimbleby
32UC161 Thornton le Fen
32UC162 Thorpe St. Peter
32UC163 Toynton All Saints
32UC164 Toynton St Peter
32UC165 Tumby
32UC166 Tupholme
32UC167 Ulceby with Fordington
32UC168 Utterby
32UC169 Waddingworth
32UC170 Wainfleet All Saints
32UC171 Wainfleet St Mary
32UC172 Waithe
32UC173 Walmsgate
32UC174 Well
32UC175 Welton le Marsh
32UC176 Welton le Wold
32UC177 West Ashby
32UC178 West Barkwith
32UC179 West Fen
32UC180 West Keal
32UC181 West Torrington
32UC182 Westville
32UC183 Wildmore
32UC184 Willoughby with Sloothby
32UC185 Withcall
32UC186 Withern with Stain
32UC187 Wood Enderby
32UC188 Woodhall Spa
32UC189 Wragby
32UC190 Wyham cum Cadeby
32UC191 Yarburgh
32UC192 Saltfleetby
32UE001 Anwick
32UE002 Asgarby and Howell
32UE003 Ashby de la Launde and Bloxholm
32UE004 Aswarby and Swarby
32UE005 Aubourn Haddington and South Hykeham
32UE006 Aunsby and Dembleby
32UE007 Bassingham
32UE008 Beckingham
32UE009 Billinghay
32UE010 Blankney
32UE011 Boothby Graffoe
32UE012 Bracebridge Heath
32UE013 Branston and Mere
32UE014 Brant Broughton and Stragglethorpe
32UE015 Brauncewell
32UE016 Burton Pedwardine
32UE017 Canwick
32UE018 Carlton-le-Moorland
32UE019 Coleby
32UE020 Cranwell and Byard's Leap
32UE021 Culverthorpe and Kelby
32UE022 Digby
32UE023 Doddington and Whisby
32UE024 Dogdyke
32UE025 Dorrington
32UE026 Dunston
32UE027 Eagle and Swinethorpe
32UE028 Ewerby and Evedon
32UE029 Great Hale
32UE030 Harmston
32UE031 Heckington
32UE032 Heighington
32UE033 Helpringham
32UE034 Kirkby la Thorpe
32UE035 Leadenham
32UE036 Leasingham
32UE037 Little Hale
32UE038 Martin
32UE039 Metheringham
32UE040 Navenby
32UE041 Newton and Haceby
32UE042 Nocton
32UE043 North Hykeham
32UE044 North Kyme
32UE045 North Rauceby
32UE046 North Scarle
32UE047 Norton Disney
32UE048 Osbournby
32UE049 Potter Hanworth
32UE050 Rowston
32UE051 Roxholm
32UE052 Ruskington
32UE053 Scopwick
32UE054 Scredington
32UE055 Silk Willoughby
32UE056 Skellingthorpe
32UE057 Sleaford
32UE058 South Kyme
32UE059 South Rauceby
32UE060 Stapleford
32UE061 Swaton
32UE062 Swinderby
32UE063 Temple Bruer with Temple High Grange
32UE064 Thorpe on the Hill
32UE065 Threekingham
32UE066 Thurlby
32UE067 Timberland
32UE068 Waddington
32UE069 Walcot near Folkingham
32UE070 Walcott
32UE071 Washingborough
32UE072 Welbourn
32UE073 Wellingore
32UE074 Wilsford
32UE075 Witham St. Hughs
32UF001 Cowbit
32UF002 Crowland
32UF003 Deeping St Nicholas
32UF004 Donington
32UF005 Fleet
32UF006 Gedney
32UF007 Gedney Hill
32UF008 Gosberton
32UF009 Holbeach
32UF010 Little Sutton
32UF011 Long Sutton
32UF012 Lutton
32UF013 Moulton
32UF014 Pinchbeck
32UF015 Quadring
32UF016 Surfleet
32UF017 Sutton Bridge
32UF018 Sutton St Edmund
32UF019 Sutton St James
32UF020 Tydd St Mary
32UF021 Weston
32UF022 Whaplode
32UG001 Allington
32UG002 Ancaster
32UG003 Aslackby and Laughton
32UG004 Barholm and Stowe
32UG005 Barkston
32UG006 Barrowby
32UG007 Baston
32UG008 Belton and Manthorpe
32UG009 Billingborough
32UG010 Bitchfield and Bassingthorpe
32UG011 Boothby Pagnell
32UG012 Bourne
32UG013 Braceborough and Wilsthorpe
32UG014 Braceby and Sapperton
32UG015 Burton Coggles
32UG016 Careby Aunby and Holywell
32UG017 Carlby
32UG018 Carlton Scroop
32UG019 Castle Bytham
32UG020 Caythorpe
32UG021 Claypole
32UG022 Colsterworth
32UG023 Corby Glen
32UG024 Counthorpe and Creeton
32UG025 Deeping St James
32UG026 Denton
32UG027 Dowsby
32UG028 Dunsby
32UG029 Easton
32UG030 Edenham
32UG031 Fenton
32UG032 Folkingham
32UG033 Foston
32UG034 Fulbeck
32UG035 Great Gonerby
32UG036 Great Ponton
32UG037 Greatford
32UG038 Gunby and Stainby
32UG039 Haconby
32UG040 Harlaxton
32UG041 Heydour
32UG042 Honington
32UG043 Horbling
32UG044 Hough-on-the-Hill
32UG045 Hougham
32UG046 Ingoldsby
32UG047 Irnham
32UG048 Kirkby Underwood
32UG049 Langtoft
32UG050 Lenton Keisby and Osgodby
32UG051 Little Bytham
32UG052 Little Ponton and Stroxton
32UG053 Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without
32UG054 Long Bennington
32UG055 Market Deeping
32UG056 Marston
32UG057 Morton
32UG058 Normanton
32UG059 North Witham
32UG060 Old Somerby
32UG061 Pickworth
32UG062 Pointon and Sempringham
32UG063 Rippingale
32UG064 Ropsley and Humby
32UG065 Sedgebrook
32UG066 Skillington
32UG067 South Witham
32UG068 Stamford
32UG069 Stoke Rochford
32UG070 Stubton
32UG071 Swayfield
32UG072 Swinstead
32UG073 Syston
32UG074 Tallington
32UG075 Thurlby
32UG076 Toft with Lound and Manthorpe
32UG077 Uffington
32UG078 Welby
32UG079 West Deeping
32UG080 Westborough and Dry Doddington
32UG081 Witham on the Hill
32UG082 Woolsthorpe By Belvoir
32UG083 Wyville cum Hungerton
32UH001 Aisthorpe
32UH002 Apley
32UH003 Bardney
32UH004 Barlings
32UH005 Bigby
32UH006 Bishop Norton
32UH007 Blyborough
32UH008 Blyton
32UH009 Brampton
32UH010 Brattleby
32UH011 Broadholme
32UH012 Brocklesby
32UH013 Broxholme
32UH014 Bullington
32UH015 Burton
32UH016 Buslingthorpe
32UH017 Cabourne
32UH018 Caenby
32UH019 Caistor
32UH020 Cammeringham
32UH021 Cherry Willingham
32UH022 Claxby
32UH023 Cold Hanworth
32UH024 Corringham
32UH025 Dunholme
32UH026 East Ferry
32UH027 East Stockwith
32UH028 Faldingworth
32UH029 Fenton
32UH030 Fillingham
32UH031 Fiskerton
32UH032 Friesthorpe
32UH033 Fulnetby
32UH034 Gate Burton
32UH035 Glentham
32UH036 Glentworth
32UH037 Goltho
32UH038 Grange de Lings
32UH039 Grasby
32UH040 Grayingham
32UH041 Great Limber
32UH042 Greetwell
32UH043 Hackthorn
32UH044 Hardwick
32UH045 Harpswell
32UH046 Heapham
32UH047 Hemswell
32UH048 Holton cum Beckering
32UH049 Holton le Moor
32UH050 Ingham
32UH051 Keelby
32UH052 Kettlethorpe
32UH053 Kexby
32UH054 Kirmond le Mire
32UH055 Knaith
32UH056 Laughton
32UH057 Lea
32UH058 Legsby
32UH059 Linwood
32UH060 Lissington
32UH061 Market Rasen
32UH062 Marton
32UH063 Middle Rasen
32UH064 Morton
32UH065 Nettleham
32UH066 Nettleton
32UH067 Newball
32UH068 Newton on Trent
32UH069 Normanby by Spital
32UH070 Normanby le Wold
32UH071 North Carlton
32UH072 North Kelsey
32UH073 North Willingham
32UH074 Northorpe
32UH075 Osgodby
32UH076 Owersby
32UH077 Owmby
32UH078 Pilham
32UH079 Rand
32UH080 Reepham
32UH081 Riby
32UH082 Riseholme
32UH083 Rothwell
32UH084 Saxby
32UH085 Saxilby with Ingleby
32UH086 Scampton
32UH087 Scothern
32UH088 Scotter
32UH089 Scotton
32UH090 Searby cum Owmby
32UH091 Sixhills
32UH092 Snarford
32UH093 Snelland
32UH094 Snitterby
32UH095 Somerby
32UH096 South Carlton
32UH097 South Kelsey
32UH098 Spridlington
32UH099 Springthorpe
32UH100 Stainfield
32UH101 Stainton by Langworth
32UH102 Stainton le Vale
32UH103 Stow
32UH104 Sturton by Stow
32UH105 Sudbrooke
32UH106 Swallow
32UH107 Swinhope
32UH108 Tealby
32UH109 Thonock
32UH110 Thoresway
32UH111 Thorganby
32UH112 Thorpe in the Fallows
32UH113 Toft Newton
32UH114 Torksey
32UH115 Upton
32UH116 Waddingham
32UH117 Walesby
32UH118 Walkerith
32UH119 Welton
32UH120 West Firsby
32UH121 West Rasen
32UH122 Wickenby
32UH123 Wildsworth
32UH124 Willingham
32UH125 Willoughton
32UH126 Gainsborough
32UH127 Hemswell Cliff
32UH128 Brookenby
33UB001 Ashill
33UB002 Attleborough
33UB003 Banham
33UB004 Bawdeswell
33UB005 Beachamwell
33UB006 Beeston with Bittering
33UB007 Beetley
33UB008 Besthorpe
33UB009 Billingford
33UB010 Bintree
33UB011 Blo' Norton
33UB012 Bradenham
33UB013 Brettenham
33UB014 Bridgham
33UB015 Brisley
33UB016 Bylaugh
33UB017 Carbrooke
33UB018 Caston
33UB019 Cockley Cley
33UB020 Colkirk
33UB021 Cranwich
33UB022 Cranworth
33UB023 Croxton
33UB024 Didlington
33UB025 Dereham
33UB026 East Tuddenham
33UB027 Elsing
33UB028 Foulden
33UB029 Foxley
33UB030 Fransham
33UB031 Garboldisham
33UB032 Garvestone
33UB033 Gateley
33UB034 Gooderstone
33UB035 Great Cressingham
33UB036 Great Dunham
33UB037 Great Ellingham
33UB038 Gressenhall
33UB039 Griston
33UB040 Guist
33UB041 Hardingham
33UB042 Harling
33UB043 Hilborough
33UB044 Hockering
33UB045 Hockham
33UB046 Hoe
33UB047 Holme Hale
33UB048 Horningtoft
33UB049 Ickburgh
33UB050 Kempstone
33UB051 Kenninghall
33UB052 Kilverstone
33UB053 Lexham
33UB054 Litcham
33UB055 Little Cressingham
33UB056 Little Dunham
33UB057 Little Ellingham
33UB058 Longham
33UB059 Lynford
33UB060 Lyng
33UB061 Mattishall
33UB062 Merton
33UB063 Mileham
33UB064 Mundford
33UB065 Narborough
33UB066 Narford
33UB067 Necton
33UB068 New Buckenham
33UB069 Newton by Castle Acre
33UB070 North Elmham
33UB071 North Lopham
33UB072 North Pickenham
33UB073 North Tuddenham
33UB074 Old Buckenham
33UB075 Ovington
33UB076 Oxborough
33UB077 Quidenham
33UB078 Riddlesworth
33UB079 Rocklands
33UB080 Roudham and Larling
33UB081 Rougham
33UB082 Saham Toney
33UB083 Scarning
33UB084 Scoulton
33UB085 Shipdham
33UB086 Shropham
33UB087 Snetterton
33UB088 South Acre
33UB089 South Lopham
33UB090 South Pickenham
33UB091 Sparham
33UB092 Sporle with Palgrave
33UB093 Stanfield
33UB094 Stanford
33UB095 Stow Bedon
33UB096 Sturston
33UB097 Swaffham
33UB098 Swanton Morley
33UB099 Thetford
33UB100 Thompson
33UB101 Tittleshall
33UB102 Tottington
33UB103 Twyford
33UB104 Watton
33UB105 Weasenham All Saints
33UB106 Weasenham St. Peter
33UB107 Weeting-with-Broomhill
33UB108 Wellingham
33UB109 Wendling
33UB110 Whinburgh and Westfield
33UB111 Whissonsett
33UB112 Wretham
33UB113 Yaxham
33UC001 Acle
33UC002 Alderford
33UC003 Attlebridge
33UC004 Aylsham
33UC005 Beeston St. Andrew
33UC006 Beighton
33UC007 Belaugh
33UC008 Blickling
33UC009 Blofield
33UC010 Booton
33UC011 Brampton
33UC012 Brandiston
33UC013 Brundall
33UC014 Burgh and Tuttington
33UC015 Buxton with Lammas
33UC016 Cantley
33UC017 Cawston
33UC018 Coltishall
33UC019 Crostwick
33UC020 Drayton
33UC021 Felthorpe
33UC022 Foulsham
33UC023 Freethorpe
33UC024 Frettenham
33UC025 Great and Little Plumstead
33UC026 Great Witchingham
33UC027 Guestwick
33UC028 Hainford
33UC029 Halvergate
33UC030 Haveringland
33UC031 Hellesdon
33UC032 Hemblington
33UC033 Hevingham
33UC034 Heydon
33UC035 Honingham
33UC036 Horsford
33UC037 Horsham St. Faith and Newton St. Faith
33UC038 Horstead with Stanninghall
33UC039 Lingwood and Burlingham
33UC040 Little Witchingham
33UC041 Marsham
33UC042 Morton on the Hill
33UC043 Old Catton
33UC044 Oulton
33UC045 Postwick with Witton
33UC046 Rackheath
33UC047 Reedham
33UC048 Reepham
33UC049 Ringland
33UC050 Salhouse
33UC051 Salle
33UC052 South Walsham
33UC053 Spixworth
33UC054 Sprowston
33UC055 Stratton Strawless
33UC056 Strumpshaw
33UC057 Swannington
33UC058 Taverham
33UC059 Themelthorpe
33UC060 Thorpe St. Andrew
33UC061 Upton with Fishley
33UC062 Weston Longville
33UC063 Woodbastwick
33UC064 Wood Dalling
33UC065 Wroxham
33UD001 Ashby with Oby
33UD002 Belton with Browston
33UD003 Bradwell
33UD004 Burgh Castle
33UD005 Caister-on-Sea
33UD006 Filby
33UD007 Fleggburgh
33UD008 Fritton and St. Olaves
33UD009 Hemsby
33UD010 Hopton-on-Sea
33UD011 Martham
33UD012 Mautby
33UD013 Ormesby St. Margaret with Scratby
33UD014 Ormesby St. Michael
33UD015 Repps with Bastwick
33UD016 Rollesby
33UD017 Somerton
33UD018 Stokesby with Herringby
33UD019 Thurne
33UD020 West Caister
33UD021 Winterton-on-Sea
33UE001 Anmer
33UE002 Bagthorpe with Barmer
33UE003 Barton Bendish
33UE004 Barwick
33UE005 Bawsey
33UE006 Bircham
33UE007 Boughton
33UE008 Brancaster
33UE009 Burnham Market
33UE010 Burnham Norton
33UE011 Burnham Overy
33UE012 Burnham Thorpe
33UE013 Castle Acre
33UE014 Castle Rising
33UE015 Choseley
33UE016 Clenchwarton
33UE017 Congham
33UE018 Crimplesham
33UE019 Denver
33UE020 Dersingham
33UE021 Docking
33UE022 Downham Market
33UE023 Downham West
33UE024 East Rudham
33UE025 East Walton
33UE026 East Winch
33UE027 Emneth
33UE028 Feltwell
33UE029 Fincham
33UE030 Flitcham with Appleton
33UE031 Fordham
33UE032 Fring
33UE033 Gayton
33UE034 Great Massingham
33UE035 Grimston
33UE036 Harpley
33UE037 Heacham
33UE038 Hilgay
33UE039 Hillington
33UE040 Hockwold cum Wilton
33UE041 Holme next the Sea
33UE042 Houghton
33UE043 Hunstanton
33UE044 Ingoldisthorpe
33UE045 Leziate
33UE046 Little Massingham
33UE047 Marham
33UE048 Marshland St. James
33UE049 Methwold
33UE050 Middleton
33UE051 Nordelph
33UE052 North Creake
33UE053 North Runcton
33UE054 Northwold
33UE055 North Wootton
33UE056 Old Hunstanton
33UE057 Outwell
33UE058 Pentney
33UE059 Ringstead
33UE060 Roydon
33UE061 Runcton Holme
33UE062 Ryston
33UE063 Sandringham
33UE064 Sedgeford
33UE065 Shernborne
33UE066 Shouldham
33UE067 Shouldham Thorpe
33UE068 Snettisham
33UE069 South Creake
33UE070 Southery
33UE071 South Wootton
33UE072 Stanhoe
33UE073 Stoke Ferry
33UE074 Stow Bardolph
33UE075 Stradsett
33UE076 Syderstone
33UE077 Terrington St. Clement
33UE078 Terrington St. John
33UE079 Thornham
33UE080 Tilney All Saints
33UE081 Tilney St. Lawrence
33UE082 Titchwell
33UE083 Tottenhill
33UE084 Upwell
33UE085 Walpole
33UE086 Walpole Cross Keys
33UE087 Walpole Highway
33UE088 Walsoken
33UE089 Watlington
33UE090 Welney
33UE091 Wereham
33UE092 West Acre
33UE093 West Dereham
33UE094 West Rudham
33UE095 West Walton
33UE096 West Winch
33UE097 Wiggenhall St. Germans
33UE098 Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen
33UE099 Wimbotsham
33UE100 Wormegay
33UE101 Wretton
33UF001 Alby with Thwaite
33UF002 Aldborough
33UF003 Antingham
33UF004 Ashmanhaugh
33UF005 Aylmerton
33UF006 Baconsthorpe
33UF007 Bacton
33UF008 Barsham
33UF009 Barton Turf
33UF010 Beeston Regis
33UF011 Binham
33UF012 Blakeney
33UF013 Bodham
33UF014 Briningham
33UF015 Brinton
33UF016 Briston
33UF017 Brumstead
33UF018 Catfield
33UF019 Cley Next The Sea
33UF020 Colby
33UF021 Corpusty
33UF022 Cromer
33UF023 Dilham
33UF024 Dunton
33UF025 East Beckham
33UF026 East Ruston
33UF027 Edgefield
33UF028 Erpingham
33UF029 Fakenham
33UF030 Felbrigg
33UF031 Felmingham
33UF032 Field Dalling
33UF033 Fulmodeston
33UF034 Gimingham
33UF035 Great Snoring
33UF036 Gresham
33UF037 Gunthorpe
33UF038 Hanworth
33UF039 Happisburgh
33UF040 Helhoughton
33UF041 Hempstead
33UF042 Hempton
33UF043 Hickling
33UF044 High Kelling
33UF045 Hindolveston
33UF046 Hindringham
33UF047 Holkham
33UF048 Holt
33UF049 Honing
33UF050 Horning
33UF051 Horsey
33UF052 Hoveton
33UF053 Ingham
33UF054 Ingworth
33UF055 Itteringham
33UF056 Kelling
33UF057 Kettlestone
33UF058 Knapton
33UF059 Langham
33UF060 Lessingham
33UF061 Letheringsett with Glandford
33UF062 Little Barningham
33UF063 Little Snoring
33UF064 Ludham
33UF065 Matlask
33UF066 Melton Constable
33UF067 Morston
33UF068 Mundesley
33UF069 Neatishead
33UF070 Northrepps
33UF071 North Walsham
33UF072 Overstrand
33UF073 Paston
33UF074 Plumstead
33UF075 Potter Heigham
33UF076 Pudding Norton
33UF077 Raynham
33UF078 Roughton
33UF079 Runton
33UF080 Ryburgh
33UF081 Salthouse
33UF082 Scottow
33UF083 Sculthorpe
33UF084 Sea Palling
33UF085 Sheringham
33UF086 Sidestrand
33UF087 Skeyton
33UF088 Sloley
33UF089 Smallburgh
33UF090 Southrepps
33UF091 Stalham
33UF092 Stibbard
33UF093 Stiffkey
33UF094 Stody
33UF095 Suffield
33UF096 Sustead
33UF097 Sutton
33UF098 Swafield
33UF099 Swanton Abbott
33UF100 Swanton Novers
33UF101 Tattersett
33UF102 Thornage
33UF103 Thorpe Market
33UF104 Thurning
33UF105 Thursford
33UF106 Trimingham
33UF107 Trunch
33UF108 Tunstead
33UF109 Upper Sheringham
33UF110 Walsingham
33UF111 Warham
33UF112 Wells-next-the-Sea
33UF113 West Beckham
33UF114 Westwick
33UF115 Weybourne
33UF116 Wickmere
33UF117 Wighton
33UF118 Witton
33UF119 Wiveton
33UF120 Wood Norton
33UF121 Worstead
33UH001 Alburgh
33UH002 Aldeby
33UH003 Alpington
33UH004 Ashby St. Mary
33UH005 Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall
33UH006 Aslacton
33UH007 Barford
33UH008 Barnham Broom
33UH009 Bawburgh
33UH010 Bedingham
33UH011 Bergh Apton
33UH012 Bixley
33UH013 Bracon Ash
33UH014 Bramerton
33UH015 Bressingham
33UH016 Brockdish
33UH017 Brooke
33UH018 Broome
33UH019 Bunwell
33UH020 Burgh St. Peter
33UH021 Burston and Shimpling
33UH022 Caistor St. Edmund
33UH023 Carleton Rode
33UH024 Carleton St. Peter
33UH025 Chedgrave
33UH026 Claxton
33UH027 Colney
33UH028 Costessey
33UH029 Cringleford
33UH030 Denton
33UH031 Deopham
33UH032 Dickleburgh and Rushall
33UH033 Diss
33UH034 Ditchingham
33UH035 Earsham
33UH036 East Carleton
33UH037 Easton
33UH038 Ellingham
33UH039 Flordon
33UH040 Forncett
33UH041 Framingham Earl
33UH042 Framingham Pigot
33UH043 Geldeston
33UH044 Gillingham
33UH045 Gissing
33UH046 Great Melton
33UH047 Great Moulton
33UH048 Haddiscoe
33UH049 Hales
33UH050 Heckingham
33UH051 Hedenham
33UH052 Hellington
33UH053 Hempnall
33UH054 Hethersett
33UH055 Hingham
33UH056 Holverston
33UH057 Howe
33UH058 Keswick
33UH059 Ketteringham
33UH060 Kimberley
33UH061 Kirby Bedon
33UH062 Kirby Cane
33UH063 Kirstead
33UH064 Langley with Hardley
33UH065 Little Melton
33UH066 Loddon
33UH067 Long Stratton
33UH068 Marlingford and Colton
33UH069 Morley
33UH070 Morning Thorpe
33UH071 Mulbarton
33UH072 Mundham
33UH073 Needham
33UH074 Newton Flotman
33UH075 Norton Subcourse
33UH076 Poringland
33UH077 Pulham Market
33UH078 Pulham St. Mary
33UH079 Raveningham
33UH080 Redenhall with Harleston
33UH081 Rockland St. Mary
33UH082 Roydon
33UH083 Runhall
33UH084 Saxlingham Nethergate
33UH085 Scole
33UH086 Seething
33UH087 Shelfanger
33UH088 Shelton and Hardwick
33UH089 Shotesham
33UH090 Sisland
33UH091 Starston
33UH092 Stockton
33UH093 Stoke Holy Cross
33UH094 Surlingham
33UH095 Swainsthorpe
33UH096 Swardeston
33UH097 Tacolneston
33UH098 Tasburgh
33UH099 Tharston and Hapton
33UH100 Thurlton
33UH101 Thurton
33UH102 Thwaite
33UH103 Tibenham
33UH104 Tivetshall St. Margaret
33UH105 Tivetshall St. Mary
33UH106 Toft Monks
33UH107 Topcroft
33UH108 Trowse with Newton
33UH109 Wacton
33UH110 Wheatacre
33UH111 Wicklewood
33UH112 Winfarthing
33UH113 Woodton
33UH114 Wortwell
33UH115 Wramplingham
33UH116 Wreningham
33UH117 Wymondham
33UH118 Yelverton
33UH119 Heywood
34UB001 Cottingham
34UB002 East Carlton
34UB003 Gretton
34UB004 Middleton
34UB005 Rockingham
34UB006 Stanion
34UB007 Weldon
34UC001 Althorp
34UC002 Arthingworth
34UC003 Ashby St Ledgers
34UC004 Badby
34UC005 Barby
34UC006 Boughton
34UC007 Braunston
34UC008 Brington
34UC009 Brixworth
34UC010 Brockhall
34UC011 Byfield
34UC012 Canons Ashby
34UC013 Catesby
34UC014 Chapel Brampton
34UC015 Charwelton
34UC016 Church Brampton
34UC017 Clay Coton
34UC018 Clipston
34UC019 Cold Ashby
34UC020 Cottesbrooke
34UC021 Creaton
34UC022 Crick
34UC023 Dodford
34UC024 Draughton
34UC025 East Farndon
34UC026 East Haddon
34UC027 Elkington
34UC028 Everdon
34UC029 Farthingstone
34UC030 Fawsley
34UC031 Flore
34UC032 Great Oxendon
34UC033 Guilsborough
34UC034 Hannington
34UC035 Harlestone
34UC036 Haselbech
34UC037 Hellidon
34UC038 Holcot
34UC039 Holdenby
34UC040 Hollowell
34UC041 Kelmarsh
34UC042 Kilsby
34UC043 Lamport
34UC044 Lilbourne
34UC045 Long Buckby
34UC046 Maidwell
34UC047 Marston Trussell
34UC048 Moulton
34UC049 Naseby
34UC050 Newnham
34UC051 Norton
34UC052 Old
34UC053 Overstone
34UC054 Pitsford
34UC055 Preston Capes
34UC056 Ravensthorpe
34UC057 Scaldwell
34UC058 Sibbertoft
34UC059 Spratton
34UC060 Stanford
34UC061 Staverton
34UC062 Stowe IX Churches
34UC063 Sulby
34UC064 Thornby
34UC065 Walgrave
34UC066 Watford
34UC067 Weedon Bec
34UC068 Welford
34UC069 Welton
34UC070 West Haddon
34UC071 Whilton
34UC072 Winwick
34UC073 Woodford cum Membris
34UC074 Yelvertoft
34UC075 Daventry
34UD001 Aldwincle
34UD002 Apethorpe
34UD003 Ashton
34UD004 Barnwell
34UD005 Benefield
34UD006 Blatherwycke
34UD007 Brigstock
34UD008 Bulwick
34UD009 Chelveston cum Caldecott
34UD010 Clopton
34UD011 Collyweston
34UD012 Cotterstock
34UD013 Deene
34UD014 Deenethorpe
34UD015 Denford
34UD016 Duddington-with-Fineshade
34UD017 Easton on the Hill
34UD018 Fotheringhay
34UD019 Glapthorn
34UD020 Great Addington
34UD021 Hargrave
34UD022 Harringworth
34UD023 Hemington
34UD024 Higham Ferrers
34UD025 Irthlingborough
34UD026 Islip
34UD027 King's Cliffe
34UD028 Laxton
34UD029 Lilford-cum-Wigsthorpe
34UD030 Little Addington
34UD031 Lowick
34UD032 Luddington
34UD033 Lutton
34UD034 Nassington
34UD035 Newton Bromswold
34UD036 Oundle
34UD037 Pilton
34UD038 Polebrook
34UD039 Raunds
34UD040 Ringstead
34UD041 Southwick
34UD042 Stoke Doyle
34UD043 Sudborough
34UD044 Tansor
34UD045 Thorpe Achurch
34UD046 Thrapston
34UD047 Thurning
34UD048 Titchmarsh
34UD049 Twywell
34UD050 Wadenhoe
34UD051 Wakerley
34UD052 Warmington
34UD053 Woodford
34UD054 Woodnewton
34UD055 Yarwell
34UD056 Rushden
34UD057 Stanwick
34UE001 Ashley
34UE002 Brampton Ash
34UE003 Braybrooke
34UE004 Broughton
34UE005 Burton Latimer
34UE006 Cranford
34UE007 Cransley
34UE008 Desborough
34UE009 Dingley
34UE010 Geddington
34UE011 Grafton Underwood
34UE012 Harrington
34UE013 Loddington
34UE014 Newton and Little Oakley
34UE015 Orton
34UE016 Pytchley
34UE017 Rothwell
34UE018 Rushton
34UE019 Stoke Albany
34UE020 Sutton Bassett
34UE021 Thorpe Malsor
34UE022 Warkton
34UE023 Weekley
34UE024 Weston by Welland
34UE025 Wilbarston
34UE026 Barton Seagrave
34UE027 Mawsley
34UF001 Billing
34UF002 Collingtree
34UF003 Duston
34UF004 Great Houghton
34UF005 Hardingstone
34UF006 Upton
34UF007 Wootton
34UG001 Abthorpe
34UG002 Adstone
34UG003 Ashton
34UG004 Aston le Walls
34UG005 Aynho
34UG006 Blakesley
34UG007 Blisworth
34UG008 Boddington
34UG009 Brackley
34UG010 Bradden
34UG011 Brafield on the Green
34UG012 Bugbrooke
34UG013 Castle Ashby
34UG014 Chacombe
34UG015 Chipping Warden
34UG016 Cogenhoe and Whiston
34UG017 Cold Higham
34UG018 Cosgrove
34UG019 Courteenhall
34UG020 Croughton
34UG021 Culworth
34UG022 Deanshanger
34UG023 Denton
34UG024 Easton Neston
34UG025 Edgcote
34UG026 Evenley
34UG027 Eydon
34UG028 Farthinghoe
34UG029 Gayton
34UG030 Grafton Regis
34UG031 Greatworth
34UG032 Greens Norton
34UG033 Hackleton
34UG034 Harpole
34UG035 Hartwell
34UG036 Helmdon
34UG037 Hinton-in-the Hedges
34UG038 Kings Sutton
34UG039 Kislingbury
34UG040 Litchborough
34UG041 Little Houghton
34UG042 Maidford
34UG043 Marston St Lawrence
34UG044 Middleton Cheney
34UG045 Milton Malsor
34UG046 Moreton Pinkney
34UG047 Nether Heyford
34UG048 Newbottle
34UG049 Old Stratford
34UG050 Pattishall
34UG051 Paulerspury
34UG052 Potterspury
34UG053 Quinton
34UG054 Radstone
34UG055 Roade
34UG056 Rothersthorpe
34UG057 Shutlanger
34UG058 Silverstone
34UG059 Slapton
34UG060 Stoke Bruerne
34UG061 Sulgrave
34UG062 Syresham
34UG063 Thenford
34UG064 Thorpe Mandeville
34UG065 Tiffield
34UG066 Towcester
34UG067 Upper Heyford
34UG068 Wappenham
34UG069 Warkworth
34UG070 Weston and Weedon
34UG071 Whitfield
34UG072 Whittlebury
34UG073 Wicken
34UG074 Woodend
34UG075 Yardley Gobion
34UG076 Yardley Hastings
34UG077 Overthorpe
34UG078 Grange Park
34UG079 Alderton
34UH001 Bozeat
34UH002 Earls Barton
34UH003 Easton Maudit
34UH004 Ecton
34UH005 Finedon
34UH006 Great Doddington
34UH007 Great Harrowden
34UH008 Grendon
34UH009 Hardwick
34UH010 Irchester
34UH011 Isham
34UH012 Little Harrowden
34UH013 Mears Ashby
34UH014 Orlingbury
34UH015 Strixton
34UH016 Sywell
34UH017 Wilby
34UH018 Wollaston
35UB001 Acklington
35UB002 Alnham
35UB003 Alnmouth
35UB004 Alnwick
35UB005 Alwinton
35UB006 Amble by the Sea
35UB007 Biddlestone
35UB008 Brinkburn
35UB009 Callaly
35UB010 Cartington
35UB011 Craster
35UB012 Denwick
35UB013 Edlingham
35UB014 Eglingham
35UB015 Elsdon
35UB016 Embleton
35UB017 Felton
35UB018 Glanton
35UB019 Harbottle
35UB020 Hauxley
35UB021 Hedgeley
35UB022 Hepple
35UB023 Hesleyhurst
35UB024 Hollinghill
35UB025 Lesbury
35UB026 Longframlington
35UB027 Longhoughton
35UB028 Netherton
35UB029 Newton-by-the-Sea
35UB030 Newton-on-the-Moor and Swarland
35UB031 Nunnykirk
35UB032 Rennington
35UB033 Rothbury
35UB034 Rothley
35UB035 Shilbottle
35UB036 Snitter
35UB037 Thropton
35UB038 Togston
35UB039 Whitton and Tosson
35UB040 Warkworth
35UB041 Whittingham
35UC001 Adderstone with Lucker
35UC002 Akeld
35UC003 Ancroft
35UC004 Bamburgh
35UC005 Beadnell
35UC006 Belford
35UC007 Bewick
35UC008 Bowsden
35UC009 Branxton
35UC010 Carham
35UC011 Chatton
35UC012 Chillingham
35UC013 Cornhill-on-Tweed
35UC014 Doddington
35UC015 Duddo
35UC016 Earle
35UC017 Easington
35UC018 Ellingham
35UC019 Ewart
35UC020 Ford
35UC021 Holy Island
35UC022 Horncliffe
35UC023 Ilderton
35UC024 Ingram
35UC025 Kilham
35UC026 Kirknewton
35UC027 Kyloe
35UC028 Lilburn
35UC029 Lowick
35UC030 Middleton
35UC031 Milfield
35UC032 Norham
35UC033 North Sunderland
35UC034 Ord
35UC035 Roddam
35UC036 Shoreswood
35UC037 Wooler
35UE001 Belsay
35UE002 Capheaton
35UE003 Cresswell
35UE004 East Chevington
35UE005 Ellington and Linton
35UE006 Hartburn
35UE007 Hebron
35UE008 Heddon-on-the-Wall
35UE009 Hepscott
35UE010 Longhirst
35UE011 Longhorsley
35UE012 Lynemouth
35UE013 Matfen
35UE014 Meldon
35UE015 Mitford
35UE016 Morpeth
35UE017 Netherwitton
35UE018 Pegswood
35UE019 Ponteland
35UE020 Stamfordham
35UE021 Stannington
35UE022 Thirston
35UE024 Ulgham
35UE025 Wallington Demesne
35UE027 Whalton
35UE028 Widdrington Village
35UE029 Tritlington and West Chevington
35UE030 Widdrington Station and Stobswood
35UF001 Acomb
35UF002 Allendale
35UF003 Bardon Mill
35UF004 Bavington
35UF005 Bellingham
35UF006 Birtley
35UF007 Blanchland
35UF008 Broomhaugh and Riding
35UF009 Broomley and Stocksfield
35UF010 Bywell
35UF011 Chollerton
35UF012 Coanwood
35UF013 Corbridge
35UF014 Corsenside
35UF015 Falstone
35UF016 Featherstone
35UF017 Greenhead
35UF018 Greystead
35UF019 Haltwhistle
35UF020 Hartleyburn
35UF021 Haydon
35UF022 Healey
35UF023 Hedley
35UF024 Henshaw
35UF025 Hexham
35UF026 Hexhamshire
35UF027 Hexhamshire Low Quarter
35UF028 Horsley
35UF029 Humshaugh
35UF030 Kielder
35UF031 Kirkwhelpington
35UF032 Knaresdale with Kirkhaugh
35UF033 Melkridge
35UF034 Newbrough
35UF035 Otterburn
35UF036 Ovingham
35UF037 Ovington
35UF038 Plenmeller with Whitfield
35UF039 Prudhoe
35UF040 Rochester
35UF041 Sandhoe
35UF042 Shotley Low Quarter
35UF043 Simonburn
35UF044 Slaley
35UF045 Tarset
35UF046 Thirlwall
35UF047 Wall
35UF048 Warden
35UF049 Wark
35UF050 West Allen
35UF051 Whittington
35UF052 Wylam
36UB001 Airton
36UB002 Appletreewick
36UB003 Arncliffe
36UB004 Austwick
36UB005 Bank Newton
36UB006 Barden
36UB007 Beamsley
36UB008 Bentham
36UB009 Bolton Abbey
36UB010 Bordley
36UB011 Bradleys Both
36UB012 Broughton
36UB013 Buckden
36UB014 Burnsall
36UB015 Burton in Lonsdale
36UB016 Calton
36UB017 Carleton
36UB018 Clapham cum Newby
36UB019 Coniston Cold
36UB020 Conistone with Kilnsey
36UB021 Cononley
36UB022 Cowling
36UB023 Cracoe
36UB024 Draughton
36UB025 Elslack
36UB026 Embsay with Eastby
36UB027 Eshton
36UB028 Farnhill
36UB029 Flasby with Winterburn
36UB030 Gargrave
36UB031 Giggleswick
36UB032 Glusburn
36UB033 Grassington
36UB034 Halton East
36UB035 Halton Gill
36UB036 Halton West
36UB037 Hanlith
36UB038 Hartlington
36UB039 Hawkswick
36UB040 Hazlewood with Storiths
36UB041 Hebden
36UB042 Hellifield
36UB043 Hetton
36UB044 Horton in Ribblesdale
36UB045 Ingleton
36UB046 Kettlewell with Starbotton
36UB047 Kildwick
36UB048 Kirkby Malham
36UB049 Langcliffe
36UB050 Lawkland
36UB051 Linton
36UB052 Litton
36UB053 Long Preston
36UB054 Lothersdale
36UB055 Malham
36UB056 Malham Moor
36UB057 Martons Both
36UB058 Nappa
36UB059 Otterburn
36UB060 Rathmell
36UB061 Rylstone
36UB062 Scosthrop
36UB063 Settle
36UB064 Skipton
36UB065 Stainforth
36UB066 Stirton with Thorlby
36UB067 Sutton
36UB068 Swinden
36UB069 Thornton in Craven
36UB070 Thornton in Lonsdale
36UB071 Thorpe
36UB072 Threshfield
36UB073 Wigglesworth
36UC001 Ainderby Mires with Holtby
36UC002 Ainderby Quernhow
36UC003 Ainderby Steeple
36UC004 Aiskew
36UC005 Aldwark
36UC006 Alne
36UC007 Angram Grange
36UC008 Appleton Wiske
36UC009 Bagby
36UC010 Balk
36UC011 Bedale
36UC012 Beningbrough
36UC013 Bilsdale Midcable
36UC014 Birdforth
36UC015 Birkby
36UC016 Boltby
36UC017 Borrowby
36UC018 Brafferton
36UC019 Brandsby-cum-Stearsby
36UC020 Brompton
36UC021 Burneston
36UC022 Burrill with Cowling
36UC023 Carlton
36UC024 Carlton Husthwaite
36UC025 Carlton Miniott
36UC026 Carthorpe
36UC027 Catton
36UC028 Clifton-on-Yore
36UC029 Cotcliffe
36UC030 Cowesby
36UC031 Coxwold
36UC032 Crakehall
36UC033 Crathorne
36UC034 Crayke
36UC035 Crosby
36UC036 Dalby-cum-Skewsby
36UC037 Dalton
36UC039 Deighton
36UC040 Easby
36UC041 Easingwold
36UC042 East Cowton
36UC043 East Harlsey
36UC044 East Rounton
36UC045 East Tanfield
36UC046 Eldmire with Crakehill
36UC047 Ellerbeck
36UC048 Exelby, Leeming and Newton
36UC049 Faceby
36UC050 Farlington
36UC051 Fawdington
36UC052 Felixkirk
36UC053 Firby
36UC054 Flawith
36UC055 Gatenby
36UC056 Girsby
36UC057 Great and Little Broughton
36UC058 Great Ayton
36UC059 Great Busby
36UC060 Great Langton
36UC061 Great Smeaton
36UC062 Hackforth
36UC063 Helperby
36UC064 High Worsall
36UC065 Holme
36UC066 Hood Grange
36UC067 Hornby
36UC068 Howe
36UC069 Howgrave
36UC070 Huby
36UC071 Husthwaite
36UC072 Hutton Bonville
36UC073 Hutton Rudby
36UC074 Hutton-Sessay
36UC075 Ingleby Arncliffe
36UC076 Ingleby Greenhow
36UC077 Kepwick
36UC078 Kilburn High and Low
36UC079 Kildale
36UC080 Killerby
36UC081 Kiplin
36UC082 Kirby Knowle
36UC083 Kirby Sigston
36UC084 Kirby Wiske
36UC085 Kirkby
36UC086 Kirkby Fleetham with Fencote
36UC087 Kirklington-cum-Upsland
36UC088 Knayton with Brawith
36UC089 Landmoth-cum-Catto
36UC090 Langthorne
36UC092 Leake
36UC093 Linton-on-Ouse
36UC094 Little Ayton
36UC095 Little Busby
36UC096 Little Langton
36UC097 Little Smeaton
36UC098 Low Worsall
36UC099 Marton-cum-Moxby
36UC100 Maunby
36UC101 Middleton-on-Leven
36UC102 Morton-on-Swale
36UC103 Myton-on-Swale
36UC104 Nether Silton
36UC105 Newburgh
36UC106 Newby
36UC107 Newby Wiske
36UC108 Newsham with Breckenbrough
36UC109 Newton-on-Ouse
36UC110 Northallerton
36UC111 North Kilvington
36UC112 North Otterington
36UC113 Osmotherley
36UC114 Oulston
36UC115 Over Dinsdale
36UC116 Over Silton
36UC117 Overton
36UC118 Pickhill with Roxby
36UC119 Picton
36UC120 Potto
36UC121 Rand Grange
36UC122 Raskelf
36UC123 Romanby
36UC124 Rookwith
36UC125 Rudby
36UC126 Sandhutton
36UC127 Scruton
36UC128 Seamer
36UC129 Sessay
36UC130 Sexhow
36UC131 Shipton
36UC132 Sinderby
36UC133 Skipton-on-Swale
36UC134 Skutterskelfe
36UC135 Snape with Thorp
36UC136 South Cowton
36UC137 South Kilvington
36UC138 South Otterington
36UC139 Sowerby
36UC140 Sowerby-under-Cotcliffe
36UC141 Stillington
36UC142 Stokesley
36UC143 Sutton-on-the-Forest
36UC144 Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe
36UC145 Sutton with Howgrave
36UC146 Swainby with Allerthorpe
36UC147 Theakston
36UC148 Thimbleby
36UC149 Thirkleby High and Low with Osgodby
36UC150 Thirlby
36UC151 Thirn
36UC152 Thirsk
36UC153 Tholthorpe
36UC154 Thormanby
36UC155 Thornbrough
36UC156 Thornton-le-Beans
36UC157 Thornton-le-Moor
36UC158 Thornton-le-Street
36UC159 Thornton-on-the-Hill
36UC160 Thornton Watlass
36UC161 Thrintoft
36UC162 Tollerton
36UC163 Topcliffe
36UC164 Upsall
36UC165 Warlaby
36UC166 Welbury
36UC167 Well
36UC168 West Harlsey
36UC169 West Rounton
36UC170 West Tanfield
36UC171 Whenby
36UC172 Whitwell
36UC173 Whorlton
36UC174 Wildon Grange
36UC175 Winton, Stank and Hallikeld
36UC176 Yafforth
36UC177 Yearsley
36UC178 Youlton
36UC179 Danby Wiske with Lazenby
36UD001 Aldfield
36UD002 Allerton Mauleverer with Hopperton
36UD003 Arkendale
36UD004 Asenby
36UD005 Askwith
36UD006 Azerley
36UD007 Baldersby
36UD008 Bewerley
36UD009 Bilton-in-Ainsty with Bickerton
36UD010 Birstwith
36UD011 Bishop Monkton
36UD012 Bishop Thornton
36UD013 Blubberhouses
36UD014 Boroughbridge
36UD015 Brearton
36UD016 Bridge Hewick
36UD017 Burton Leonard
36UD018 Burton-on-Yore
36UD019 Castley
36UD020 Cattal
36UD021 Clint cum Hamlets
36UD022 Colsterdale
36UD023 Coneythorpe and Clareton
36UD024 Copgrove
36UD025 Copt Hewick
36UD026 Cundall with Leckby
36UD027 Dacre
36UD028 Denton
36UD029 Dishforth
36UD030 Dunsforths
36UD031 Eavestone
36UD032 Ellenthorpe
36UD033 Ellingstring
36UD034 Ellington High and Low
36UD035 Farnham
36UD036 Farnley
36UD037 Fearby
36UD038 Felliscliffe
36UD039 Ferrensby
36UD040 Fewston
36UD041 Flaxby
36UD042 Follifoot
36UD043 Fountains Earth
36UD044 Givendale
36UD045 Goldsborough
36UD046 Grantley
36UD047 Great Ouseburn
36UD048 Great Ribston with Walshford
36UD049 Great Timble
36UD050 Green Hammerton
36UD051 Grewelthorpe
36UD052 Hampsthwaite
36UD053 Hartwith cum Winsley
36UD054 Haverah Park
36UD055 Healey
36UD057 High and Low Bishopside
36UD058 Humberton
36UD059 Hunsingore
36UD060 Hutton Conyers
36UD061 Ilton-cum-Pott
36UD062 Kearby with Netherby
36UD063 Killinghall
36UD064 Kirby Hall
36UD065 Kirby Hill
36UD066 Kirkby Malzeard
36UD067 Kirkby Overblow
36UD068 Kirk Deighton
36UD069 Kirk Hammerton
36UD070 Knaresborough
36UD071 Langthorpe
36UD072 Laverton
36UD073 Leathley
36UD074 Lindley
36UD075 Lindrick with Studley Royal and Fountains
36UD076 Little Ouseburn
36UD077 Little Ribston
36UD078 Littlethorpe
36UD079 Little Timble
36UD080 Long Marston
36UD081 Markingfield Hall
36UD082 Markington with Wallerthwaite
36UD083 Marton cum Grafton
36UD084 Marton-le-Moor
36UD085 Masham
36UD086 Melmerby
36UD087 Menwith with Darley
36UD088 Middleton
36UD089 Middleton Quernhow
36UD090 Milby
36UD091 Moor Monkton
36UD092 Nesfield with Langbar
36UD094 Newall with Clifton
36UD095 Newby with Mulwith
36UD096 Nidd
36UD097 North Deighton
36UD098 North Rigton
36UD099 North Stainley with Sleningford
36UD100 Norton Conyers
36UD101 Norton-le-Clay
36UD102 Norwood
36UD103 Nun Monkton
36UD104 Pannal
36UD105 Plompton
36UD106 Rainton with Newby
36UD107 Ripley
36UD108 Ripon
36UD109 Roecliffe
36UD111 Sawley
36UD112 Scotton
36UD113 Scriven
36UD114 Sharow
36UD115 Sicklinghall
36UD116 Skelding
36UD117 Skelton-on-Ure
36UD118 South Stainley with Cayton
36UD119 Spofforth with Stockeld
36UD120 Stainburn
36UD121 Staveley
36UD122 Stonebeck Down
36UD123 Stonebeck Up
36UD124 Studley Roger
36UD125 Swinton with Warthermarske
36UD126 Thornthwaite with Padside
36UD127 Thornton Bridge
36UD128 Thornville
36UD129 Thorpe Underwoods
36UD130 Thruscross
36UD131 Tockwith
36UD133 Walkingham Hill with Occaney
36UD134 Warsill
36UD135 Wath
36UD136 Weeton
36UD137 Weston
36UD138 Westwick
36UD139 Whixley
36UD140 Wighill
36UD141 Wilstrop
36UD142 Winksley
36UE001 Akebar
36UE002 Aldbrough
36UE003 Appleton East and West
36UE004 Arkengarthdale
36UE005 Arrathorne
36UE006 Aske
36UE007 Askrigg
36UE008 Aysgarth
36UE009 Bainbridge
36UE010 Barden
36UE011 Barton
36UE012 Bellerby
36UE013 Bishopdale
36UE014 Bolton-on-Swale
36UE015 Brompton-on-Swale
36UE016 Brough with St. Giles
36UE017 Burton-cum-Walden
36UE018 Caldbergh with East Scrafton
36UE019 Caldwell
36UE020 Carlton Highdale
36UE021 Carlton Town
36UE022 Carperby-cum-Thoresby
36UE023 Castle Bolton with East and West Bolton
36UE024 Catterick
36UE025 Cleasby
36UE026 Cliffe
36UE027 Colburn
36UE028 Constable Burton
36UE029 Coverham with Agglethorpe
36UE030 Croft-on-Tees
36UE031 Dalton
36UE032 Dalton-on-Tees
36UE033 Downholme
36UE034 Easby
36UE035 East Hauxwell
36UE036 East Layton
36UE039 Ellerton Abbey
36UE040 Ellerton-on-Swale
36UE041 Eppleby
36UE042 Eryholme
36UE043 Finghall
36UE044 Forcett and Carkin
36UE045 Garriston
36UE046 Gayles
36UE047 Gilling with Hartforth and Sedbury
36UE048 Grinton
36UE049 Harmby
36UE050 Hawes
36UE051 High Abbotside
36UE052 Hipswell
36UE053 Hornby
36UE054 Hudswell
36UE055 Hunton
36UE056 Hutton Hang
36UE057 Kirby Hill
36UE058 Leyburn
36UE059 Low Abbotside
36UE060 Manfield
36UE061 Marrick
36UE062 Marske
36UE063 Melbecks
36UE064 Melmerby
36UE065 Melsonby
36UE066 Middleham
36UE067 Middleton Tyas
36UE068 Moulton
36UE069 Muker
36UE070 Newbiggin
36UE071 New Forest
36UE072 Newsham
36UE073 Newton-le-Willows
36UE074 Newton Morrell
36UE075 North Cowton
36UE076 Patrick Brompton
36UE077 Preston-under-Scar
36UE078 Ravensworth
36UE079 Redmire
36UE080 Reeth, Fremington and Healaugh
36UE081 Richmond
36UE082 St. Martin's
36UE083 Scorton
36UE084 Scotton
36UE085 Skeeby
36UE086 Spennithorne
36UE087 Stainton
36UE088 Stanwick St. John
36UE089 Stapleton
36UE090 Thoralby
36UE091 Thornton Rust
36UE092 Thornton Steward
36UE093 Tunstall
36UE094 Uckerby
36UE095 Walburn
36UE096 Wensley
36UE097 West Hauxwell
36UE098 West Layton
36UE099 West Scrafton
36UE100 West Witton
36UE101 Whashton
36UE102 East Witton
36UF001 Acklam
36UF002 Aislaby
36UF003 Allerston
36UF004 Amotherby
36UF005 Ampleforth
36UF006 Appleton-le-Moors
36UF007 Appleton-le-Street with Easthorpe
36UF008 Barton-le-Street
36UF009 Barton-le-Willows
36UF010 Barugh (Great and Little)
36UF011 Beadlam
36UF012 Birdsall
36UF013 Bransdale
36UF014 Brawby
36UF015 Broughton
36UF016 Bulmer
36UF017 Burythorpe
36UF018 Buttercrambe with Bossall
36UF019 Byland with Wass
36UF020 Cawton
36UF021 Claxton
36UF023 Cold Kirby
36UF024 Coneysthorpe
36UF025 Coulton
36UF026 Crambe
36UF027 Cropton
36UF029 Ebberston and Yedingham
36UF030 Edstone
36UF031 Fadmoor
36UF032 Farndale East
36UF033 Farndale West
36UF034 Flaxton
36UF035 Foston
36UF036 Foxholes
36UF037 Fryton
36UF038 Ganton
36UF039 Gate Helmsley
36UF040 Gillamoor
36UF041 Gilling East
36UF042 Grimstone
36UF043 Habton
36UF044 Harome
36UF045 Hartoft
36UF046 Harton
36UF047 Hawnby
36UF049 Helmsley
36UF050 Henderskelfe
36UF051 Heslerton
36UF054 Hovingham
36UF055 Howsham
36UF057 Hutton-le-Hole
36UF058 Huttons Ambo
36UF059 Kirby Grindalythe
36UF060 Kirby Misperton
36UF061 Kirkbymoorside
36UF062 Langton
36UF063 Lastingham
36UF064 Leavening
36UF065 Levisham
36UF066 Lillings Ambo
36UF067 Lockton
36UF068 Luttons
36UF069 Malton
36UF070 Marishes
36UF071 Marton
36UF072 Middleton
36UF074 Nawton
36UF076 Newton
36UF077 Normanby
36UF078 Norton-on-Derwent
36UF079 Nunnington
36UF080 Old Byland and Scawton
36UF081 Oldstead
36UF083 Oswaldkirk
36UF084 Pickering
36UF085 Pockley
36UF087 Rievaulx
36UF088 Rillington
36UF089 Rosedale East Side
36UF090 Rosedale West Side
36UF091 Salton
36UF092 Sand Hutton
36UF093 Scackleton
36UF094 Scagglethorpe
36UF095 Scampston
36UF096 Scrayingham
36UF097 Settrington
36UF098 Sherburn
36UF099 Sheriff Hutton
36UF100 Sinnington
36UF102 Slingsby
36UF103 South Holme
36UF104 Spaunton
36UF105 Sproxton
36UF107 Stonegrave
36UF109 Swinton
36UF110 Terrington
36UF111 Thixendale
36UF112 Thornton-le-Clay
36UF113 Thornton-le-Dale
36UF114 Thorpe Bassett
36UF116 Upper Helmsley
36UF117 Warthill
36UF118 Weaverthorpe
36UF119 Welburn (Amotherby Ward)
36UF120 Welburn (Kirkbymoorside Ward)
36UF121 Westow
36UF122 Wharram
36UF123 Whitwell-on-the-Hill
36UF125 Willerby
36UF126 Wilton
36UF127 Wintringham
36UF128 Wombleton
36UF129 Wrelton
36UF130 Stape
36UG001 Aislaby
36UG002 Barnby
36UG003 Borrowby
36UG004 Brompton
36UG005 Broxa-cum-Troutsdale
36UG006 Burniston
36UG007 Cayton
36UG008 Cloughton
36UG009 Commondale
36UG010 Danby
36UG011 Darncombe-cum-Langdale End
36UG012 East Ayton
36UG013 Egton
36UG014 Ellerby
36UG015 Eskdaleside cum Ugglebarnby
36UG016 Filey
36UG017 Folkton
36UG018 Fylingdales
36UG019 Glaisdale
36UG020 Goathland
36UG021 Gristhorpe
36UG022 Grosmont
36UG023 Hackness
36UG024 Harwood Dale
36UG025 Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre
36UG026 Hinderwell
36UG027 Hunmanby
36UG028 Hutton Buscel
36UG029 Hutton Mulgrave
36UG030 Irton
36UG031 Lebberston
36UG032 Lythe
36UG033 Mickleby
36UG034 Muston
36UG035 Newby and Scalby
36UG036 Newholm-cum-Dunsley
36UG037 Newton Mulgrave
36UG038 Osgodby
36UG039 Reighton
36UG040 Roxby
36UG041 Seamer
36UG042 Silpho
36UG043 Snainton
36UG044 Sneaton
36UG045 Stainton Dale
36UG046 Suffield-cum-Everley
36UG047 Ugthorpe
36UG048 West Ayton
36UG049 Westerdale
36UG050 Whitby
36UG051 Wykeham
36UG052 Lands common to Fylingdales and Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre
36UG053 Eastfield
36UH002 Acaster Selby
36UH003 Appleton Roebuck
36UH006 Balne
36UH007 Barkston Ash
36UH008 Barlby with Osgodby
36UH009 Barlow
36UH010 Beal
36UH011 Biggin
36UH012 Bilbrough
36UH013 Birkin
36UH015 Bolton Percy
36UH016 Brayton
36UH017 Brotherton
36UH018 Burn
36UH019 Burton Salmon
36UH020 Byram cum Sutton
36UH021 Camblesforth
36UH022 Carlton
36UH023 Catterton
36UH024 Cawood
36UH025 Chapel Haddlesey
36UH026 Church Fenton
36UH027 Cliffe
36UH028 Colton
36UH030 Cridling Stubbs
36UH032 Drax
36UH034 Eggborough
36UH036 Escrick
36UH037 Fairburn
36UH039 Gateforth
36UH040 Grimston
36UH041 Hambleton
36UH042 Healaugh
36UH043 Heck
36UH044 Hemingbrough
36UH045 Hensall
36UH047 Hillam
36UH048 Hirst Courtney
36UH049 Huddleston with Newthorpe
36UH050 Kelfield
36UH051 Kellington
36UH053 Kirkby Wharfe with North Milford
36UH054 Kirk Smeaton
36UH055 Lead
36UH056 Little Fenton
36UH057 Little Smeaton
36UH058 Long Drax
36UH059 Monk Fryston
36UH061 Newland
36UH062 Newton Kyme cum Toulston
36UH063 North Duffield
36UH064 Oxton
36UH065 Riccall
36UH066 Ryther cum Ossendyke
36UH067 Saxton with Scarthingwell
36UH068 Selby
36UH069 Sherburn in Elmet
36UH070 Skipwith
36UH071 South Milford
36UH072 Stapleton
36UH073 Steeton
36UH074 Stillingfleet
36UH075 Stutton with Hazlewood
36UH076 Tadcaster
36UH077 Temple Hirst
36UH078 Thorganby
36UH079 Thorpe Willoughby
36UH080 Towton
36UH081 Ulleskelf
36UH082 Walden Stubbs
36UH083 West Haddlesey
36UH085 Whitley
36UH086 Wistow
36UH087 Womersley
37UB001 Annesley
37UB002 Felley
37UB003 Selston
37UC001 Askham
37UC002 Babworth
37UC003 Barnby Moor
37UC004 Beckingham
37UC005 Bevercotes
37UC006 Blyth
37UC007 Bole
37UC008 Bothamsall
37UC009 Carburton
37UC010 Carlton in Lindrick
37UC011 Clarborough
37UC012 Clayworth
37UC013 Cottam
37UC014 Cuckney
37UC015 Darlton
37UC016 Dunham-on-Trent
37UC017 East Drayton
37UC018 East Markham
37UC019 Eaton
37UC020 Elkesley
37UC021 Everton
37UC022 Fledborough
37UC023 Gamston
37UC024 Gringley on the Hill
37UC025 Grove
37UC026 Harworth Bircotes
37UC027 Haughton
37UC028 Hayton
37UC029 Headon cum Upton
37UC030 Hodsock
37UC031 Holbeck
37UC032 Laneham
37UC033 Lound
37UC034 Marnham
37UC035 Mattersey
37UC036 Misson
37UC037 Misterton
37UC038 Nether Langwith
37UC039 Normanton on Trent
37UC040 North Leverton with Habblesthorpe
37UC041 North Wheatley
37UC042 Norton
37UC043 Ragnall
37UC044 Rampton
37UC045 Ranskill
37UC046 Rhodesia
37UC047 Saundby
37UC048 Scaftworth
37UC049 Scrooby
37UC050 Shireoaks
37UC051 South Leverton
37UC052 South Wheatley
37UC053 Stokeham
37UC054 Sturton le Steeple
37UC055 Styrrup with Oldcotes
37UC056 Sutton
37UC057 Torworth
37UC058 Treswell
37UC059 Tuxford
37UC060 Walkeringham
37UC061 Wallingwells
37UC062 Welbeck
37UC063 West Burton
37UC064 West Drayton
37UC065 West Markham
37UC066 West Stockwith
37UC067 Wiseton
37UC068 Clumber and Hardwick
37UD001 Awsworth
37UD002 Brinsley
37UD003 Cossall
37UD004 Eastwood
37UD005 Greasley
37UD006 Kimberley
37UD007 Nuthall
37UD008 Stapleford
37UD009 Strelley
37UD010 Trowell
37UE001 Bestwood St. Albans
37UE002 Burton Joyce
37UE003 Calverton
37UE004 Colwick
37UE005 Lambley
37UE006 Linby
37UE007 Newstead
37UE008 Papplewick
37UE009 Ravenshead
37UE010 Stoke Bardolph
37UE011 Woodborough
37UF001 Warsop
37UG001 Alverton
37UG002 Averham
37UG003 Balderton
37UG004 Barnby in the Willows
37UG005 Bathley
37UG006 Besthorpe
37UG007 Bilsthorpe
37UG008 Bleasby
37UG009 Blidworth
37UG011 Bulcote
37UG012 Carlton-on-Trent
37UG013 Caunton
37UG014 Caythorpe
37UG015 Clipstone
37UG016 Coddington
37UG017 Collingham
37UG018 Cotham
37UG019 Cromwell
37UG020 Eakring
37UG021 East Stoke
37UG022 Edingley
37UG023 Edwinstowe
37UG024 Egmanton
37UG025 Elston
37UG026 Epperstone
37UG027 Farndon
37UG028 Farnsfield
37UG029 Fiskerton cum Morton
37UG030 Girton
37UG031 Gonalston
37UG032 Grassthorpe
37UG033 Gunthorpe
37UG034 Halam
37UG035 Halloughton
37UG036 Harby
37UG037 Hawton
37UG038 Hockerton
37UG039 Holme
37UG040 Hoveringham
37UG041 Kelham
37UG042 Kersall
37UG043 Kilvington
37UG044 Kirklington
37UG045 Kirton
37UG046 Kneesall
37UG047 Langford
37UG048 Laxton and Moorhouse
37UG050 Lindhurst
37UG051 Lowdham
37UG052 Maplebeck
37UG053 Meering
37UG054 Newark
37UG055 North Clifton
37UG056 North Muskham
37UG057 Norwell
37UG058 Ollerton and Boughton
37UG059 Ompton
37UG060 Ossington
37UG061 Oxton
37UG062 Perlethorpe cum Budby
37UG063 Rainworth
37UG064 Rolleston
37UG065 Rufford
37UG066 South Clifton
37UG067 South Muskham
37UG068 South Scarle
37UG069 Southwell
37UG070 Spalford
37UG071 Staunton
37UG072 Staythorpe
37UG073 Sutton-on-Trent
37UG074 Syerston
37UG075 Thorney
37UG076 Thorpe
37UG077 Thurgarton
37UG078 Upton
37UG079 Walesby
37UG080 Wellow
37UG081 Weston
37UG082 Wigsley
37UG083 Winkburn
37UG084 Winthorpe
37UJ001 Aslockton
37UJ002 Barton in Fabis
37UJ003 Bingham
37UJ004 Bradmore
37UJ005 Bunny
37UJ006 Car Colston
37UJ007 Clipston
37UJ008 Colston Bassett
37UJ009 Costock
37UJ010 Cotgrave
37UJ011 Cropwell Bishop
37UJ012 Cropwell Butler
37UJ013 East Bridgford
37UJ014 East Leake
37UJ015 Elton-on-the-Hill
37UJ016 Flawborough
37UJ017 Flintham
37UJ018 Gamston
37UJ019 Gotham
37UJ020 Granby
37UJ021 Hawksworth
37UJ022 Hickling
37UJ023 Holme Pierrepont
37UJ024 Keyworth
37UJ025 Kingston on Soar
37UJ026 Kinoulton
37UJ027 Kneeton
37UJ028 Langar cum Barnstone
37UJ029 Normanton on Soar
37UJ030 Normanton on the Wolds
37UJ031 Orston
37UJ032 Owthorpe
37UJ033 Plumtree
37UJ034 Radcliffe on Trent
37UJ035 Ratcliffe on Soar
37UJ036 Rempstone
37UJ037 Ruddington
37UJ038 Saxondale
37UJ039 Scarrington
37UJ040 Screveton
37UJ041 Shelford and Newton
37UJ042 Shelton
37UJ043 Sibthorpe
37UJ044 Stanford on Soar
37UJ045 Stanton on the Wolds
37UJ046 Sutton Bonington
37UJ047 Thoroton
37UJ048 Thorpe in the Glebe
37UJ049 Thrumpton
37UJ050 Tithby
37UJ051 Tollerton
37UJ052 Upper Broughton
37UJ053 West Leake
37UJ054 Whatton-in-the-Vale
37UJ055 Widmerpool
37UJ056 Willoughby on the Wolds
37UJ057 Wiverton Hall
37UJ058 Wysall
38UB001 Adderbury
38UB002 Ambrosden
38UB003 Ardley
38UB004 Arncott
38UB005 Barford St. John and St. Michael
38UB006 Begbroke
38UB007 Bicester
38UB008 Blackthorn
38UB009 Bletchingdon
38UB010 Bloxham
38UB011 Bodicote
38UB012 Bourton
38UB013 Broughton
38UB014 Bucknell
38UB015 Caversfield
38UB016 Charlton-on-Otmoor
38UB017 Chesterton
38UB018 Claydon with Clattercot
38UB019 Cottisford
38UB020 Cropredy
38UB021 Deddington
38UB022 Drayton
38UB023 Duns Tew
38UB024 Epwell
38UB025 Fencott and Murcott
38UB026 Finmere
38UB027 Fringford
38UB028 Fritwell
38UB029 Godington
38UB030 Gosford and Water Eaton
38UB031 Hampton Gay and Poyle
38UB032 Hanwell
38UB033 Hardwick with Tusmore
38UB034 Hethe
38UB035 Hook Norton
38UB036 Horley
38UB037 Hornton
38UB038 Horton-cum-Studley
38UB039 Islip
38UB040 Kidlington
38UB041 Kirtlington
38UB042 Launton
38UB043 Lower Heyford
38UB044 Merton
38UB045 Middle Aston
38UB046 Middleton Stoney
38UB047 Milcombe
38UB048 Milton
38UB049 Mixbury
38UB050 Mollington
38UB051 Newton Purcell with Shelswell
38UB052 Noke
38UB053 North Aston
38UB054 North Newington
38UB055 Oddington
38UB056 Piddington
38UB057 Prescote
38UB058 Shenington with Alkerton
38UB059 Shipton-on-Cherwell and Thrupp
38UB060 Shutford
38UB061 Sibford Ferris
38UB062 Sibford Gower
38UB063 Somerton
38UB064 Souldern
38UB065 South Newington
38UB066 Steeple Aston
38UB067 Stoke Lyne
38UB068 Stratton Audley
38UB069 Swalcliffe
38UB070 Tadmarton
38UB071 Upper Heyford
38UB072 Wardington
38UB073 Wendlebury
38UB074 Weston-on-the-Green
38UB075 Wigginton
38UB076 Wroxton