SIF Infrastructure (Global) 3.2

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While the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community continues to further the SIF Specifications (referenced here) its focus has shifted to empower data usage not just data management.   SIF Infrastructure (Global) 3.2 continues to focus on getting data as easily as possible. Featured in this release is the introduction of: general support for Query by Example and Changes Since. Query by Example allows for finding resources that match a sample object. Changes since allows for the retrieval of just the objects that have been added, changed, or deleted since the last time the consuming agent requested all the data in the collection. In order to initialize this process cleanly and allow it to run with maximum efficiency the HEAD HTTP action is leveraged for the first time. Also in this release is an overhaul of Functional Services, empowering data exchanges needing a beginning, middle, and end.   Our hope is that we can: empower the programmers to better understand what is being asked of them, give the integrator tools to more readily deliver working solutions, and give the end user the best possible start to communicate requirements.


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Certification and Compliance Claims

Though a product may be demonstrated to comply with a SIF Specification, no product may be designated as SIF Certified™ by an organization or individual until the product has been tested against and passed established compliance criteria, published separately on the SIF Certification website. Organizations and individuals that are currently paying annual membership dues to the A4L Community and dedicating resources to the initiative may also use the designation SIF Participant to describe their involvement with the A4L Community and SIF in marketing, public relations and other materials.

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