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SIF Data Model Implementation Specification (North America) version 3.3

HTML Document Links

[Last updated: 05/18/15]

The links below take you to html documentation of the 3.3 schemas. You are first taken to the top-level SIF object. The graphs are clickable and allow you to drill down into the elements and lists of each object. The annotations (if present) provide additional SIF-specific information for elements.

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SIF xPress

[Last updated: 05/18/15]

The SIF 3.3 Data Model implements several new objects that underpin two new use-case driven APIs, xPress Roster and xPress Student Record Exchange (SRE). These objects are listed below for convenient reference.

xPress Roster
xPress Student Record Exchange

Data Model Guides

[Last updated: 06/25/14]

Click the link below to view (or right-click to download) the Data Model Guide documents below.

XSD Files and Codesets

[Last updated: 05/19/15]

The downloadable file below contains the XSD (schema) files for the 3.3 Specification. These are the official normative specification documents.

Schemas (zip)

The file below is an Excel spreadsheet containing the current codesets for the 3.3 data model.

Codesets (.xlsx)