Infrastructure (Global) 3.2.1 Changes

June, 2016

Summary 3.2

Updates introduced in this SIF Specification include: Query By Example, enabling intuitive queries in both XML and JSON; Change Since, empowering retrevial of just the differences; Named XQuery Parameters, simplifying supporting our most powerful query mechanisms; HEAD, get just the headers when they contain everything you need; Media Types Support Generalized, move data that is neither XML nor JSON in the standard way; and Functional Services, coordinating one or more data exchanges such that they have a beginning, middle, and an end.


June, 2016

Errata for Previous Releases

March, 2017

Summary 3.2.1

The primary driving factor in creating this fix release was difficulties encountered when using the jobId to setup and deliver events to the owning Adaptor. The updates enumerated below covers changes in this mechanism and other points of confusion discovered through real world usage. Please use this release instead of SIF Infrastructure (Global) 3.2.


March, 2017

Full 3.2 to 3.2.1 Deltas

Our new policy and procedure for releasing a specification requires a full delta from the previous version. For this release of the Global Infrastructure, we have provided PDFs of the four normative volumes of the specification with track changes enabled.