SIF Data Model Implementation Specification (NA) 2.8

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SIF (NA) 2.8 is designed to create a smoother path forward for users of SIF 2 to take advantage of the SIF 3 infrastructure. Elements specific to the SIF 2 infrastructure have been removed. Consequently, this optional version is intended for use exclusively with SIF 3 infrastructure. Additionally, the XML Schemas have been reformatted into SIF 3 patterns to make them work better with modern tools.

This helps bring into the SIF 3 ecosystem:


    Permissions and Copyright

    Legal & Disclaimer

    Certification and Compliance Claims

    Glossary of Terms (A-L)

    Glossary of Terms (M-Z)

    Changes in this Release

Supporting Documentation

    SIF Infrastructure (Global) 3.2.1

Advanced Object Collections Documentation

    All Collections (.xlsx)

    Data Model Schemas (.zip)

    Data Model Annotated Schemas (.zip)

    Data Model No Includes Schema (.zip)

    Data Model No Includes Annotated Schema (.zip)

    Message Schemas (.zip)

    Message Annotated Schemas (.zip)

    Message Schema No Includes (.zip)

    Message Annotated No Includes Schema (.zip)

Quality Assurance Resources

    SIF 3 Product Standard (.pdf)

Object Collections













    Data Model




    Data Warehouse





    Facilities and Energy Management



    Food Services





















    Grade Book












    Human Resources and Financials
























    Identity Management









    Instructional Services
















    Library Automation



    Professional Development









    Special Programs






    Student Information Systems































    Student Record Exchange







    Transportation and Geographic Information









Permissions and Copyright

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Certification and Compliance Claims

Though a product may be demonstrated to comply with a SIF Specification, no product may be designated as SIF Certified™ by an organization or individual until the product has been tested against and passed established compliance criteria, published separately on the SIF Certification website. Organizations and individuals that are currently paying annual membership dues to the A4L Community and dedicating resources to the initiative may also use the designation SIF Participant to describe their involvement with the A4L Community and SIF in marketing, public relations and other materials.