Conformance Statement Summary

The SIF Certification Authority has certified the following application:

Administrator's Plus 6.x

with agent:

Rediker SIF Agent for Administrator's Plus 3.4.x from Rediker Software, Inc.

submitted by:

Rediker Software, Inc.

as compliant with the requirements of the SIF 2 Enabled Application Product Standard.

This application demonstrated support for the following SIF objects:

ObjectProvidesRespondsPublishes AddsPublishes ChangesPublishes DeletesRequestsProcesses AddsProcesses ChangesProcesses DeletesImports/Synchronizes
DisciplineIncident XXXX     
EmploymentRecord XXXX     
LEAInfo XXX      
SchoolCourseInfo XXXX     
SchoolInfo XXXX     
SectionInfo XXXX     
SectionMarkInfo XXXX     
StaffAssignment XXXX     
StaffEvaluation XXXX     
StaffPersonal XXXX     
StaffSectionAssignment XXXX     
StudentAttendanceSummary X        
StudentPersonal XXXX     
StudentSchoolEnrollment XXXX     
StudentSectionEnrollment XXXX     
StudentSectionMarks XXXX     
StudentSpecialEducationSummary X        
TermInfo XXXX     

For more detailed information, please refer to this application's conformance statement.