Appendix C: External Code Sets

All code sets defined by external bodies and referenced within SIF are included here for reference. The left column in each table contains the individual code values that are used in SIF elements and attributes that reference these code sets. These sets of code values are closed and normative for a given version of this specification. Including codes not provided here in corresponding SIF elements and attributes can lead to XML validation errors in installations where the zone integration server or any agent is validating XML messages; the SIF data model allows for locally-defined codes, where deemed appropriate, in the OtherCodeList element. The right column of each table may provide a textual equivalent or description of the corresponding code, and is provided for informational purposes only. The referenced sources for these code sets serve as the authorities for all descriptions and semantics, and for the definition and maintenance of the code set values themselves. In each release of this specification the SIF Association endeavors to synchronize referenced code sets with updates from external sources.

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