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SIF Data Model Implementation Specification (North America) version 3.2

This is version 3.2 of the Specification. To see the latest version of the Specification click this link

HTML Document Links

[Last updated: 07/22/14]

New in 3.2:

The links below take you to html documentation of the schemas. You are first taken to the top-level SIF object. The graphs are clickable and allow you to drill down into the elements and lists of each object. The annotations (if present) provide additional SIF-specific information for elements.

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Data Model Guides

[Last updated: 06/25/14]

Click the link below to view (or right-click to download) the Data Model Guide documents below.

XSD Files and Codesets

[Last updated: 09/30/14]

The downloadable file below contains the XSD (schema) files for the 3.2 Specification. These are the official normative specification documents.

Schemas (zip)

The link below provides online access to the XSD (schema) files for the 3.2 Specification. These are the official normative specification documents.

The file below is an Excel spreadsheet containing the current codesets for the 3.2 data model.

Codesets (.xlsx)

Specification Website Notes

[Last updated: 07/29/13]

Here are some things to keep in mind as you view the Data Model links above.

  • Grade Level is sometimes refered to as yearGroup. This more generic name allows integration with the international community
  • All elements that are repeatable are wrapped in an outer element that ends in the word List.
  • The SIF Data Model is segmented according to data model design patterns:
    • Entity Objects - These object are design-driven. They have an E-R structure as well as an inheritance structure.
    • Composite Objects - These objects have structures convenient for specific use cases. They are mashups of Entity Objects in most cases.
    • Report Objects - These are snap-shot objects.
    • CEDS Objects - These objects are a complete representation of CEDS 4 in XML.
  • In the HTML documentation you may have to click a lot of times to get to the definition of an element. Sometimes after you have run out of diagrams, you may have to click the element type to get the definition.
  • Information about the element is also included in the annotation/appinfo box. Look for the annotation box in the tables below each diagram.

Glossary of Important Terms

[Last updated: 07/15/13]

The downloadable file below provides a list of terms in order to quickly come up to speed on new data model v3 concepts and terminology.

Glossary (pdf)


Please download the XSD zip file to get the most current file with the following changes:

  1. [09/30/14]
    The element //sreType/disciplineIncidents/disciplineIncident/actionList/action/actionDuration has been changed from integer to decimal.

Contributors to this Specification

[Last updated: 06/25/14]

2014 SIF Technical Board:

  • Bill Duncan, Pearson
  • Alex Jackl, Choice Solutions
  • Nathan Clinton, Washington OSPI
  • Dick Robinson
  • Joyce Thomsen, Iowa DOE
  • Richard Tong, Amplify
  • Bart Kunz, Lincoln County SD (at-large)
  • John Lynch, Rediker Software (at-large)
  • Eric Peterson, Kimono (at-large)
  • Wendy Reidy, Sunguard (at-large)
Other Contributors:
  • Tom Ngo, Kimono
  • Frank Walters, Augusta SD
  • Leslie Zimmerschied, Wyoming DOE
  • Vince Paredes
  • John Lovell
  • Ron Kleinman