Appendix F: Index of Examples

Example 2.2.3‑1 Examples Convention
Example‑1 Indicating an updated list of country citizenships
Example 3.2.1‑1 AcademicDepartment
Example 3.2.2‑1 Assessment Task
Example 3.2.3‑1 Bell Schedule
Example 3.2.4‑1 NZQA Credential Example
Example 3.2.4‑2 Cambridge Credential Example
Example 3.2.5‑1 Document
Example 3.2.6‑1 NZQA Learning Standard Example
Example 3.2.6‑2 Cambridge Learning Standard Example
Example 3.2.7‑1 Kāhui Ako Organisation Example
Example 3.2.8‑1 School Provider Example
Example 3.2.9‑1 ProviderCourse Example
Example 3.2.11‑1 Schedule
Example 3.2.12‑1 Schedule Academic Day
Example 3.2.13‑1 Schedule Date
Example 3.2.14‑1 Schedule Event - Slip Schedule
Example 3.2.14‑2 Schedule Event - Schedule day lost
Example 3.2.14‑3 Schedule Event - Custom Schedule
Example 3.2.15‑1 Schedule Holiday
Example 3.2.16‑1 Schedule Period
Example 3.2.17‑1 Schedule Term
Example 3.2.18‑1 StaffAssignment English Teacher Example
Example 3.2.18‑2 StaffAssignment Kāhui Ako Cross School Teacher Example
Example 3.2.19‑1 StaffPersonal
Example 3.2.20‑1 Staff TeachingGroup Assignment French Teacher Example
Example 3.2.21‑1 StudentActivityParticipation
Example 3.2.22‑1 Student Assessment Task
Example 3.2.23‑1 Student Assessment Task Registration
Example 3.2.24‑1 Student Assessment Task Result - PAT Example
Example 3.2.24‑2 Student Assessment Task Result - STAR Example
Example 3.2.24‑3 Student Assessment Task Result - asTTle Example
Example 3.2.24‑4 Student Assessment Task Result - IKAN Example
Example 3.2.25‑1 Student Attainment - NCEA Course Endorsement
Example 3.2.25‑2 Student Attainment - School Course Completion
Example 3.2.26‑1 StudentAttendanceSummary
Example 3.2.27‑1 Student Attendance Time List
Example 3.2.28‑1 Student Consent
Example 3.2.29‑1 StudentContactPersonal Family Member Example
Example 3.2.29‑2 StudentContactPersonal Doctor Example
Example 3.2.30‑1 StudentContactRelationship
Example 3.2.31‑1 Student Curriculum Progress Report
Example 3.2.32‑1 StudentLearningSupport
Example 3.2.33‑1 StudentLearningSupportResponse - External Response
Example 3.2.34‑1 StudentPersonal
Example 3.2.36‑1 Completed International Student School Enrolment
Example 3.2.36‑2 Multiple Years, Regular Student School Enrolment
Example 3.2.37‑1 Student TeachingGroup Enrolment
Example 3.2.38‑1 StudentVoice
Example 3.2.39‑1 TeachingGroup
Example 3.2.40‑1 TeachingGroupEvent
Example 3.2.41‑1 Wellbeing Alert
Example 3.2.42‑1 Wellbeing Appeal
Example 3.2.43‑1 WellbeingCharacteristic
Example 3.2.44‑1 WellbeingEvent
Example 3.2.45‑1 WellbeingResponse
Example A.2‑1 AcademicDayList Example
Example A.3‑1 AcademicDay Example
Example A.4‑1 AcademicGoalList
Example A.9‑1 Address List Example
Example A.11‑1 NZ Street Postal Address Example
Example A.11‑2 NZ P O Box Postal Address Example
Example A.11‑3 NZ Rural Residential Address Example
Example A.12‑1 PAT Result Score List Example
Example A.12‑2 asTTle Result Score List Example
Example A.15‑1 Attendance Time List
Example A.20‑2 Base Name Example
Example A.26‑1 CareerGoalList
Example A.30‑1 Communication Channel Example
Example A.32‑1 Contact List Example
Example A.33‑1 Contact Example
Example A.37‑1 Demographics Example
Example A.45‑1 Email List Example
Example A.46‑1 NZ Email Type Example
Example A.47‑1 NZ Policy Choice List Example
Example A.49‑1 Ethnicity List Example
Example A.54‑1 Grid Location Example
Example A.56‑1 Hapu List Example
Example A.57‑1 Hapu Example
Example A.58‑1 Healthcare Service Info Example
Example A.60‑1 Household Contact Info Example
Example A.63‑1 International School Enrolment
Example A.65‑1 Iwi List Example
Example A.66‑1 Iwi Example
Example A.67‑1 Multiple Unit Standards Justification List
Example A.68‑1 Justification Example
Example A.72‑1 Language List Example
Example A.73‑1 LanguageOfInstructionList Example
Example A.74‑1 LanguageOfInstruction Example
Example A.78‑1 LocalId Example
Example A.79‑1 Location List Example
Example A.80‑1 Location Example
Example A.87‑1 ObjectReferenceType Example
Example A.90‑1 Other Names Example
Example A.92‑1 PeriodList List Example
Example A.95‑1 PersonInfo Example
Example A.98‑1 Phone Number List Example
Example A.99‑1 Phone Number Example
Example A.108‑1 ProviderObjectReferenceType Example
Example A.116‑1 Related Organisation List Example
Example A.117‑1 Kāhui Ako Related Organisation
Example A.120‑1 Relationship Example
Example A.121‑1 Relgious Affiliation List Example
Example A.134‑1 SchedulePeriodList Example
Example A.135‑1 SchedulePeriodTime Example
Example A.137‑1 NZ School Definition List Example
Example A.138‑1 NZ School Service Example
Example A.139‑1 NZ School Year Level List Example
Example A.141‑1 SocialGoalList
Example A.153‑1 NZ Statistical Area List Example
Example A.154‑1 NZ Statistical Area Example
Example A.158‑1 Student Course Choice List Example
Example A.159‑1 Student Course Choice Example
Example A.161‑1 StudentInterestList
Example A.162‑1 StudentInterest
Example A.164‑1 Complete StudentReferenceType Example
Example A.164‑2 Partial StudentReferenceType Example
Example A.167‑1 International School Enrolment
Example A.168‑1 Student Subject Choice List Example
Example A.169‑1 Student Subject Choice Example
Example A.172‑1 Subject Area List Example
Example A.185‑1 Citizenship Verification Event Example
Example A.186‑1 Verified Name Example
Example A.199‑1 NZ Year Level List Example

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